Amita Ka Amit 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th June 2013 Written Update

Its morning, Amit is talking on phone. I wont be coming to office today as Ammu isn’t well. The presentation is ready I will e-mail it to you. You can check it. He disconnects the call and turns to see Ammu trying to reach for the jug. He helps her asking her to rest. Did you sleep well? How are you feeling now? She curtly replies. I am not feeling anything (at times I wonder why no man realises what a woman is really hinting at!). He becomes happy at her recovery. She again talks in riddles confusing him all the more. I know my condition better than the doc. He says you are scaring me. I think I should ring the doctor. She declines. No need. I will have to get well on my own. Just then Amit’s phone rings. He looks at the caller’s name shocked (Antara calling). Ammu notices his changing expressions and wonders.

Amit goes in the washroom to speak to Antara. Ammu follows him suspiciously. Amit says, yes, I have got the divorce application with me. She gets heartbroken and sits on the bed sadly. She thinks when he has already decided to go far from me then why is he acting about the papers? Amit comes back. He picks up the breakfast tray from table and goes to feed her.
It was an urgent call from office. Ammu turns to look at him. I dint ask you anything. He realises the same and diverts the topic. It is time to have breakfast. I have got pressed rice for you (poha). Nani has made them especially for you. He takes a spoon to feed her but she rudely tells him off. I can eat from my own hands. She turns her face away. Amit sadly puts down the spoon. She tells him to go to office. He protests. I have taken an off. She says, no need for an off. I am fine and I can take care of myself. Otherwise you will keep running to the washroom to attend your urgent calls. It is better that you go. He tells her that he wants to stay with her. She literally shouts this time. Why do you want to stay with me? Amit looks hurt. Because we have been doing this only since marriage when either of us falls ill the other one stays back to take care of him / her. She tells him that it is time to change certain things. He has no option but to go. She thanks him angrily.
Amit is working on his lappy. She looks at him with tears in her eyes. She wipes her tears when his phone vibrates (its on the bed only). She looks at it and quickly saves Antara’s number in her mobile. There Amit too is looking for his phone. She puts it back in time before Amit turns. He notices his phone and disconnects the call. He tells Ammu to take the medicines on time. I will anyways call you to remind about the same. She replies that she will remember he need not call her. He wishes that he mood too changes for good along with her health. You are anyhow saying weird things since yesterday. She retorts that it is just a matter of some days. You wont have to listen to me after a few days of time. He leaves after telling her to take care of herself.

While going out, Amit wonders why she is behaving weirdly. His phone vibrates. He tells Antara that he is tired of all this now. Let us finish all this today itself. I am coming right away. He exits.

Ammu dials Antara’s number. This is Amita. Antara tells her that she doesn’t recognize her. Ammu tells her full name to her – Amita Amit Shah. Antara realises now. ammu cuts her off. Do you think that I, being a middle class girl would stay quiet? I very well know what you and Amit are doing behind my back and I know about the divorce too. Antara tries to tell her that she was about to tell her but Amit said that you anyways don’t care about it as your marriage is…..
Ammu gets super angry and shouts at her. Don’t you dare say anything about my marriage. Who are you to tell me about this? Antara reminds her that she is only saying the truth. Ammu retorts, I know that you are from the US. I know that you are smart, beautiful, good and I am not smart like you but I am his wife. My mangalsutra and vermilion are true. This is my truth. I wont let you snatch my love from me I will fight with you. Antara smiles. Love can only be won with love not by fighting off with someone. If you love him truly than let him go, let him live freely with the one whom he wants to. Ammu tells her off. Stay quiet you don’t know anything. He is my husband. He loves me not you. AND THE DREAM BREAKS.

Ammu’s trance break as she realises that Antara is on the other end asking the caller to speak up. Ammu tells her that she has won a lucky draw. She has got an offer to spend 2 days 3 nights with his family. She tells her that her family is not here. I have only come to India a few days back only. I have come alone. Ammu is shocked. She realises her previous convo with Amit when he had told her about giving lift to Ankit and Antara. She is shocked to the core. She utters – I knew it. Antara gets confused. Right then, a bell rings. Antara tells her to hold on for a second. She opens the door only to find Amit. Ammu is shocked to hear his name. Antara tells him that she was waiting for him only. She excuses herself to continue with the call. She asks Ammu if instead of bringing over her husband she can bring her friend. Ammu declines and disconnects the call hurriedly. Antara looks on confusedly at her phone.


Antara gets water for Amit. He asks about the call. She tells him about the same. He tells her that all these calls are useless and she shouldn’t actually be taking them. She nods and asks for the papers. He hands them to her citing that it is the time to celebrate. Only your signature is left. Antara is about to sign the papers when they hear someone knock followed by a cough.

They both look up to see – SANJAY. Both smile at him. He takes the pen from Antara and signs the papers. She reminds him that in a hurry to become ex-husband he forgot the basic curtsy rule – ladies first. He gives all the credit to Amit. I dint knew there were so many procedures involved. If it wouldn’t have been for him, I would never have got a divorce. Amit smiles and tells him to tell the truth to Preeti. She will accept it. Sanjay feels scared to lose her. antara too supports Amit. But so many people marry in the US just to get the Green Card. Sanjay tells her that in India when 2 people marry they make a bond with their whole family and not just them. Even if it is on a paper it stands against people here in India. Amit assure him that everything will be fine. Sanjay again thanks him. antara tells Sanjay that Amit couldn’t attend his own surprise birthday party all because of me. I was ill that day. Sanjay tells him how much preps Ammu had done to make his day extra special. Amit tells her the she is intelligent she would understand. Plus how could I leave Antara alone? Sanjay looks at him. amit asks him why is he looking at him like that. He tells him that he never heard anything like this from him about Amita before so he is happily surprised. Amit smiles happily. antara wishes to treat him for what all he has done for her and Sanjay. Amit denies. Some other time as Ammu is not well today. Antara nods in agreement. We have already troubled you a lot. You also had to lie so much to Ammu because of me yet touchwood there have been no fights amongst you both. Your relation is certainly special. He smiles back at her.

Ammu is standing by the window all sad and lost. The servant knocks at the door and hands him an envelope. She opens it only to find Amit’s Credit Card Statement (2 lakhs plus :O ). She gets disheartened. He raised all of Antara’s expenses and I dint even knew this?


Antara tells Amit that Indian currency has been transferred in her account. She would pay him back the entire amount that he has spent on her. He tells her that he will give his credit card statement to her. She can check for herself. He excuses himself.

Amit is rushing to his room in a hurry when Fallu stops him. Where are you hurrying off to? He asks for Amita. She asks him about his whereabouts. We all have been searching for you. He again asks for Ammu did she leave? Fallu is taken aback. Where would she go and why? He turns to go to his room and bangs into the pillar. He steadies himself. Nani and Baa look at him worriedly. Baa tells that he can go normally as Ammu isn’t running off anywhere. He leaves from there.
He opens the door of his room happily. But his smile disappears when he sees Ammu ready with a bag in her hand. Ammu too notices him and the both look at each other hurt / confused.


Update Credit to: pooja

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