Junoon 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 12th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Prithvi overhears Rajeev asking some more time from a man who needs his due payments but he says that alright he’ll give him not more than 7 days coz they know one another for many years

Rajeev says but its such a huge amount to repay & how will he manage such a huge amount in just 7 days & he’s not a cheat but his financial state is not so good & request some more time.

So the man says if your financial state is so bad then having expensive cars doesn’t suit you, so do one thing until you don’t pay me the amount give me the car keys.

Rajeev gives the man his car keys instead of payments & he leaves, Prithvi who’s watching this sad condition of his dad decides that he has to help his family financially.

Scene 2

Prithvi calls Meera & she senses that very instant its Prithvi who’s called her, & asks Prithvi??

(Main jahan rahoon from Namaste London plays)

Meera asks Prithvi to stop hiding his sorrow & tears & express himself to her.

Same main jahan Song plays.

Both just hear each others silence.

Prithvi says please forgive me Meera coz i hurt you.

Meera asks Prithvi not to give any kind of an apology & do not blame himself for anything & just come back as she cannot live without even for a second & asks where he is & why isn’t he coming back to her.

Prithvi replies that he’s very close to her & he promises that he’ll come to her very soon.

Call suddenly gets disconnected & both Prithvi & Meera gets restless.

Scene 3

Chachi asks shalu to sit as she’ll apply oil coz she doesn’t get sleep in night comfortably & indirectly asks why is she behaving indifferently from when she’s come back from old haveli & did something happened there??

Shalu says to Chachi that even if she pour entire oil even then she won’t get sleep until Prithvi doesn’t answer her job offer.

Chachi thinks in her mind that its not a good time to ask anything to Shalu(bahuriya) as she’s tensed already & who knows what will be Prithvi’s decision.

Prithvi comes & knocks & agrees to work with her & he wants to earn so much money that no one reach it.

Scene 4

Chachi asks Shalu what’s she cooking so Shalu says she’s preparing kheer for Prithvi & Chachi says why she’s cooking let her cook but Shalu refuses saying when you cook for a person you care for taste ok cook coz no one can make her understand.

Shalu says she wants to start new day with sweet coz its Prithvi’s first day of work.

Scene 5

Shalu puts teeka on Prithvi’s forehead first thing in the morning & asks him to come so Prithvi asks Shalu that he just need to know what work does he need to do.

Shalu explains Prithvi that her land is confiscated illegally by some goons & he need to vacate.

Prithvi assures that he will get her land cleared & she can go ahead & finalize deal.

Mishra Ji asks Prithvi not to go alone as he won’t be able to do the job alone but Prithvi asks Shalu if she trust his capability.

Shalu says he’s embarrassing her by asking this question as she trust his capability completely & Prithvi leaves.

Mishra ji asks Shalu why did she send Prithvi alone & how can he alone handle it so Shalu replies let him go coz Prithvi is like a cyclone its force cannot be stopped.

Scene 6

Prithvi comes out of an ambulance & counts the goons & says in heroic way that they are 8 of them & they all can easily get accommodated in the ambulance & he’s feeling sad & has pity them.

Funny thing happens he put 7 goons in the ambulance & asks where’s the 8th man so that man comes & himself gets inside the ambulance.

Scene 7

Prithvi goes & tells Shalu that he’s done with her work & Shalu gives Prithvi his share of money & smiles.

Scene 8

Shalu & Prithvi go for a meeting & the members of the real estate business & day by day Shalu encourage Prithvi to take over Ishwar Pandey’s place in her business & Prithvi actively participate.

Precap: Mishra doesn’t like Prithvi taking part in business but Prithvi warns him pointing a gun to stop creating hurdle in his work & Shalu enters & asks what’s the matter.

Update Credit to: abd_20

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