Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sukanya threatens Babu not to stop Rani’s marriage

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby talking to Pratap and telling that she needs a lawyer who bails out Babu. Pratap says I will hire the lawyer, but you have to divorce Babu and return home. Baby says Babu is not a criminal, he got trapped to save me. She says everything is profit and loss for you, I am so sorry for hoping to get some help from you. She says she will not leave Babu and prays to God to show some way. She says just now I got Babu, I can’t lose him. Akhilesh’s goons thanks babu for saving them. They asks what they can do for him. Babu asks them to say the truth. The goons tell the Inspector that Babu saved them, they have come to beat him and then hurt themselves, but babu saved them from death. They ask their lawyer to free him. Lawyer bails him out. Baby comes there. Babu tells that he is bailed. Baby asks really? She says Rani’s marriage. Babu says I will see how that devil marries my sister Rani.

Rani and Akhilesh are seated for marriage. Sarpanch’s wife taunts Kaushalya and asks her why she is sad. Kaushalya says our daughter shall be happy in your house, else your nose will be cut. She is about to go inside, but Jagannath stops her and asks her to have strength. Kaushalya says Rani is waiting for babu to stop the marriage, but everything is ruined. Akhilesh and Rani stand for the rounds. Babu comes there and asks Pandit ji to stop.

Babu comes there and says this marriage will not happen. Akhilesh is shocked. Sukanya says how he came out of lock up. Babu says his Amma has taught him to do right and fulfill the promise. He says he will kill Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks do you want your sister to become a widow. Babu says marriage haven’t happened and tells that it is better to be widow rather than becoming your wife. Kaushalya asks how did he come out? babu says he came out on bail. Sukanya comes on Babu’s way and asks him not to stop Rani’s marriage. She says she is my daughter and not yours. She says only I will decide about her life. She threatens to burn herself if anyone dares to stop the marriage. Rani cries.

Sukanya threatens Babu not to stop the wedding. Babu asks her to hear him once and says Akhilesh is not the suitable guy for Rani and she can’t be happy in her life. Sukanya says you have given us pain, but we bear it. She says it is my duty to give good life to my daughter and I will do this. She asks Pandit ji to recite the mantras and asks Rani to get ready. Kaushalya stops Babu. Akhilesh smiles. Rani and Akhilesh take the rounds. Pandit ji asks Akhilesh to fill Rani’s forehead with sindoor. He then declares them as husband and wife. He asks them to take elders’ blessings. Babu is shocked and upset. Akhilesh and Rani take elders blessings. Kaushalya asks Akhilesh not to let tears come in our daughter’s eyes. Akhilesh says surely. He tells babu that their enmity is now over, now our new relation started. He says you have become my brother in law now and asks him to do the rasam. Sukanya asks him to wash Akhilesh’s feet and make him wear shoes. She asks him to do the rasam with all the respect, being Rani’s brother. Babu sits down and washes Akhilesh’s feet. He then makes him wear the shoes and tells that if he can wash this feet for his sister then can break it too. Akhilesh looks angrily. Rani is upset with Sukanya and doesn’t talk to her. She hugs Kaushalya, Rani, Babu and others before her bidaai. She completes the bidaai rituals. Akhilesh thinks who has bailed Babu out and sits in the car. Rani sits in the car with Akhilesh. Babu tells that he was bailed out due to bajrang bali, but couldn’t do the duty of a brother and tells Sukanya that Rani’s life is ruined due to her greed. Sukanya asks him not to blame her and says you have taken enmity with Akhilesh and went to jail. She says she solved their problems. Baby says I was here to take care of everyone. Sukanya says this is Purabia village and not your mayka. She asks Kaushalya to say something to Baby bahu. Kaushakya asks baby to make a cup of tea. Baby says I..Kaushalya asks if you don’t know how to make tea? Baby goes to make tea. Kaushalya stops her and asks her to make tea on Chula.

Precap: Kaushalya tells that she can never forgive Baby and says you can’t live here. Akhilesh laughs. Kaushalya stops Babu from stopping Baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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