Amita Ka Amit 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th November 2013 Written Update

A nurse has called on Amu’s phone. She asks for Amu. She had come here for her check up in our clinic today and forgot her baby here only. Amit is shocked. Amu and everyone else is confused while Kajri has a slight smile on her face. Nurse tells Amit to come over asap and take his son home. Amit agrees to come and pick up Raunak right away. Amu asks him about the caller and Raunak’s whereabouts. He asks her if she really doesn’t remember where she left Raunak. She is confused. He tells her that she left him in the clinic where she had gone for a check up. Amu is thinking. But I dint take him with me. Kajri has a smile on her face. She recalls how she had overheard Amu speaking with Fallu in the clinic. Flashback ends! Kirath tells them to go to hospital first. All four of them leave.

Amit comes back with Raunak. Amu tells him to give Raunak to him but he declines. There is no need to do so. No need to take over any responsibility of his. I can take care of my son. Fallu is surprised. Amit says a mom who forgets her son at some strange place…how will she take care of my son? The family members are puzzled. Amu cannot believe it that he too would think the same. You very well know that I only think about Raunak. He says that is the problem only. You only think because of which you get so lost that you can forget him anywhere. This is my problem. Amu is in tears. You too don’t believe me? I dint leave him there. Ask mummy ji if you don’t believe me. When I was leaving I had told you to check on Raunak after an hour. Fallu nods. But before going out you went inside your room once again remember? You went inside to take him only right? Amu denies. I had gone to get the old receipt of doc. Amit says it is you who think that you dint take him along or I should say that you are lying to us to hide your carelessness. Did any of you see her going out of the house alone? They all shake their heads. She again turns to Kajri. This is all because of you. Tell everyone that it was you who took him there. Amit tells her to stop it. There is a limit of blaming someone for your faults. Anyone can make a mistake like you but the thing to be happy about is that Raunak is safe. Amu says you are making me feel so low in front of everyone. He replies that she is blaming others as I am snatching your responsibilities of handling the baby from you. He hands her Raunak. You want him right? Now take care of him like you want to. He leaves from there upset. Amu too leaves from there with Raunak in her arms. Riya too exits.

Baa says the bad incidents are hinting at bad news. Nani agrees with her. These small small rifts create problems. Fallu nods but doesn’t know how to make Amu understand. Kajri suggests changing Amu’s daily routine. Since a long time she has been giving all her care, attention and time to baby. She doesn’t have time for herself or to go out. She needs a change. Nani likes the idea and also compliments her. Kirath too agrees. We should do something to enjoy and be happy. Fallu takes the guess. I know what I have to do.

Amu brings milk for Amit. He tells her to keep it on table. He sits down to do some work. She too goes and stands next to the table. Amit, you think that I should visit a mental doctor? Amit is taken aback by her question. She says there is no problem in that. I am the only one who feels that there is someone who wants to harm my baby. I am not worthy of fulfilling my other responsibilities too. There must be some problem in me only. I am not capable enough to do anything. I cannot do anything. She starts crying. He goes near her. Don’t lose heart over small things. Problems actually show us the way. There is only a slight need to change. I have full hopes that things will be better after the puja tomorrow. Plus the things of discussion will change. Don’t worry everything will be fine. They share a hug.

In her room, Kajri pushes back a chair.


Many guests have come for the puja. Everyone is checking on to the preps. Amu’s family comes too. Kajri is checking upon the buffet arrangements. A lady tells her to keep everyone away from a soup dish as it is very hot. If it spills on someone else then it will be a problem. Kajri sends everyone attending on the dishes to get the setup ready. She looks around to make sure no one is looking her way. She pulls the soup dish towards the front corner. Perfect! Batuk too comes there. Shilpa asks Amit about his experience of parenthood. Amit is super happy. They head for the puja. Kajri moves behind the buffet table to check on the arrangements. She drops a few forks / spoons, bends down to pick them up and loosens the screws of the table on which the buffet is set.


Varsha and Hemant are playing with Raunak. Amu comes there and meets them. Hemant is happy thinking that Raunak would have started walking by now. Amu jokes that he went with his girlfriend yesterday only on their bike. They all have a hearty laugh over it. Varsha compliments Amu that motherhood has suited her well. She is looking more beautiful now. Amu is happy. Amit turns to her. Can I flirt with you for a while till my wife comes? AA get lost in each other’s eyes. Fallu calls out to them and their moment breaks. They are called for the puja. Amu tells her parents to take care of Raunak for some time. They assure her they will. Kajri is tensed as Raunak is still with Amu’s parents.

Aarti is going on. Everyone is busy praying. Raunak is in Varsha’s arms. Kajri is observing everyone very carefully. Varsha puts Raunak in his pram. They both are facing their back to the pram. Kajri was waiting for this moment only. She goes and stands next to the pram. She releases the break of the pram. She keeps looking at the soup dish. Epi ends on her face.

Precap: Kajri pushes the pram in the direction of the table where the soup is kept. Next she yells out loudly for him. She tries to go ahead in an attempt to save him but her saree gets stuck in the table. By now everyone else gets worried too. Raunak’s pram is advancing towards the table.

Update Credit to: pooja

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