Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kush apologises to Suhani..n says din mean to embarass u or hurt u! Suhani says was tired..! He says thot my mistake! He is called n he leaves! Suhani wipes her tears..! Self thot.. why do i feel bad seeing Sam-Pihu together! She reasons that they are childhood buddies n i m nothing .then why?? Sammy comes to Suhani. .n while she tries to leave.. he pulls her to him..! She says it hurts! Sammy says good to know u feel pain too! Pihu comes towards them.. but Suhani leaves.. n Sammy too! She wonders where Sammy is?? Ram asks Pihu if she liked the party? She says loved it! She says u din gimme my gift! Ram says.. was focussing on Priya.. but now u will get what u want ..tell what?? That car? Pihu nods a no! Ram asks what do u want? Pihu says Sammy..i want Sammy

… i love him ..i want to grow old with him! She says only imagined my life with Sammy .. he is my biggest happiness. .pls gimme Sammy wont ask anything more.. wanna marry Sammy .. n dun wanna imagine my life with anyone else!

Its raining.. ! Suhani is walking away..! Sammy follows..! She locks herself in the room n packs her bag! Sammy keeps knocking on the door! Ram comes to Vikram! He asks whats the matter? He says.. need to talk to u..! He says.. years ago said that.. Sammy-Pihu are perfect for each other! Vikram says yes u did n i said dun talk like TV dads! Ram says its becoming .. a reality.. Pihu-Sammy are more than friends..! Vikram asks serious? Caddy says.. these days Sammy is only talking of marriage these days.. never seen him like this.. i m sure something is up! Vikram says great news! Priya says.. let Neha come. .n we can talk with her too!

Sammy rushes in the room and pushes her . .n Suhani says.. r u mad? Sammy says..yes! He says.. ages ago a girl called Pam dumped me n now u..! Suhani is ready to walk n Sammy stops her n says.. ur busy playing .. always moving from one to another! U r fake! Suhani says.. if i were dancing with Kush.. u were dancing with Pihu ..just coz u want to touch her! Sammy says.. ur the girl .i love.. i want to be with u.. touch u.. feel u! Suhani fights.. him ..n Sammy pins her to the wall..! Suhani says ur hurting me! Sammy keeps looking at her..! Both of them holding each others arms! Vikram asks Caddy.. if she found Neha? She says yes.. we are just leaving! Vikram says Neha must have found out all..! Vikram asks Ram.. u had so much issues with Sammy.. how did u agree? Ram says i hate him even now ..but the credit goes to Priya ..who showed ..Pihu is happy with Sammy! Pihu thanks Ram …! Myra-Pari congratulate Pihu! Pihu thanks Priya for making it possible for her to get lifes biggest happiness! Dun have words! Priya says..she has grown so much.. no words to thank her parents! Pihu says sorry to misunderstand u ..always mom! Sorry for being the worst daughter! Priya says. .no more emo words! Sid comes to Juhi n says..they are all so happy! Juhi says yes.. so happy that they din even notice our absence! Ram asks where is Neha?? Neha says.. u two love me. but not so much to give party a miss to come invite me! They say… Pihus relation with Sammy is fixed..! She is excited..! Neha says dying to meet RaYa.. we are gonna be one big happy family!

Part 2

Priya says am sure.. Neha will agree to this! She suggests to call Sammy .. n Vikram says.. Sammys remote control is in Pihus hand ..! Ram says.. dun embarass my girl..! Vikram says teasing! Priya asks Pihu to call Sammy! She does! Sammy is in bed.. n sees its Pihu..! He doesnt receive the call..! He gets flashback of getting intimate with Suhani..who nuzzles into him! He says.. thanks Pihu on ur budday got the biggest gift of my life.. my true love.. Suhani..!

Part 3

Neha comes n greets Pihu ..! Vikram asks u knew? Neha says.. yes ..noticed our sons changed behaviour .. proper clothes he is wearing! Pihu smiles! Priya says..dun smile too much.. m gonna hover on u. .n Neha says ur jealous..! Priya smiles! Neha asks where is Sammy? Priya says.. came to pick u up? Neha says.. he din come! Ram says lemme talk to him! Sammy comes.. n Vikram asks why not taking ur call? He chides.. him.. for doing whatever he wants n not telling? Sammy says dinno! Vikram says now i know why u came running to Rams place! U came to do all this? Sammy says.. swear.. din think..! Neha asks Sammy whats up? Where were u? Sammy stammers! He is confused! Ram asks .. will u confess or not? He says what? Ram says. .din expect.. my inefficient Assitant is gonna be my son in law! Sammy is stunned! All congratulate him ..n talk of roka.. wedding etc! Sammy is irritated n screams on them to stop blabbering! Sammy asks what are u all upto? Did anyone ask me? My career comes first. .i dun wanna hear anything about this! All are shocked! Sammy walks off! Pihu is teary eyed!

Precap —- Pihu locks herself in the room! RaYa all knock on the door.. ! Priya asks her to open the door. .Vikram-Neha too n Ram too! Pihu is crying! Priya is worried!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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