Dil Dosti Dance 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Rey thanks all for being here. He says he wants to thank only one person who did everything to make him a star including photo-shoot press meet and so on. He says its all done by Adithya Khurana. Rey thanks Adi. Nilesh and Vicky say they can’t hear it anymore and are about to move from there when Rey says he is not a part of Rayzors nor their team leader.He is Rey .A member of a small dance team called D3. He removes his jacket and shows his D3 tea. Vicky and Nilesh stop on their spots. Rey continues saying yes guys its D3.Actualy D3 is not a team its a dream which I saw with my friends. It was my fault that I left my dreams half way. Adi comes and asks Rey to stop and asks him whats wrong. Adi futher says to stop the interview,switch off the cameras and sound system.Nilesh stops

when a volunteer comes to stop the sound system. Adi asks Rey has he gone mad.Rey replies I was mad till now but not anymore.Now spotlight will be where I ask for. He walks down to the gathering and says To get your love I need to be with you.So here I’m to tell my dream. Someone from media asks him to continue when he says D3 stands for “D se Dil , D se Dostii and D say Dance.. ”

The media asks where is D3 when Rey replies saying they are here around me.He continues this name D3 was given to team by my best friends Swayam. We used to dance like crazy all night.When it was a dance face off or the Goa fest be it even making one sad persons mood well,it was dance my teams dream. Adi says this event is organized by Jigsaw21. Rey says they have come here for him.Adi asks the media to move when a person asks does he think media is fool and one more journalist ask Rey to continue with his dream.Rey thanks her and says they wont regret hearing the dream.Adi and Mr Singh walks out. Rey continues saying he was ready to dance. Rey says he was ready to obey what Adi says he just followed it thinking about fulfilling his dream he never knew when he left the three D’s of D3 and ran behind the carrier C moving away from his friends. I forgot the spotlight is on me just cause of D3. He continues saying He is no star nor the hero that they think the real hero is their team.The journalist asks where is the team.

Rey asks for the projector to be put up

Rey says he will start with a person who is very innocent .He says her innocence is present in her eyes as much as her heart. Presenting Rinni. He shows the dance clips.He goes to her and asks her sorry for hurting her heart.Rinni stands up and Rey introduces her gathering.Vicky moves behind from there.

He continues saying now its Rinni’s best friend Simmi . She is small and cute but don’t mistake it.We can see her when music turns on.Then we can see her strong personality. Simmi tells to Nilesh that she knew Rey didnt call to hurt them. Rey then tells Aashi and introduces her as firework.Actually Aashi is not here but Simmi is.He asks the spotlight on DJ console. The spotlight moves and Rey asks Simmi to forgive him but please come here. He says everyone Simmi from D3. Rey and Simmi hug each other and Rinni joins them.Clips are taken.

Sharon is walking to and fro in her house.She thinks the world that was perfect till yesterday how can it be imperfect soon. Kaka comes and informs about team coming on Tv. She feels God team cant have more insult and switches on TV to see D3 team when Rey says here are the girls Now comes the other half the boys. A journalist says if girls are so what about the boys.Rey smiles and says if I have tell about guys in a word then its power

He then puts on projector and says this is Vicky our desi popper.If he popps he kills rest.He is amazing.My most favourte friend Vicky. Now this is Amar.Our teams tutting king Amar. The rest have their eyes wide open when he tutts so fast and so clean none can beat him.The third memeber of team is Nilesh.Don’t go by his size.His style is unique and different than rest. Last but not the least.The youngest memeber of the team The power house of D3 our b-boying guy Barath.When he does it looks like he is floating on the dance floor.Each performance of team has a blink of friendship in it.One of a kind and dance to a rhyme. Each member is amazing. He continues saying Sorry to each one and adds I hurted you all and took myself far from you.I know you all are here.Should I come and call you all please come here the spotlight is all yours. You were right I was lost in the spotlight but now we will shine not as Rayzors but as D3.The guys present there come one by one starting from Nilesh followed by Vicky,Amar and Barath.the team has a group hug and all media person clap for them.

Precap: Vicky says after all this I have decided not to dance. Nilesh says Dance brought us together and the issue came by dance too.Team decides not to dance more. Sharon in her house watches all this on TV and throws the remote.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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