Pavitra Rishta 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun confronting Purvi and says why you took so much time. He says he tried many times but she refused to talk. He says, when I called you last time do you remember what Pari said to me. Purvi recalls, Arjun calls her and Pari picks the call. Pari asks him not to call them if he really loves them. Arjun tells happy birthday after she disconnects the call. Arjun says he didn’t call her because he knows that she will never understand her. He says, we shall be thankful to Ankita because of her we are talking to each other. Purvi says she loves him and she lived for 20 years with hatred. She says she hates everything which seperated them. She says you have missed your daughter, her childhood because of your ego. Arjun says no, it was because of you. He says he could have move on but now because he still loves her. He says he calls Tina as his daughter as he can’t tell his daughter his own. He says, I am staying alone here since 20 years and there is no one for me. Purvi cries, Arjun gets teary eyed.

Soham comes to the bar but the bar owner refused to give him bear. He asks for Ankita as she has promised to repay his loan. Soham asks him to read today’s newspaper. Soham indirectly says he has become rich and it doesn’t look good if he goes to some five star hotel and didn’t come to his bar. He shows the engagement photo of Ankita and Naren and says she can give 70 lakhs in a day after her marriage. Sattar says, are you telling the truth? Soham says he is saying the truth and shows diamond jewellery. Sattar shouts aloud saying it is diamond. He asks his waiters to serve drinks to Soham. Soham asks for money. He agrees and gives him 30000 Rs.

Purvi is crying and walking on the road. She recalls the past happy moments with Arjun while the song benaam rishta bechain karta hain…. plays in the background. Purvi says she thought Arjun hurt her and today she came to know that he never cheated her. She says I should be happy or sad that 20 years have passed. Soham comes wearing suit, neighbours thinks he would have stolen it. Ankita, mansi and Prashant take him inside. Prashant asks, from where he got the money. Soham says he bought it with the money. Ankita asks, from where you got the money. Soham says bar owner gives him 30000 Rs. Ankita asks, why you took the money? How we will repay the money. Soham shows the newspaper. Ankita wonders what to do? And says she don’t want to take advantage of Naren’s illness.

Rushaali is talking on phone and says Ankita didn’t reply yet. Ankita comes there, Rushaali says she has been waiting for her. Ankita says she can’t marry her son. She says sorry and says you have done enough for my family and I can’t forget your favours. She says, she don’t want her father to take advantage of them. Rushaali asks, did you think about it. Ankita says yes. Rushaali says you are understanding and diplomatic and that’s why you are taking your father’s name. She tries to convince her. Ankita says she can’t leave her siblings alone with her father and she can’t bring them here as Naren sir is here. She declares she can’t marry him, removes the engagement ring and handover the ring to Rushaali. She says sorry and leaves. Naren comes and asks, whether Ahana came. He comes in wedding dress and says he was trying the outfit. Raunaq says he will marry so that Naren gets a chance to wear the outfit. Rushaali says your outfit will be very grand. She asks Raunaq to prepare for the wedding. Raunaq asks,why you are desperate to marry him. Rushaali asks, why you hate him so much. Raunaq says, he is roaming in the house wearing the wedding outfit. She asks him to prepare for the wedding and says marriage will be done.

Purvi calls Archana and says I missed you. She cries and says Arjun…. Archana asks her not to cry and tell everything. Purvi tells everything and says Arjun was never wrong, situation was wrong, I was wrong. He tried to tell the truth but I didn’t listen to him. He is living alone here. He could have married but he didn’t. I kept him away from his daughter. He lived alone for 20 years. She cries miserably.

Archana tells Manav that 20 years ago Arjun and Purvi got seperated. We didn’t take the initiative to make them understand. She says she wants to go to India. She tells Manav that Arjun is innocent and he didn’t do anything.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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