Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s and parmeet’s place
Dadaji asks amreek, and everyone else, as to who came. dadaji says that he saw a taxi going. Gagan comes and tells about bani coming and how she handled it, and told bani everything. Dadaji says that she did right. Manpreet and surjit are tensed.

Later, in her room, gagan thinks that only dadaji understands that she did right. Manpreet comes and reprimands gagan for doing with bani, and asks why she did this. She says that neither heart, nor a mind does she have. Gagan says that dadaji thinks that she’s right. manpreet says that there’s limit to selflessness and shame, but its futile to talk to her about that. She asks surjeet how would she cope with this. She goes berserk. Surjeet assk her to compose

herself, and asks how can she compose herself. Gagan is tensed at manpreet’s reaction.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Seeing that bani hasnt come still, angad asks rajji to call again. But just then they see bani there, and bombard her with questions as to what happened, and would they take back the case. Bani remembers what she just heard from gagan. She lies that she didnt go, and shocks them. She says that she cant tell them to take it back, and hence its futile to say anything. Rajji is shocked, and bani is tensed at lying to rajji. Buaji says victoriously that they had over placed their faith in bani, and she always knew that they wont do anything for them, and that its all a pretense. Buaji says that they have been waiting for her and some good news, and she should have preinformed them, so that they could think of something else. She goes on to reprimand bani for this condition, and how seflless and inhumane she and her family is, and how soham destroyed his life, for her and also he kept their respect in tact. Buaji blames rajji and bani for this. Buaji asks bani to get out. She apologises with folded hands, and leaves. rajji tries to stop, but buaji asks her why’s she crying, and why she had so much faith. Rajji says that there must have been some problem, due to which bani couldnt do anything. Buaji again goes on to reprimand rajji. simran asks buaji to calm down and think about soham. Buaji says that she’s doing that only, and prays to the lord to keep him safe. Simran says that they have to arrange the money somehow, to get soham out of jail. Rajji is tensed.

Rajji, rano, bani, manpreet are all tensed and distraught. simran comes and places a reassuring hand on rajji’s shoulders. Bani’s whole world has come crashing down.

The next morning, gugi gets the lawyers’ call and tells angad that they have to arrange the money before the court closes, or else soham will again be in jail for the night. simran says that the problem is as such. buaji wonders where to get the money from. Simran comes with the jewellery and asks angad to seel them, and get the bail money. Angad is shocked. He asks her to kjeep them, as that would again be insufficient, in terms of money. Buaji asks where is rajji, and again goes on to reprimand rajji for hidng her face, instead of sharing their problem. kuki says that rajji must be outside, as she hasnt been seen since morning. Buaji is angry at this too. Simran wonders where she went. Buaji says that she would have gone to her place, and as earlier, without anyone’s permission.

Just then, rajji comes with her hands folded in her dupatta. Buaji is angered seeing this. Rajji gives money to angad for soham’s bail. All are surprised and shocked. Rajji asks angad to hurry up, as ssoham must have suffered enough, and when he still doesnt move, rajji ask whats he waiting for. Angad and simran ask how she managed so much money. Buaji asks if she shamed them by asking from her parents. She denies. She is then asked how she managed. But rajji is speechless. Simran finds that rajji doesnt have any jewellery on, and asks if she has sold them. Rajji says yes. Simran asks why and why she didnt talk to them first, as its only been a month for their marraieg. Rajji says that she did this for her family, as nothing comes before that. Rajji asks her not to worry, as when the god times come, she would again get them made. Buaji is surprised. Angad and simran are overwhelmed. She turns to angad not to delay any longer. gugi too asks him to leave with him. Angad blesses her and leaves. Simran pats rajji lovingly. Rajji is tensed for soham. Simran says that there might have been a dealy, but she has understood that they couldnt have found a better wife than her, for soham. She says that buaji might think otherwise, but for her, rajji has passed every exam and proved herself. Rajji smiles. simran leaves. The screen freezes on rajji’s face.

Precap: The matchmaker comes and tells buaji, that the girl’s family that she had wanted to talk to, for soham, has approved of their marriage. Rajji hearing all this, is confused. She also adds that they dont have a problem that soham is already married, and from their side its a definite yes. Rajji is distraught while angada nd simran are shocked to hear this. Buaji smiles victoriously

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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