Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan entering his room while Bhoomi looks at him. As he approaches her, she turns away. but Kishan holds her hand and turns her. He goes on to unbutton his shirt much to the surprise of Bhoomi. She closes her eyes. Kishan smiles while Bhoomi opens her eyes to see “I am sorry Shrimatiji” printed on his shirt along with her photo. Kishan asks for forgiveness and hugs her. Bhoomi says its ok. Bhoomi says it is a filmy style. They gets romantic and Kishan says he realised he is incomplete without her and this realisation makes our relation more stronger. He says her I love you and she also says I love you too. They hug each other. Suddenly Bhoomi starts crying as she see Lizard on the wall. She shouts aloud, everyone gather outside their room.

Kishan wears his shirt and opens the door. Kishan tells them that Bhoomi is getting scared of Lizard. While Dilip and Kishan tries to shoo the lizard, ketki says this lizard will not go so easily, scaring Bhoomi even more. Ketki feels happy. Dilip says lizard hides behind the cupboard. Bhoomi says she will go and sleep in the hall, but Kishan says how can she be scared of lizard. Avni asks her to come and sleep with her. Bhoomi goes with Avni.

Kishan is left alone in his room and thinks the lizard kept Bhoomi away from him. Dilip tells Ketki that he will come after meeting maa. Ketki thinks maa will do her work and remaining work she have to do herself. She thinks she will give the first heir to the family and not Bhoomi. Bhoomi thinks about Kishan and says he is missing him. Kishan tells himself that he became a bachelor because of the lizard. Dilip comes and asks Kishan what is the problem. Kishan tells him even though they married in America but decided to start their relation only after the acceptance of the family.

He says they overcome all hurdles but lizard came in their way. Dilip asks him not to accept the defeat and he will help him. Kishan thinks he can’t be away from Bhoomi even for a second. Dilip calls someone but he didn’t pick his call. He decides to call him in the morning. when he enters his room, finds it decorated. Ketki comes and he sees her all dressed up in a nightgown and asks is she alright? Ketki plays the recorder and a song plays Pyar se kyun darrte ho ji. She dances on the tune, while Dilip is puzzled about her changed behavior. Dilip gets a call from travel agency and he asks about honeymoon packages. Ketki hears and thinks he is talking about their honeymoon.

Next morning, ketki starts packing her stuff. Dilip asks are you going to your maternal place. Ketki says she will not asks anything about the surprise. She says she heard everything yesterday. She says honeymoon will be good if husband and wife are together. Dilip says he was talking about Kishan and Bhoomi’s honeymoon and wants to give them a surprise. The episode ends on Ketki’s shocked face.

Kishan pretends to be ill infront of his family. Ansubaa says how they can go if he is not well. Kishan asks Bhoomi to stay back with him. He signals Dilip who nods smilingly.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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