Tumhari Pakhi 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Sukhi to wash the clothes at home, there by they can save money of dry cleaning. Maa ji comes and says do as Pakhi says. Pakhi sees many newspapers at home and sees the newspapers bill and thinks no one reads all of them, its a wastage of money. She thinks of cutting down the bill. Maa ji keeps an eye on Pakhi. Maa ji says the gardener come, please meet him. Maa ji says I will order new hangers, give this to me. Pakhi says its fine, I will come. She takes the old hangers. Pakhi is shocked to see the gardener’s bill about the pesticides and fertilizers. Pakhi says so many fertilizers at one time.

Pakhi tries to explain him about fertilizers not to be put at once. He gets her point. Maa ji is shocked to see Pakhi’s intelligence. Pakhi says I m here to take care of these plants in your absence, return these items, we don’t need these things. He leaves agreeing with her. Girish is talking to his Bua and having a laugh. Lavanya comes and taunts him. Bua says he can take ten days leave and be at home. Girish asks Lavanya to come and see the photos. Lavanya gets a call and it comes for Girish. The call gets disconnected. Girish asks who was it. Lavanya says it was a girl.

Maa ji stops Pakhi from entering the kitchen. Pakhi enters and says I want to see how you manage. Pakhi instructs the cook and he gets angry and throws the dish into dustbin. Pakhi is shocked and asks Maa ji whats this, the items are ending here. Maa ji says yes, it ended. Pakhi says I saw it, you got 35kgs daal and how come you used 35kgs in one week. Pakhi checks the cupboards and is shocked to see extra grocery items. She instructs Maa ji to take care. Maa ji and the servants try to stop Pakhi from seeing everything. Pakhi sees everything that has expired.

Maa ji scolds Ashok infront of Pakhi and says we got this last week from an imported supermarket. Pakhi says its bad to order from home, anyone can go and bring the items personally. She says you gave me a list and everything is here, you should check the items before ordering. Maa ji says ok, I will see. Pakhi tells the servants not to throw the food like this. Pakhi says make me taste the food first before you throw it. Pakhi leaves from the kitchen. Maa ji sees her place getting replaced by Pakhi.

Lavanya asks Girish who was the girl who called for you. Girish says I can’t tell you as I don’t know. Bua comes there and talks to them. Bua taunts Lavanya saying I trusted my husband a lot, not like modern wives like Lavanya. Lavanya gets angry and says I was not enquiring, I was just asking. Bua leaves. Lavanya says see how she is taunting me. Girish is stuck between both of them and says some shayari lines.

Maa ji asks Pakhi for some money for bringing ration. Pakhi says I will bring it myself, you don’t worry. Maa ji says what will people say. Pakhi laughs and says even we need food, we need ration, I don;t care about people. Maa ji says Anshuman will be annoyed. Pakhi says yes, thats true, but I will talk to him. Pakhi leaves. Maa ji is tensed seeing Pakhi rule. Anshuman is going to a construction site. He thinks Pakhi might be coming with food but I won’t be here to meet her. She might be tensed regarding the budget.

Pakhi buys the grocery herself in the market. She comes to know that Anshuman is at the construction site and thinks of going there with food for Anshuman. Anshuman is at the site and Pakhi comes there with tiffin. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi when she surprises him. He says you here. She says yes. The elevator starts and he holds her and music plays….

Anshuman and Pakhi have an eyelock. He says the lift stopped. The men say the power has gone, and you have to be there till power comes. Lavanya was about to fall thanks to Bua and Naina. Girish stops Lavanya from being angry at Bua and asks her to come for lunch. Bua says Girish, I heard Anshuman’s first wife came back, its good. read full updates with pictures only at desitv box.com Pakhi tells Anshuman I brought lunch for you. He says am I a small kid. Pakhi speaks to him sweetly and says we should do sight seeing, look at the beautiful view. Anshuman asks the men to do anything. The men says sorry for not being able to do anything. Anshuman says they can’t solve any problem. Pakhi says if we can’t solve the problem, we should accept it and enjoy the situation. She says its good to spend some time with you like this. She smiles. Anshuman looks at her. He says one minute, and stands on the terrace giving her his hand. She holds his hand and hugs him. Music plays…..

Lavanya tries calling Anshuman and is shocked to see Pakhi in Anshuman’s arms. Girish smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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