Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi gives Mansi hope

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav says this girl has gone mad just like her father, she aslo forgot where she belongs too and this attitude will be very dangerous for her. ..

Mansi locks herself, Milind, Pallavi and other ask her to open door, Nikhil breaks the door…

Sometime back…

Raghav says this Pallavi thinks too much of herself I wont spare her, Raghav scolds Rama asks him where is his racket, Farhad walks in and says here it is, Raghav says this is new where is mine, Farhad says its yours Rama got it repaired from his son, Raghav asks why did you do this for me, I never speak good to you, Rama says you just scold but you are soft hearted you helped my wife for operation and paid for it too and my son you helped for his education loan, I know this is your favourite racket, and so you don’t buy new one and so I got it repaired, Raghav says thank Jay and if his boss troubles let me know, Farhad says Jay’s father’s boss troubles him a lot, Raghav says what give me his number I will straighten him, Farhad gives number, Rama smiles, Raghav says oh its me, Farhad you and your jokes, Raghav starts laughing. Farhad says you look so good when you laugh.
Raghav tells Farhad about Pallavi’s incident and says she gave me 500₹ to clean the car, she has taken this challenge too seriously, shows me attitude, but doesn’t know its dangerous.

Milind says to Vijay, I agree I couldn’t handle my family properly but my daughter’s one has just an abortion and Mansi has lost all hopes I can’t see them like this, Vijay says calm down you have done your best, it was in their destiny, we can’t change destiny, look at me I lost Mandar, I couldn’t stand after that I wish I could have stopped Mandar and not ask him go, he had just got married and I said first deal with emergency but I didnt know I was to lose him forever, even I had lost hopes then, it was our destiny and you have your daughter’s and Pallavi has gone to see Asha, she will come back with good news.

Raghav gets a call, Raghav tells Farhad to tell Harish that todays custom officer is very strict, Farhad says he sent new boy, Raghav says this is tuff task, I want my diamonds. Farhad says okay.

Farhad calls Harish, Harish says my boy isnt here and don’t worry I trust him. Nikhil arrives near Harish, Harish gives him parcel and says officer was so strict, Nikhil gets 75000₹ and says I can’t work for sometime I have family emergency.
Harish says let me know if something is needed. Nikhil says my sister is handling.

Milind bangs Mansi’s door, Pallavi tells Sharda Asha denied to talk, they hear Milind’s voice and rush to Mansi, all ask Mansi to open door, Sulochana says Pallavi if she does something to herself I wont spare you, Milind says you move first, don’t go near Mansi. Nikhil opens the door, Mansi sitting with her wedding saree and card, Milind rush to her and ask her is she fine, Pallavi tries to talk to Mansi. Mansi hugs Pallavi and starts crying says Pallavi everything is over. Pallavi says did you speak to Rahul, Mansi says I called Rahul to talk to him but Asha picked call and she said Rahul is very angry and they are finding new girl for him and if he marry someone else I won’t be able to live, I will die.
Vijay says Mansi, Rahul was part of your life and not your life, Milind says he is right,and if Rahul wants to marry someone let him, we agree Amruta did a mistake, but you facing the punishment is wrong and do I don’t want you to go there, Vijay says Milind is right, we don’t want out daughter in such family, Sulochana says what are you saying, Milind says quite, Milind says to Mansi look at Pallavi she lost Mandar but she has moved on so well, Pallavi says Mansi you have your own identity, Sharda and Nikhil say we are there for you and may be you have brighter future, Nikhil says get up explore your life, Mansi says who is Mansi Nikhil, Pallavi gets Mansi, Milind and Sulochana picture and says look this is you, Nikhil says and you are such brilliant photographer, Sharda says correct, Mansi says it’s all old, Sharda gets Mansi her camera and says its time to explore, Pallavi says you have your new project, you are Deshmukh Saree Emporium’s photographer, you will shoot us our catalogue, Vijay says she is right, Mansi says how, Pallavi says like you use to, get up now lets plan. Milind thanks Pallavi.

Raghav checks diamond’s and says to Harish your new boy is brilliant, this will be India’s best collection, Farhad prepare for best catalogue photoshoot, Farhad says all done but the ethnic location you want, unable to find, Raghav says I know a place lets go.

Pre cap: Raghav meets Harish and tells them Kirti and Amma are arrested by Police.
Vijay throws Pallavi out of house.
Farhad says you destroyed innocent girls life, Raghav says she started first, whoever will try mess with Amma and Kirti I will destory them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Finally !!!! This has been updated . Thanks for the update Tanya.

    For the first time I had to watch the episode before reading an update .

  2. For a change after a really long time I did not mind watching the deshmukhs . I think they handled Mansi very well . Overall a very good message telling Manasi to focus on her life and not to worry about the past and encouraging her to move on in life 👍👍

    Looks like there is going to be a photoshoot. I guess Raghav and pallavi will land up in the same location . From twitter I can see Keerthi in different sari’s so it looks like she will be pallavi’s model . I am going to ignore the pre-cap. I honestly think it won’t happen anytime soon . I think it’s been challenging to shoot with covid and the episodes may not really be in the sequence they were meant to be in.

    1. Manasa Lakshmi

      I think this due to shifting of locations

    2. Liz

      Shoot location shifting to Hyderabad…. hope they don’t stop shooting….

    3. Liz

      Yeah Pooja, I found Baba sasur tolerable today 😒 Bindi wali Aunty still spitting venom 😠😡

      Ufff!!!! Raghav’s smile 😍

  3. Liz

    Nice episode…. some Gud msg that someone can be part of ur life & Not be ur life….Individual identity is important 👌🏼

    1. Denza

      @Liz….. I had sent you an request. Samayamundenkil athonnu accept cheyyavo Ma’m (sarcastic)

    2. Liz

      Denza 😝😂😂

  4. Liz

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