Amita Ka Amit 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Amit is looking straight up at the ceiling. Amu wonders if he cant sleep. He shakes his head. What if those kids from the party came in my dreams? I wont be able to sleep. I somehow escaped from there but I was thinking what if our kid turns out to be equally naughty then? She teases him on the same. She likes the idea….and naughty kids. It would be fun. He is all the more troubled. She apologizes saying I was kidding. But I know how your mood will change for good. They both exchange a sweet smile.

Next morning, they are curled up in each other’s arms. They both wish each other good morning. He doesn’t want to go to office. She asks him he doesn’t want to go to office. He denies. She wants to know what he wants to do then. He wants to spend the whole day with her. We

should pack our stuff and head for some resort. She is happy. You slept late till late for once and such good thoughts? Sleep till late everyday then. He nods seriously. Get ready and do the packing. She is very much excited. Book us a very nice resort in Mahabaleshwar. He agrees. He gets a call from Batuk who informs him that his wife has started feeling labour pains now so the delivery can happen anytime now. Come fast. Amit agrees to come.

Amit is gobbling the breakfast in a super fast way. Fallu comes and notices the same. He repeats that he has to go to hospital for the baby can come anytime. She explains that a baby takes hours to come even after feeling labour pain. Amu says I too was telling him the same. Fallu smiles. He doesn’t know anything. When he wasn’t born I and his dad knew nothing. His dad got me admitted in the sixth month itself thinking my labour pains have started whereas this naughty Amit had just kicked me. This happened thrice that too in a week’s time only. Whole doc’s were troubled. That was the most beautiful moment of my life when I held him in my arms for the first time. He is not just the best baby of the hospital but is the best baby of the whole world. She lovingly caresses Amit’s hairs and he gets all irked. Don’t touch my hair. Now this baby is not even letting his mother touch his hair. He again pulls his head back as she tries to caress them. Amit says that is way I don’t want to get into this trouble of kids. Fallu’s smile disappears asap. What did you just say? Amu says he was joking. Batuk’s call plays a distraction. He takes Amu along and leaves. Fallu sits confused. Nani tells her not to take everything so seriously. We will be have one grandchild soon and for sure. Fallu too wants the same.

Amit asks her why dint you let me tell her inside we don’t like kids. She says she is waiting for the right time. It is very easy for you to say so but this is very tough for her to hear. Right now we have to go to Batuk bhaiya. He says we could have simply told her we don’t want kids right now. He tells her there is no roundabout way. You have to tell it straight. Looking down, she walks a little away from him. He asks her if it isn’t that she is actually inclined towards kids while saying no. she tells him to leave for the hospital. We can discuss all this later.

Batuk is taking his wife to the OT. He is shouting more than her. Doc advices painkiller for him instead as he looks more stressed and shouting louder than Shilpa. It is the same lady who was at Jigna’s place. Did you bring helicopter today as well? Leave that take Batuk for some coffee. Batuk agrees reluctantly. Doc tells Amu to come inside as it would be a good experience for her. Amu gets nervous seeing it all. Doc tells her to push. Amu suggests taking rest for some time. She is in very much pain. Doc says your MIL was right about you knowing nothing about kids. You are stressed out. She sends her out.

Amit tries to comfort and assure Batuk who is sitting all tensed. Amu comes out. He gets up and asks for Shilpa. She assures him. amit says you aren’t alone there would be around 3 lacs people waiting for their kids to take birth. The statistics say so so don’t worry. A guy sitting next to him explains it just sounds good to the ears. Anything, any complication can happen anytime. It is my second baby still I am as nervous and scared like I was when it was my first baby’s time. Batuk loses it all the more. Amit tells the guys to say something positive but they scare Amit and Batuk all the more about how the kid will wreak havoc in their lives. Amu cuts him off in the middle. We have learned a lot already. Nurse comes and congratulates him. He got a son. Everyone is super happy. Batuk hugs Amit. They go to see the baby. Amu is holding the boy in her arms and compliments him. amit teases Batuk saying good that he goes after you (Shilpa) or else if he would have been after Batuk then. Batuk doesn’t reply back but takes it as a compliment. His actions will certainly go after him but it will be good. Batuk says I will start collecting money for his bike from this very moment. Amit again tries to tease him as he cant think of anything except his samosa, jalebi (snacks). You cannot save for next month and here you are talking about long term investment. Batuk gets emotional. I will do everything for him which we haven’t done yet. He pledges to give everything to the kid. He holds Shilpa’s hand and promises her no more outside / oily food….only healthy food. I shall be leaving office on time and will straight come back home. No late nights with anyone. I will fulfil his every small or big wish. AA listen intently. We will live our childhood with him once again. Our life will revolve around him only. Amu looks at Amit who is looking around all touched with the words.


Fallu is happy with the news. How is the kid? Amu shares the baby is very healthy with cute round eyes. Fallu agrees as Batuk’s son would bound to be cute. She gets super excited. Now would be the time for another function. But this time I will get the gift. She asks if Batuk’s mom came and saw the baby. She must be very happy right? Amit simply tells her she dint come yet. Fallu says this is the best feeling in the world… hold their grandkid in their arms. The feeling is indescribable. AA stand quiet and uncomfortabe. Kirath calls out for Fallu and she goes to hear him.

AA are tensed. How will we tell her now? I don’t know even if she will understand or not. She agrees to tell. We will have to tell her today or tomorrow. I know the responsibility is too big for us to handle right now. We aren’t prepared for it yet. But you know when I held the baby in my arms today it was such a different feeling. The baby was looking at me with those big eyes and those small hands and feet. The baby was smiling. It was wonderful. I felt wonderful. But I know we aren’t prepared for it. So I will talk to her don’t worry. He thanks her…you are very intelligent. I was scared about this only but you don’t worry. We will find some way to talk to her. They both exchange a relived smile and share a side hug.


Next morning, Amu comes to Fallu’s room to talk to her. fallu asks her help for pinning the saree. Amu says I wanted to talk to you about smething. I and Amit wanted to say….Kirath comes saying something. They are going somewhere. They have to go in a naming ceremony of some of their acquaintance. Fallu acknowledges then says if we don’t go in someone’s such function then who will come in the name ceremony function of our grandchildren. Amu goes all quiet. Kirath hands some money to Amu to put in some nice envelope. Amu nods and leaves from there. Kirath says at least don’t say all this in front of me. She got all shy. Fallu tells him if she wont say it then they wont get their grandkids anyways. I will handle it. He has no option but to agree.

Amu comes out wondering how to tell it to MIL that we aren’t ready for children yet. Kajal walks in and surprises Amu. She had come nearby to see gynaecologist. Amu asks if all is ok. Kajal says it was just a regular check up. She starts to say something about babies but Amu stops her from saying anything about babies here. Before Amu can answer Fallu appears on the scene. Kajal appreciates Fallu as she is looking very beautiful no one will call her Amu’s MIL. Are you going out? Fallu tells about the name ceremony function. But don’t send her back without eating anything. Kajal declines the offer to eat anything oily or fatty. I will have to take care from now only. Plus Atul is waiting for me. I just came to meet Amu for a few minutes. Fallu calls her super conscious like Ria. Both slim trim and after dieting. Kajal denies dieting. Shying a little she says I was just being careful about what I eat. Fallu gets back to her kids idea. This means you are planning to become 2 from 3? Amu shakes her head at Kajal. Fallu takes Kajal with her and they all sit on the sofa. She compliments her for thinking that ways. Things look good when happen on time. It is a trouble when it happens late. I was telling this only to AA. Kajal agrees with Fallu. I think Amu you and Amit too should…but she stops looking at Amu’s face. Fallu turns to Amu now. Kajal is saying the same thing which I have been trying to tell you since last 2 days. In all the other matters Amit is always leading as compared to his friends. But in the matter of wedding and kids he is way behind. Kajal assures Fallu she will get the good news very soon. Fallu and Kajal are very happy with the idea while Amu doesn’t smile or say anything.

Precap: Amu confirms date with Amit. He tells her to check in the calendar as I am busy. She goes and checks in the calendars. She wonders how this can be. She calls Kajal. How can one know how to check if someone is pregnant or not? Kajal tells her to get the pregnancy kit from the chemist and check for herself.

Update Credit to: pooja

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