Punar Vivah 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 25th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location:Vikrant’s residence
Vandana is shocked that she is exposed. She pleads for forgiveness. Rohan says that he’s ashamed that she’s his mother,. and goes onto tell all the crimes that she committed against himm and that she rightfully deserves punishment. Vikrant says that vandana may have done a lot, but the guilt of indirectly behind kajal’s murder. He pleads to everyone to forgive and give vandana a chnace to repent for her sins. Vandana too apologises profusely and repents too of the behaviour that she did as a mother. sarita asks what does she mean. Vandana tells the kheer and how she mixed it up with kajal, and waiting for shiela’s death, but it wasnt to be, and instead kajal died. She says that she still doesnt know how this happened, but she didnt do anything. Vikrant decduces that vandana isnt the killer, as kajal consumed it intentionally. Divya asks how would they prove nowq that sarita is innocent. all are tensed. vandana says that day, she felt that someone was watching her all the time, but she never saw the face of that person. Sarita says that she too felt the same, but didnt realise that it would lead like this. vikrant remembers the constable also seeing someone. Vikrant and everyone else wonder who could it be. All are tensed.

While vandana is crying, abhi comes and assk why’s she crying. She says that granny has made a lot of mistakes. Abhi asks her to be sorry, and he wouldnt let anyone cry, as promised to mom. She says that she’s guilty to him too, and apologises profusely.

Scene 2:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
As raj returns with divya, sarita, vikrnt and shiela, the entire jagotia family comes and switching on the lights confronts them sternly. All are tensed, especially sarita. Raj says that it was his plan. But to his surprise, soham says that room wasnt fitting for sarita and vikrant. they are surprised to find the jagotia family supporting them with open arms. granny compliments vikrant for standing by sarita. Soham assures that they would be by their side, in these times of trouble. Shiela is tensed. divya asks what happened. She hastily leaves saying that she’s fine. All are tensed, while kamla leaves.

As she goes into shiela’s room, kamla tells how she was going to be the victim that day. Kamla ssures her cunningly, that noone would ever be able to dare lay her eyes on her. she puts shiela to rest, with a strange aggression in her eyes. While she’s sleeping, shiela in a dream is talking, that she didnt want to replace her from rohan’s life. Kamla comes in her room, and says that kajal wont ever disturb her again, while shiela’s sleeping, as she has gotten rid of that evil witch. she says that to save her daughter, she had to kill the evil kajal, as if she hadnt killed her, then she would have killed her. And therefore, she had to die. She goes on as to how, she has overseen and overheard kajal and vandana’s talks, and then kept the ring in kajal’s bowl. she says that she didnt know that sarita would be trappped, but she’s ure that vikrant wont let anything happen to sareita, and they would go very far away, and then noone would ever know how kajal was killed. she caresses shieal’s face, and says that she knows that she didnt do right, but she didnt have any other option, but to save shiela, she had to become a murderer.

In his room, vikrant thinks that the eavesdropper utilised the chance and killed kajal, and wonders who in between the two families, have done this. sarita comes and asks him to calm down. Vikrant says that he’s tensed as to how long they are going to run. sarita asks him why’s he thinking of tomorrow, as he shouldnt let the future affect his present. She caresses his face and asks him to live in the moment, that he spends with her. She says that she just wants to spend the time with him, like its her last. Vikrant and sarita lie down the bed, and enter into a romantic passionate embrace and eye gaze. He lowers himself on her, and kisses her on the lips. But before they can go any further, a doorknock breaks their embrace and they are shocked to find abhi, and get emotional. They hug abhi, while divya says that abhi was missing them, and hence rohan left him here. Abhi asks them not to leave him again. divya sees the romantic setting inside the house. Divya tells abhi to sleep with her tonight. While sarita and vikrant are embarssed, and all efforts fail to convince abhi, sarita says that its no problem. Divya then gives abhi the indirect allurance of games and stories, and abhi agrees to spend the night with them. divya leaves with abhi. Sarita arranges abhi and her bed, while vikrant is frustrated that he wont get alone time with her. He says that she only loves Junior Suryavanshi, and she taunts him saying that she agrees. She teases him that he can sleep if he wants to, while he gets abhi. Vikrant turns away, and sits angrily. Sarita comes and kisses him, and he turns around to cup her face, romantically. she says that he’s so lovable, hence she deeply and profoundly loves him. The screen freezes on her happy face.

Precap: Vikrant and everyone else are discussing how would they now prove that sarita is innocent, as they have no evidence to catch the murderer. Abhi surprises everyone and says that he has an evidence, of the video camera thats installed in his toy car, which recorded everything that night. all are excited hearing this, except kamla who’s tensed. Kamla thinks that he would have to get to that car somehow first, so that she isnt implicated.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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