Amita Ka Amit 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th December 2013 Written Update

Amita followed kajri to the place of a taantrik ( black magic expert ). Kajri told him that even after following his instructions ( like giving amit drugs, making amita look mad in front of shahs and risking d life of raunak ) , she has not got his son back. Taantrik assured her that she would get her child back within 24 hrs. Amita overhears their whole convo and runs home with this determination that no matter how she will save her child.

At home, amita goes to amit and tries to tell him what she witnessed but Amit again takes it as her mental illusion. He tells her that he has taken appointment for her in city hospital at 4. Considering that it was the hospital where kajri had left her son alone, amita readily agrees to go to doctor.

At hospital, while amit was waiting

for their number to come, amita excuses amit for washroom and encounters that nurse who had called amit to tell that his wife had left her son at the hospital. Amita makes that nurse recall the episode that day. Meanwhile amit comes to take amita along, when that nurse tells that yes, one lady had forgotten her child and it was me who called his husband to inform it. but this is not that lady (pointing towards amita ) amita showed her kajri’s snap and she confirmed that this was the one who left the baby here and told her name “amita shah ” and it was amit shah I had called. Amit is shocked. ( so this is how he came into “hosh” )

Amit is in shock and is recalling all the rude remarks he made on amita and how foolishly he believed on kajri. Feeling very upset with himself he sat alone on a bench. Eyes wet.. Amita came searching for him. Amita asked her trying to read his face, what happened amit..!! Amit said, m not being able to forgive myself, I wil never ever forgive myself.. we have so much love between us… you and me.. amit and amita.. how could I let mistrust enter between us..!! Amita : amit pls.. Amit said no amita pls let me say this time.. what s the use of my love when I cud not trust u.. Amita pacified him saying all is well that ends well amit… and you see, how much we love each other that even after so many efforts of kajri, we are together.. Amit said that you had to operate alone to expose kajri all these days, and I just acted as a thorn in your way.. Amita said, its not the time to repent on this amit, time is to take the next step carefully.. more than us, its raunak who is in danger.. we shud try to find out kajri’s next step.. Amit looked at her with determination on his face, n said, ” however big the danger may be, its not big than the shadow of parents’s love.. leave harming, we wont let her touch our child ” ( Beautiful acting by Nishad..well done Nishad.. loved the moment when his face was zoomed )

The moment A2 reached home, Amit in full anger mode, starting screaming kajri’s name and called her out. All shahs gathered in the living area and kajri also appeared. The moment amit tried to say anything and expose kajri, he felt uneasy.. sweat erupted on his forehead and next moment he fell unconscious. All shahs got disturbed and lifted him to take to hospital. Kajri stopped amita midway n warned her, that this is just beginning. Don’t mess with me or result would be worst.

Precap : kajri said to amita, ” amit’s recovery is only in my hands, so either you handover your baby urself to me and let me go with him or lose your husband. You decide now, BABY OR HUSBAND …

Update Credit to: grintson

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