Dil Dosti Dance 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th December 2013 Written Update

It was Rey’s turn to sell the book to Kriya and he says the book is imported. Anyone who buys this book leaves off everything and goes from India to America. he asks Kriya she wants to go back to USA again.Kriya thinks of moments where she has told Rey to follow his heart. She gets the book from him. While they are about to sit Rey asks the professor if he can sit behind as he is not comfortable here.he professor agrees and Rey moves behind. Kriya is lost in thoughts. Swayam thinks he needs to speak with Rey.The class gets over and Sharon comes to Kriya and tells her to not get affected by Rey’s words. Swayam thinks has Sharon really changed and is supporting Kriya.I do not know if I must believe it or not. Vicky and Nilesh are in the room where Vicky says he has got many friend

request. Nilesh has name himself Sid a professional Biker and Simmi has named herself Ameera and they both think of each other

Rey gets a call from Swayam but he ignores it. Swayam calls him again and then Rey’s doorbell rings.Rey goes to open and finds Swayam there. Swayam says he tried calling many times when Rey says his phone is in room just then rey’s phone rings up. Swayam asks if he can come in and tells Rey that Kriya and him were in touch but the way he is taking it is not so. He is sure Rey has misunderstood. Rey asks him will he have something. Swayam says ignoring this is not right. Rey asks then what is Right. Swayam says he did not want to hurt him.I knew that after kriya entry you took long time to handle yourself.I didn’t want to remind you of your past.Trust me it was not my intention to hurt you.Rey asks how do I trust you Swayam says he knows what relation Kriya and Swayam share.It is same as the relation between Sharon and Rey. Rey asks Does he know Kriya likes him more than him and Kriya has told this. Swayam says he is sorry you are hurt because of me.I thought of telling you but Taani came in your life then and you were again smiling and moving on.I did not want to snatch the smile so I did not tell you.Rey asks and about Kriya coming here. Swayam says it was equally a surprise to him as it was for others.He asks Rey not to keep any grudges against him.I never can even think of hurting you.Rey says he believes him but so much has happened all over sudden that it is difficult for him to handle it.Swayam asks can he say something and tells Kriya is an exchange student and for his dream of dance academy and work with her professionally. Rey tells Swayam that please he has trusted and believes him but asks him not to force him to work with Kriya he cannot do it. Swayam asks Rey when he can speak with Shivam for dance then why not Kriya.Rey says Shivam had agreed his mistake but Kriya left him mid way without any intimation and he has already been down in love twice.He cannot take chances again both personally and professionally. He tells Swayam he is tired. Swayam wishes him good night and asks him to rethink on his words.

Rey is in the rehearsal hall thinking about his and Swayam’s convo. He remembers his met with Kriya after she came back to college. Rey dances on Khurban hua and remembers few moments before Kriya left college.Kriya comes in and both see each other face to face and Rey remembers Kriya’s last words.Rey is about to move out when Kriya says she wants to speak with him. Rey asks don’t you get I do not want to speak with you.Kriya says she can’t insult me again. Rey says then don’t do anything cause of which I’m rude to you. Kriya says not like your own but at least like a guest to college please listen tome once.Rey pind her to the speaker ad says she has 60 seconds to tell what she wanst.Kriya tries to tel but Rey keep reminding her of the seconds left.He says time is us Miss Ghai but I’m not insensitive so will tell you I’ll makeup the dance academy without your help. I’ll personally speak with VP sir and before you go I’ll open the academy for my friends.He moves from there banging the door. Kriya thinks of the moments and says till now I felt Rey is angry on me but he is not only angry but hates me too.

Precap: Kriya faints while teaching step. Rey comes to know this and gets worried

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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  1. I dont like the way Rey acted because he left Tani
    but he would stop the marage and tel three butiful words

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