Suvreen Guggal 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 26th June 2013 Written Update

At Suvi’s house she tries to switch on the light but it doesn’t, she thinks if the fuse is off, she looks at her cell and says even her phone battery is dead, she tries the light switch again and asks it if it went on vacation only to realize she hadn’t paid the electricity bill
Suvi tries looking around the house for candles only to drop things

Suvi to the camera: she didn’t even keep the candles on the right place and she cant even find it in the dark, there cant be anyone stupider than her, Soni told her 10 times to give the electricity bill still she forgot and above that her phone battery is dead, and if Soni finds out…its better if she doesn’t find out, the later she finds out the better as she will make fun of her later, good her phone battery is dead but what should she do now…she will go where people paid their electricity bills
Suvi searches for her stuff in the dark and takes the laptop and sketch book and takes the keys and heads out, while downstairs Yuvi gets off the auto and hurries to the lift and then thinks of going up the stairs and runs off, while Suvi gets out of the lift and catches the auto

Yuvi before knocking Suvi’s door thinks it would have been better if he would have called and asked her if he could come but then he says no problem as any girl will get happy seeing a gift, he goes to ring the bell but it doesn’t work, he thinks maybe there is no electricity, he then knocks on the door calling out ‘Topper’ but no response
Yuvi then tries to call her but her phone is switched off, Yuvi gets tensed, Suvi is sitting in a caf busy designing while Yuvi moves to and fro outside her flat thinking where will she be and how will he find out

Just then Yuvi’s phone rings and he sees Soni’s number and asks her why wasn’t she picking up, Soni tells him she was in her shoot and phone was on silent so she didn’t know, Yuvi jokes that she is already ignoring her no1 fan, Soni asks him whats the problem, Yuvi asks how does she know, Soni jokes that just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she is dumb, Yuvi tells her that he is outside her flat and the bell isn’t ringing, Soni starts laughing loudly
Yuvi asks what happened, Soni tells him his girlfriend forgot to pay the bill that’s why it isn’t ringing, Yuvi says he understood that and jokes just because he is handsome doesn’t mean he is stupid, he tells her the real problem is he cant get in touch with Suvi as she went to a meeting with the advertising person and hasn’t returned yet, Soni says she must be bhatking somewhere and definitely she must be having some work of ‘Pepper’ also, Soni thinks how she must be managing everything

Yuvi tells her he will try to fix the bill thing and get the electricity back, Soni says to him what can he do since its past the due date and she cant even make online payment, Yuvi tells her he will arrange something as he is the cheetah, Soni says if he is a cheetah or not she will know it later but he is a solid boyfriend, she asks him doesn’t he have a brother, Yuvi says there is but he will tell that story later and wishes her all the best
Back at the caf Maddy is at Suvi’s table and clearing his throat trying to get her attention, Suvi looks up calls out ‘PP’ and slams her laptop shut in a hurry, Maddy asks ‘what’, Suvi asks what is he doing here, Maddy says usually people come to coffee shops to have coffee not to hide designs from the photographers, Suvi straightens up and says she wasn’t hiding, Maddy jokes that her laptop is so old that she should definitely hide it

Suvi says if he is done then she will finish off her work, Maddy thinks and says he knew Iris had two new projects but so much work ‘surprise surprise’, Suvi tells him RC gave them an assignment to make two sketches and plus she only has time to do work not to roam around looking for inspiration
Maddy says and she could roam around with her over-protective boyfriend everywhere unless if ‘aisa waisa kuch hogaya ho’, Suvi looks at him flustered and says he thinks anything and tells him ‘aisa waisa kuch nahi hua’, she informs him that her boyfriend knows all the time when and where she is, Suvi then realizes and thinks ‘except now’
She looks at her cell and thinks she hasn’t called Yuvi, Maddy gives her a free ka advice telling her not to take people for granted who care for her, work will be coming and going but people…she knows what he means, Suvi smiles back and Maddy leaves off to his table

Suvi checks her cell to see 20 missed calls from Yuvi and a message asking her ‘where is she’, ‘is she fine’ and ‘he is waiting outside her house’, Suvi freaks out seeing the message
Back in Suvi’s building, Yuvi sees the electrical connections while the security man tells him the electricity people came and cut off the line as the two girls didn’t pay the bill, Yuvi thinks if he doesn’t do anything by tonight then Suvi might have to stay without electricity, he asks the guard if they cant do anything for it to come back, the guard replies what can they do as the line is cut off
Yuvi then butters the guy and hands him some money, the guy smiles and says his brother is nearby and he could maybe fix up the line again if Yuvi would also give him ‘chai pani’(money), Yuvi says sure and smiles

Suvi arrives while Yuvi is still waiting, Yuvi sees her and asks her where was she while she runs into his arms and apologizes, Yuvi tells her not to disappear like that again as he couldn’t understand where to look for her, Suvi tells him she didn’t disappear but her day was weird and all kind of gadbad was happening
Yuvi gives her the gift box and says there wont be any gadbad in this, Suvi takes it and says this wasn’t necessary, Yuvi asks to enter the house, Suvi enters to find the electricity back on and asks how did it come back, Yuvi tells her how he did it, Suvi mood off asks he did it illegally, Yuvi says it doesn’t matter as its for one day only and tomorrow he will go pay the bill for her, but Suvi still in the bad mood tells him she will go pay herself

Yuvi says ok she can do it but asks her not to be upset, Suvi tells him she isn’t upset but she likes to do her own work herself and asks him to stop treating her like a child, she says further she would have done anything but bring in the electricity line illegally, Yuvi says fine he wont ever do it again
Yuvi looks around gloomily and then goes to the table to get water and offers it to Suvi who smiles and takes it and he sits in front of her watching her work, he then asks if she is hungry and asks if he should order something, Suvi tells him she isn’t hungry and plus she has to make lots of sketches, Yuvi gets up saying he will make noodles for her but Suvi asks him not to as she already had something and says he can make it for himself as she has loads of work

Yuvi then goes to her and says to spend sometime with him, they will just talk for a while as its been a week she hasn’t spoken to him properly, Suvi tells him its been a week since she didn’t see her face in the mirror and tells him she has loads to do, Yuvi becomes sad and says fine and tells her that she should take care of herself and also of them, Suvi replies back irritated she is doing so

Yuvi more upset tells her that whole day he looks forward to meet her and talk to her but she doesn’t have time for him and he is left all alone sitting doing nothing, Suvi tells him off what can she do if he is so idle and she is overloaded with work, she says is it her mistake that his life is so smooth and her is full of tension and is it her mistake that he doesn’t take his career seriously
Suvi tells him she didn’t mean that, Yuvi tells her to shssh Suvi says she didn’t mean it that way, Yuvi tells her that she is very tired and she needs to rest, he tells her she even has loads of work and he will talk to her later, Suvi looks at him, Yuvi tells her to call if something happens and leaves (Damn i luv Yuvi even after so much he remains his calm and showers all the care, he is the perfect boyfriend)

At Guggal house Pappa is working on something and Mamma asks him what happened, tensed Pappa G. tells her that after paying Baby’s quarterly fees they just have 10000 left and the house owner called saying that they lease then the rent might go up and above that they even have to pay the lawyer who will work on his case, Pappa G. tensed says he cant understand how they will manage all the expenses

Mamma G. tells him that to clear out himself they have to do anything possible even if they have to pay for it, she explains him that if god has put them in a problem he will surely take out a way for them he just needs to have faith, Pappa G. says he is missing Baby, Mamma G. tells herself she knows he is even missing Suvi but little does he know that the daughter whose name he doesn’t want to take has taken all of their problems on her head
Suvi on the other hand is praying while sending an email, she hopes that Palash would like the designs so she could help her parents, she clicks on send and breathes out, she then thinks what she has to do today, she thinks of paying rent and to do it better before the house goes away just like the electricity bill, she says to herself everyday Yuvi wont be there for her and she has been such a stupid he was trying to help and what did she do, she thinks PP is right about her she takes Yuvi for granted, Suvi thinks she has to say sorry to Yuvi

Rohan advices Geeti that saying sorry wont make her small, his grandmom used to say that saying sorry and asking forgiveness can take away all the bitterness between two people, Geeti thinks about it and says the relationship which was never true there is no use in joining it back, Rohan tells her if the love is true then relationships don’t break so easily, he asks her to have trust
Geeti says its like the person you love you have to let go of them without expecting anything, Rohan says they have to do it as if she tries to hold back a person then how will she know if the person is free tomorrow if he will come back to her or not, he says if he comes back than he’s hers and if he doesn’t than he was never her’s, Geeti ponders on his words
Alisha enters a room but sees RC working and quickly tries to go out but RC calls her and asks her to come and help him drape the cloth, Alisha makes an excuse that she has to go meet someone about the fabric and the person is waiting for her, Alisha asks if she will send someone for him, RC replies quickly, Alisha leaves

Preeti comes to Suvi informing her that Ira is calling her to crosscheck the bank account detail of Cannes related, Suvi says ok and leaves immediately, Alisha sees her and informs her that RC needs help in the dressing room and she has to go now, Suvi tells her Ira called her to discuss about the Cannes project, Alisha tells her she will talk to Ira as she has all the details about the project (uffo there she goes on again…)

Suvi still tells her Ira called her, Alisha tells her that RC is waiting for her in the dressing room and asks her to rush quickly, Suvi thinks and leaves to RC
Ira is doing some accounting and is stuck somewhere, she thinks where Suvi is
Preeti is going upstairs when she meets up Geeti and Rohan, Rohan asks her if she spoke to Raj about going out(dont know get what he exactly says hehe), Preeti quickly changes the topic and asks Geeti if she is okay, Geeti tells her she is fine all thanks to Rohan, she tells him that everyone needs a friend like him, and his girlfriend is lucky to have him as a friend, Rohan reminds her Trisha is his girlfriend and not a friend, Geeti tells him why is he doing the same mistake as her, she tells the two that friendship is very important in a relationship and gives example of him and Preeti

Preeti drops the files from her hands, Geeti continues that they are such good friends and advices Rohan he should maintain such friendship with his girlfriend also, Preeti tells them she has to go attend a call and leaves off
Ira calls out for Suvi everywhere with no response, Alisah comes to her informing her that Suvi is in the dressing room, Ira thanks her and leaves, Alisha tells herself now Ira will see what is Suvi doing with RC and then BOOM ‘Guggal ki lagegi’

Precap: Alisha comes to Geeti and Rohan and says its Ira’s birthday next week and she is thinking of giving her a surprise party, Rohan says its perfect and Geeti says it’s a brilliant idea, Alisha asks Suvi who is absorbed in work that she doesn’t seem to be excited, she further goes on maybe if it was RC’s birthday it would have been a different matter, Suvi gets pissed

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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