Jee Le Zara 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 7th November 2013 Written Update

Sanchi ends up saying I Love You to DV over and they both share a tight hug. Just then Aadu comes and Sanchi is nervous what he might think seeing DV there, but DV is not there. Aadu says that today she is looking prettier today probably because of Saree’s colour.

When Aadu leaves, DV reappears and Sanchi asks that she might be in love with him, but what next? DV says marriage! Sanchi says noone will agree to it not even herself as she is 7 years elder to him. She says that any relationship as it has lot of stress and if age gap stress is also added, then how will the relationship work. She asks DV to think about it and leaves from there.

Sanchi performs Puja, while Pradeep at his home tells his wife that for some people this will be last Happy Diwali. She calls up Sanchi and wishes everyone Happy Diwali and also says she would pray to God that whoever wishes her ill is punished by God which angers Pradeep and he gets violent.

Sanchi is at the terrace looking for DV who is nowhere to be seen. Dilz calls her downstairs and Sanchi wonders why she keeps on thinking about him. DV is also thinking about what Sanchi said. Just then his mom calls him up and DV asks her what is his Diwali gift. His mom says whatever he wants, and DV asks what if he asks for Moon. His mom replies that not everyone can get moon, but if one acts intelligently, then one can reach moon. and amongst her 4 sons, he has the capability to reach to the moon. SHe then asks him to come back and he says he will after completing a mission and cuts the phone.

Sanchi turns to go downstairs and one earthen lamp is about to get extinguished. She covers it with her hand, and just then DV too joins her. He then gives the analogy of this earthen lamp and says that if they both work together, they can save their love too, but if she accepts defeat without fighting, then it will be difficult. He says that its true that society and traditions are important, but together, we can handle everything if she is with him. Sanchi still hesitates. DV says Diwali is the day for new beginnings, and if she says then they can start their love from here and if she says no, then he would leave from here and will not bother her ever again. Sanchi is confused and scared and does not say anything. DV says fine, then he would leave and thanks her for giving him the most beautiful moments of his life, for the love she gave him, for the care she bestowed on him and he starts leaving, but Sanchi holds his hand stopping him and asks him to not leave but stay. DV confirms her decision and she nods with a smile and they both hug again. (while a romantic version of Jee Le Zara plays in the background)

Precap: DV and Sanchi sharing a fun romantic moment, where DV asks her to give him a timetable for romance

Update Credit to: Bournville

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