Amita Ka Amit 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th June 2013 Written Update

Amita notices Rohan and she & Atul duck so that he doesn’t see them. A car comes between Rohan & theirs startling Rohan. He leaves from there.
Ammu tells Atul see I told you he would come. I was right. Atul agrees but then points out that this doesn’t prove anything. There are so many offices in this building. How can you be so sure that he has gone there only? Ammu stays put with her logic. Because the blue file that had gone missing from our room was seen by me in Ria’s cupboard only. Then I saw that visiting card with Rohan and now he is heading to the same building where Wise Investment’s office is. Doesn’t everything indicate to one same thing? Atul finally understands her point. But this isn’t enough to prove anything in front of the Shah family. She gets irritated. I will go myself to check about it. She gets down the car leaving Atul stuck in the parking.

Rohan is waiting for the lift. She hides behind a pillar. He gets a call from Mr. Patel. He excuses himself saying he is in a meeting right now. He was almost near to the very same pillar where she was hiding. He disconnects the call and sighs in relief. He gets into the lift while our Ammu takes stairs. She keeps stopping at multiple floors to check which floor Rohan is going to.

Rohan finally reaches his desired floor. Ammu too comes behind him. He is about to open the door by turning slightly when he notices Ammu. He looks confused while Ammu enters in a random office to hide. She peeks out only to find Rohan missing. She steps out and thinks of entering Wise Investment’s office. An employee walks out. He asks her if he can help her in any way.
She nods. I want info about investing in shares. Do you know anybody by the name Rohan Shah? Is he one of your clients? He declines. She thanks him. I will come back later. He leaves from there.

Rohan calls her from behind. She turns surprised. He questions her as to what is she doing here. She replies shopping. He points out of what shares? He takes the names of almost all the investment companies in this building. She straight forwardly asks him as to what he is doing here. He thinks of answering her but then stops himself. Were you following me?
She replies might be. He says do you have any idea you are doubting me? Let it be. Now I have become used to all this all thanks to you. Come I will drop you home. She declines. You can tell me the truth whatever it is. I will speak to Amit and papa ji. They will forgive you. He feigns ignorance. I don’t know what has happened to you. I will take you home. She calls Atul telling him to head home. Rohan is amazed. This means the whole family is following me. Great!

Tina is speaking to Rohan. I have called Kirath bhai from office. Fallu hears her shouting and asks for the reason. kirath adds yes tell me why you called me so urgently. I had to leave such an important meeting to come home. Tina very rudely says it is very important to discuss this issue that is why I have called everyone. Let Rohan come.
Rohan enters with Ammu in tow. All wonder. Amit asks her about the same. You told me you will be going with Atul then how come you are coming back with Rohan? Rohan answers on her behalf. She was spying on me. All look shocked. Actually I went to the same building where Wise Inverstment’s office is. She not only followed me but enquired about me too. Kirath questions Ammu and is upset at her act. Tina cuts him off. Let Rohan speak. He explains to them that Amita has a doubt on me. Tina rubs salt to the wound. What doubt did she have? Rohan says, she was enquiring about me in the WI’s office. I went on that floor to go to Mehta Securities to hand over some papers. Its office is in the very same building. read full updates with pics daily only at Tina taunts Ammu. You acted just like it was expected from you…just like people from low class do. What has this home not given you? You created a rift between the 2 brothers. Its not been even 2 months since your marriage and you have created differences between them. First you implicated Ria for that file which was found by you only in the dustbin. Now you are found spying on Rohan why?
Ammu tries to explain. I was only trying to find out why our clients were leaving us. Rohan says do you think that I was a part of this. You think I will go against my own brother and kaka? Amit gestures Rohan to stop. But he doesn’t stop. There was so much love and trust between us till now but today I feel that everything is over. Your wife doesn’t know the value of family. She doesn’t know how to keep a family together. Fallu supports Ammu only to be cut off rudely by Tina. You too are supporting your daughter-in-law? She is a fool but at least you are an elder. Why are you supporting the wrong? You have made us strangers to you because of her. Amit explains on his mother’s behalf. She dint mean that ways. Ammu is not our enemy. She only wants to find out why our clients left us. Her intentions are clear (yayyyyy!). Kirath doesn’t support Ammu. Whatever you did was very wrong. Ammu becomes sad.

Hemant is worried about Ammu. Atul why did you let her go with Rohan? She had gone there to follow him and now left with him only. Atul is unable to understand the same. Only Ammu can tell us the reason behind it.

Kirath says a daughter-in-law is meant to stay within the boundaries of her home. Why are you interfering in business matters? If there was something then you should have told me directly. But by spying on your own brother-in-law what will happen to our respect in the society? Rohan plays innocent. Today I understood that I am not your real blood. Whatever I did till date was of no use as I still feel stranger in my own home. Amit tries to show sense to him.
Kirath tries to assure Rohan. You know how much I trust you that is why I made you CEO instead of Amit. What other proof do you want? Rohan says there must be some fault of his for sure. No other family member is happy about it. Amit too feels that Ammu dint do anything wrong. Amit tries to speak up but Rohan interrupts him. it is enough already. The truth has come out today. He leaves from there. Tina acts super angry. Whatever has happened shouldn’t have happened. All trust and love has been broken today because of this girl. She leaves with Ria in tow. Ammu tries to say something. Kirath says if you feel any doubt on anyone from our family then first come and speak to me. Don’t decide on your own. Ammu apologizes. I dint want hurt you or anyone.


Ammu comes to speak to Amit. I know you must be feeling ashamed because of me. I am sorry but I want to thank you for the way you supported me outside. I know you wont forgive me so easily. Say something. Don’t stay quiet. Shout on me scold me but don’t keep mum. Amit puts the file aside and walks up to her.
I dint know what to shout on you for. You had a doubt on Rohan which might be wrong but your intentions weren’t. I trust you. Ammu looks at him sweetly. Rohan is my brother I have seen and known him since childhood. But you do not so you might have misunderstood him. But no problem. It is ok. Everyone makes mistakes – ma, papa and even I too make mistakes. I too took so much time to trust and understand you. Now I trust you completely. Some day you too will learn to trust him completely. Forget everything but next time please be a little careful. He goes back to look into his file whiles she keeps looking at him with love.


Tina is pissed off with Ammu. She got so much courage that she followed Rohan to Wise Investments office. Rohan says it was me who was smart enough to notice her beforehand or else she could do anything. Ria tells them not to worry. Rohan handled everything so well. All blamed Ammu for it did you not notice.
Tina points out that only Kirath bhai was scolding Ammu. Rest everyone else was sitting quietly. Amit dint say anything to her and I could make it out that he dint like it when ROhan was scolding Amita. its not good for us. He trusted him somehow but that day is not far when he wont anymore that he realises the difference between right and wrong. Ria nods understanding her words. I dint think this way. You are right. Earlier when anything used to happen he would blame Amita but today is dint happen. Today he kept quiet. Tina is wondering as to what they should do that Amit starts trusting Rohan again. Rohan speaks up smiling mischievously that he does.

Amita tries to say something to Amit but gets lost and quiet when he looks at her. I should go and talk to papa ji. He got very angry because of me. He nods back. Papa gets angry over every small thing now-a-days. I too think that you should talk to him. ammu smiles and keeps looking at him. he notices her thus. She realises and leaves smiling. Amit too smiles.

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