Amita Ka Amit 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th November 2013 Written Update

Everyone is busy praying while Kajri is standing next to Raunak’s pram. She releases the brake of the pram. She keeps looking at the soup dish. AA are oblivious to anything. Finally Kajri pushes the pram in the direction of the table where the soup is kept. Next she yells out loudly for him which attracts everyone’s attention to them. She tries to go ahead in an attempt to save him but her saree gets stuck in the table. Everyone keeps looking at all of it happening shell shocked. Riya is the one who saves him. The buffet table falls too but nothing happens to Raunak. Kajri is upset as her plan failed. Everyone is relieved that Raunak is safe. Riya gives Raunak to Amu. Kajri thinks I wanted to become a hero by saving Raunak but Riya took the bait. Hemant says we were looking ahead towards the idol don’t know how the pram started moving. Baa points out that Riya came in time. Amit thanks him. Riya tells him not to thank her. She was genuinely worried as Raunak was about to get hurt. Thank God he is fine. I don’t know how the pram started moving on its own when there was a lock on. Everyone gets thinking. Amu notices the nut bolts on the floor. She deduces that someone had planned it out. Someone did want Raunak to get hurt by that table / soup. But who can it be? She looks at Kajri and then at Riya as well.

Amu goes upstairs. She puts the loosened nuts and bolts outside her room; knocks a little and hides at a distance. If she would have done so then its definite that she might react. If she is behind all this then she will definitely do something that will explain the truth. Riya comes out asking for who is it but there is no one. She is about to go back inside when she stops noticing the nuts and screws. Amu is watching her from her hiding place. Riya looks genuinely shocked. Do they belong to that buffet table? She goes downstairs and calls out for Amu. Amu is surprised. Why is she looking for me? Amu comes there. Riya shows Amu the nuts and bolts of the buffet table. Amu has tears in her eyes as she recalls how Riya had saved Raunak today. Amu hugs her and Riya is surprised. Why are you crying? Amu thanks her for saving Raunak. She apologizes to her as well. I have doubted you all the time and tried to make you feel low. Riya says you alone are not at fault. I have hurt you too but I have never thought bad about Raunak. I love him a lot. He is just like Pari for me. But I have behaved very badly with you by taking Kajri’s side always. I am sorry too. Amu shakes her head. You don’t have to explain anything. Agreed it was my fault but now the truth is out. I have understood that when misunderstandings happen then we must not end relations but those misunderstandings. They both share an emotional hug.

Kajri is telling someone on phone to reach sharp at 4. You shouldn’t be late. Amu comes there but Kajri doesn’t notice her while she is speaking. Amu shows the loosened screws to Kajri. Can you explain me something about this? Kajri is shocked. She recalls how she loosened the screws of the bullet table. She feigns ignorance. These are nuts and bolts. Amu declines. These are the nuts and bolts of the buffet table which were loosened by you. Anyways why would you tell me anything? Your ashen face has told me everything. Kajri tells her she is misunderstanding. Amu denies. I never misunderstood any of it. I very well know that this was your plan that Raunak’s pram should hit that buffet table. Kajri plays the lower class card. I am poor that’s why everyone keeps on blaming me. But I haven’t done anything. Amit comes there calling out for Amu. He notices the tears on Kajri’s face and looks confusedly at Amu. She begins telling him but then stops. It is nothing let us go. AA leave from there. Kajri wipes her fake tears. Delayed me for no reason! She picks the money that she had kept under the blanket.


Kajri gives the money and something along with it to a man. His face is not shown. She tells him that she has done everything which was asked from her but it isn’t an easy task to kidnap / steal a baby from a house. But yes, I have proved that Amu is a failure as a mom. I have proved that she is extremely forgetful who cannot take care of her son. And now I am very close my destination. But all the Shah family including Amit trusts me more than Amu. That day isn’t far when Amit’s family will give me the place of Raunak’s mother instead of Amu.

Amit is having headache. Kajri watches this from far. She is holding a cup of tea and mixes something in it. She goes to him and gives it to him. You look worried. He asks her how she guessed it. She says everyone is upset with whatever’s happening in the house because of Amu didi. When one is upset they get a headache and then they need tea. He nods along. He is about to take a sip when his phone rings. It was an employee calling him to ask about the same file. As soon as he ends the call, he picks up his specs and is ready to leave when Kajri reminds him of the tea. He declines. Don’t think that I am not seeing the way how Amu behaves with you. It is just that I expect you to be the intelligent one. So please don’t take it to your heart. She replies that she has no problem with that. Amit is about to go but comes back. He asks for the tea cup again. He drinks it and she gets happy. He starts feeling a little dizzy immediately.


Amu is waiting for Amit to come home. She is relieved when he enters their room. I wanted to tell you something very important. He looks very tired and doesn’t reply much. She notices the same. I know this isn’t the right time but you must know it. Kajri is responsible for whatever happened in the puja yesterday. He tells her she isn’t thinking it right. Kajri is very nice. Amu still explains him how she being a mother can know it. When I had gone to speak to her yester night then she had gone completely pale. She turns and finds him asleep. She wonders how he slept so early tonight.

Amu readies bath tub for Raunak. She has forgotten his towel so they both go to get it. Amit wakes up. Amu and Raunak wish him good morning. Amu looks at him and realises that he is having a headache. She is about to go get tea for him when Kajri comes there with tea and Raunak’s towel. Amu gets angry instantly while Amit is happy to see her. Amu speaks rudely to her while Amit speaks nicely. Amu declines tea. Kajri wants to keep Raunak’s towel in the bathroom but Amu denies. Amit reminds Kajri that she shouldn’t get upset over anything that Amu says to her. Kajri is happy. The time to take Amu’s place has come!

Precap: Kajri is holding Raunak and tells Amit that Amu has mixed bleach in the water instead of soap. What will happen to this small kid if he bathes in bleach? Amu looks at her disbelievingly. Tell me the truth. You have done it right? She explains to Fallu that she dint do anything. Kajri denies it. Amit tells her to be quiet. You always blame Kajri for all your mistakes. You belong to such category of people who put their blames on other people.

Update Credit to: pooja

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