Choti Sardarni 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab accused of killing Meher

Choti Sardarni 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher says wow cycle. I asked mama for a cycle on my last birthday. She fulfilled my wish. Param says papa are you missing mama? He says yes. When will you come back Meher. Kulwant calls Harleen and says Rajan is out of jail. Tell Sarab, he’s very dangerous. Harleen says I can’t. He is very happy. This news will make him upset. I will increase security in the house. Sheer asks all the servants to sprinkle Meher with flowers. Karan says she’s so happy. Param says papa will Meher mama come? Sarab says yes she will come for sure.

Scene 2
Bitu packs Seher’s gift. Jeeto asks what’s in it? He says pillow. I stole it from Rana’s room. Ginni says you stole Jeeto’s blanket? What if she opens it. Rana says we will write their name on it. Bitu writes Rana’s name. Kulwant packs her gift. She says I hope Seher likes this gift. Yuvi says she would love it. Rana replaces his name on Bitu’s gift.

Scene 3
Sarab gets Seher readu. She says I won’t open eyes till Sandhya aunty brings mama. Sarab says where did Sandhya go. I hope she comes back. sarab says Meher ji where did you go? Kulwant coms and says Seher nani is here. See I got you such a big gift. Kulwant asks where is Seher? Sarab comes out. Sarab says she’s in her room. She is saying until Sandhya gets her gift she won’t open her eyes. Sarab says Sandhya has gone out. Harleen says don’t worry Sandhya will come out. Yuvi says when is the party starting? Kulwant is worried for Sandhya. Karan and Param bring Seher. She says I won’t open my eyes until Sandhya aunty brings my gift. Param and Karan say Seher see nani got you such good gifts. Yuvi says dadi check what Rana and Bitu got. Yuvi opens Rana’s gift. It’s a blanket. Yuvi says blanket? Are you crazy? Sarab laughs. He opens Bitu’s gift it’s a pillow. They fight with each other.

Seher says mama’s friend why aren’t you coming? Harleen says see your cake is here. Harleen says it’s a fairy doll cake. Lights start sparking. Harleen says what’s happening. Meher’s voice starts singing the lullaby tum se mujhe mili pehchan hai. Seher opens her eyes. She sees Meher in a reflection. seher says mama.. She gets happy. It’s Meher’s projection. Everyone claps. Karan says Meher mama.. Sandhya is projecting her with software. Seher gives a flying kiss to Meher. Seher hugs Sandhya.

Seher cuts the cake. Everyone wishes her a birthday. Seher makes everyone eat the cake. Sandhya plays music. All kids dance and celebrate. Sandhya looks after the arrangement. Sarab looks at them and smiles. Meher says to Sarab it all happened because of Sandhya. You are thumbs down. He says you can tease me. But please come back. I feel so lonely. I miss you a lot. Meher says it’s seher’s birthday, you shouldn’t have a tear in your eye today. Kulwant says Sarab come celebrate with us. Sandhya plays with the kids. She hugs Seher.

Scene 4
Police come in. Sandhya is shocked to see them. They turn off the music. Seher says who turned off the music. Seher says call mama’s friend. She will play the music. Inspector comes. He says Mr. Sarab… You’re under arrest. Everyone is shocked. Sarab says don’t be scared kids. They are here to celebrate. He sends kids inside. Sarab asks Sandhya to be with the kids. She says but all this.. Sarab says which crime are you arresting me for? He says my name Saranjeet. You’re accused of killing your wife Meher. Everyone is shocked. Harleen says what? He says here is the arrest warrant. Sarab says are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?

Seher says mama’s friend why did you call police? We don’t like police. Sandhya says your dad called them so your fear goes away forever. Sandhya goes out. Ginni and Jeeto are with the kids.

Harleen says my brother can never do this. Kulwant says Meher was his life. Inspector says he killed her. Sarab says enough. He says we have a proof. He killed his wife on 31st March. Sandhya says he didn’t. Meher’s murder was done by my.. He says shut up. Your name is Sarab. In your love he killed his wife. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Param says papa it’s besakhi tomorrow. Sarab says I will celebrate Besakhi tomorrow with you all. Sarab is in the interrogation room. He says what proof do you have? Who complained? Rajan comes in and says you had an affair with my to-be wife Sandhya. When your wife found out you killed her. Sarab shouts Rajan..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Samaila

    Yeh toh choti sardarni nahi hai

    1. Exactly. This is not Choti Sardarni.
      Never mind, I am sure ATIBA will update soon.

  2. Priyanshi_13

    Dear but this is not choti sardarni

  3. update the update please

  4. Radhika Purohit

    Wonderful plot twist!!! The only person who can save sarab now is choti sardarni MEHAR KAUR GILL… and i am more excited to see how Fateh brings about the reunion!!! Baisakhi is next day and the mahasangham is baisakhi special!! So excited🥳🥳🥳🥳 few more days and then mehrab together forever!!!! I dont know how i am gonna wait till monday!!!

    1. This weekend will be killing us ..
      Sleepless nights ahead 😂😂

  5. Rajan truly is the root of all evil! He is abusing his power and connections to remove Sarab as a threat and to get his vengeance on Sandhya. What an exciting turn of events! Regarding the precap, Rajan is really pushing Sarab’s buttons! Accusing him of not only his wife’s murder but also cheating!! I hope we get to see Sarab beat the living daylights out of Rajan! I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds!! The next few episodes are going to be SUPER exciting!!!!!

  6. CS will not be around for long. The show has gotten worse since the addition of so many gifts! Jeeto n Ginni are brats!!!! Reply if u agree!

  7. CS will not be around for long. The show has gotten worse since the addition of so manykids! Jeeto n Ginni are brats!!!! Reply if u agree!

  8. Radhika Purohit

    Sarabs three little munchkins are the life of the show!!! I dont know how someone would not like them🙄🙄 and yuvi has also become adorable like old yuvi post kks realization that mehar is innocent!! Must really have a strange POV to say that kids make the show worse🙄🙄🙄

  9. Snowflake

    The new sets r bcoz the shoot has shifted!
    So smart…

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