Amita Ka Amit 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 7th November 2013 Written Update

Fallu is the first one to give a gift to her grandson: a pendant. Riya takes it in her hand trying to weigh it. It is heavy. Fallu says why not as he is my grandson after all. I wanted to give something heavier but no issues will get it next year. Riya nods nervously. Amit sweetly reprimands his mom for spoiling the kid. Fallu quietens him instead. First see the gift your dad has brought. Kirath gives an envelope in the hands of the baby boy. Riya asks him about it. Kirath tells them he has named his property in Junagadh after his grandson. Tina and family’s smile disappears whereas AA get serious. Amit says he is thinking extra. He needn’t do all this. Riya excuses herself from there and Rohan follows her. Amu’s baby has pooped and Nani explains Kirath that he got a return gift too. Amu takes the baby to clean him but then Kajri comes. Why should you worry…I will do it. Amu denies but Nani tells her to let it be. Kajri takes the baby and starts removing the diaper which Amu takes. She gives instructions to Kajri. Amit tells her to relax as Kajri will handle it. Amu still looks at her a bit suspiciously.

Rohan asks Riya as to why is she reacting like this. It is ok. Riya is angry. If this continues then this house too will be given to Amu’s baby. Pari will lose everything just because she is a girl? Disgusting! Rohan tries to calm her down. You very well know that AA love Pari like their own daughter. They have never differentiated between both the babies. Riya tells him to let it be. You don’t see anything beyond your family members. Sorry but I am not blind like you. Amu comes there to throw the diaper when she overhears Riya’s words. I can understand everything that’s happening. Amu asks Riya if everything is all right. Riya leaves from there. She asks Rohan again. Is she upset over anything? Rohan denies. Actually she had to feed the baby that’s why she left. He too leaves and Amu gets thinking.

Amu watches as Kajri takes care of the baby. She keeps throwing random checklists at her (as to how to hold the baby; clean him with just a little warm water, etc.). kajri assures her she will take care of the baby as she is used to it. Amit comes there and reminds her they have to go to the doc. Kajri panics. Is the baby not well? Why dint you tell? Amu sternly stops her. I am going for a check up. Kajri is relieved. Amu is confused and suspicious as it is. She tells Kajri to get the baby ready. I will go get ready till then. Kajri takes the baby to change his clothes. Amit calls her forgetful. Since the baby has come you keep forgetting things….hope you wont forget me one day. She too plays along. But who are you? And then smiles.

Amu is really excited as they will be taking the baby out with them for the first time. Kajri listens to their convo worriedly. Amu is surprised to see that the baby is already asleep. She tries to take the baby in her arms but Kajri stops her. Hope you wouldn’t mind me saying this but a small infant’s body is very prone to catching diseases. Plus there are so many disease prone people in the hospital. If you think it right then please let the baby stay back at home. Amu is angry and declines. amit stops her. Kajri is right. Baby might catch infection. We should leave our baby with Kajri. Amu looks at the baby and Kajri upset and finally goes out following Amit. Kajri watches them leave the house and then looks at the baby happily.

Amit looks at Amu’s reports and is happy. They are all good. Amu is still tensed recalling the priest’s warning. Amit asks her what she is thinking. She is missing the baby. We must leave for home urgently. I am worried he must be crying. I haven’t been away from him for so long. Lets go. AA are on their way home. The traffic is heavy. Amu is restless. Amit tries to calm her but no use. Baby would be hungry and crying for me. amit reminds her that everyone is at home to take care of the baby. When he takes Kajri’s name, she gets serious. I don’t know I am feeling uneasy. Do something I have to reach asap. Amit tells the driver to take left but he tells them that the road is not good but Amu snaps at him. She is worried and keeps praying for her baby.

AA reach home. Fallu keeps talking about reports but Amu is frantically looking for her baby. Fallu tells her he would be in his room only. But what about the reports? She doesn’t reply and Amit watches her thus. Fallu asks Amit what has happened to her.

Amu sees that Kajri is massaging the baby. Amu is super relieved. She picks up her baby boy asap and asks Kajri if the baby slept well. Kajri assures her all is well. He was playing with everyone happily. No baby can cry when I am there. Amu thanks her with a smile. Amu starts cuddling and talking to the baby as Kajri watches with a not so happy look. Amu is really happy with the baby in her arms.


It is night time but Kajri is still awake. She is staring at the cupboard. She takes out the black cloth and has a slight wicked smile on her face. She goes out of her room quietly and reaches outside AA’s room. She takes out the lemon and green chilly that are tied in a thread (there are 2 of them) and keeps them under the carpet in 2 different places. She opens the door a little and peeks inside. AA are asleep. She goes from there after closing the door.

Amu stirs in sleep. She wakes up and looks for her baby but doesn’t find it in his pram. Amit too isn’t there. She starts looking for the baby in her room. She comes out looking for him and tries to knock others’ room and ask for help but no one hears or responds. She screams and wakes up in shock. She was dreaming. Amit gets worried. What happened? She tells him that the baby is missing. Please go and find him. amit tells her to speak slowly. I cannot understand a thing plus our baby is sleeping there peacefully look. Amu is surprised.


Amu is relieved seeing her baby sleeping peacefully in its pram. Thank God he is fine. Amit asks her if she saw a bad dream. She nods. Can I ask you something? Can you please sleep on the couch tonight? I want the baby to sleep with me tonight. Only for tonight! We 3 cannot sleep together in the same bed as there are chances he might get hurt by our hands or legs. Amit agrees. He gets up and goes to sleep on the couch. Amu picks up the baby and lies down with him on the bed. She wonders don’t know for what reason I saw such a bad dream tonight.

Kajri looks at the watch. It is time to know what way things have turned out. She carefully heads back towards AA’s room. She prays that everything should be fine as everything depends on this one chance. She removes the carpet and the lemons have all turned red. She is happy as things seem to be in her favour. She dint realise she was leaning against the door of the room which opens up a little. Amu wakes up with a start. Who is there? Kajri picks up her things and runs away to a hiding place. Amu doesn’t see anyone around. What’s happening to me? She goes out to get water from the kitchen. Kajri is hiding nearby only…praying hard to be saved. She gets out carefully after Amu leaves but doesn’t realise that Amu was coming back just at that time. They both collide due to darkness and the lemon-chilli thread falls on the floor. Kajri is shocked whereas Amu is angry / confused. What are you doing here? Kajri looks at the red lemons worriedly.

Precap: Amu asks Kajri what she was doing here this late. Plus do you walk with your eyes closed? Kajri smiles nervously. I was sleepy so couldn’t see you. Amu notices the lemon-chilli stuff and enquires about it….all the while shooting questioning looks at Kajri.

Update Credit to: pooja

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