Amita Ka Amit 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st November 2013 Written Update

Rohan shouts for Riya to open the door. Fallu and Tina come there. They all try to make Riya come out. Tina is getting super worried by the minute. Don’t feel bad but Amu has crossed all her limits today. Fallu agrees with her. Rohan tells Tina to calm down. I will break open the door. Just then Riya opens it. They are happy but their smile fades away when they see that she has packed her bag to leave Shah House. She doesn’t want to stay here. It is better to leave than to be insulted every other day. She heads downstairs while they all follow her. tina blames Amu. Fallu tells her not to do so. Riya is sad that she thinks it is a small matter. Today she blamed me what if she blames you tomorrow? What will you do? Fallu too is upset with Amu. I will talk to her. But Riya doesn’t agree. Baa comes in her way so as to stop her. kajri comes there as well. Baa tells her not to take any further step. This is my house which I have brought up with love. I wont let you or Amu ruin it. Amu has already made a mistake by pointing her finger at you. She will get her punishment. But this doesn’t entitle you to do anything as you please. This only is your home after you married my grandson. Go inside. Riya tries to decline but Baa acts stern. Riya leaves for her room. She stops outside her room, turns back to look and wipes her tears. She looks very much relieved.

Amu tells Fallu she has made breakfast for everyone. Fallu gives a normal reply. Amu points out that she is upset with her. fallu asks her if she shouldn’t be upset with her. Thanks to Kanha ji’s blessings after many difficulties, her family is one big family now but because of your stupidity it was going to fall apart. Amu says she understands it but Fallu counters. I have stood by you in everything every time but what you did yesterday with Riya is unacceptable to all of us. Amit comes there just then. Amu offers to get breakfast for him but he denies. I will eat something in office. Fallu reluctantly agrees with Amit and tells Amu to eat. Amu feels dizzy. Fallu gets worried. Amu tells her she is feeling bad since morning. Fallu lightly reprimands her for taking undue stress. Go to doc and get your check up done. Dizziness is not normal. Get ready and go. Amu nods. I will take Raunak too but Baa interrupts. He is a small kid. It is unnecessary to take such a small kid to such surroundings. He might get infected. Amu agrees with her. Amu tells Fallu to take care of Raunak.

Amu has Raunak in her arms. Mumma will be back soon. Don’t cry and be a good boy. She makes him lie down in his pram and gives him some toys to play with. She leaves.

Amu hears Fallu talking to someone on phone. Amu comes there. She tells MIL that she has fed him milk just check on him after an hour. Fallu assures her she will take proper care of Raunak. And don’t worry about anything. Fallu resumes talking on the phone. Amu notices this and gets thinking. She again goes inside her room.

Baa and Fallu come to Riya. She is sitting all quiet. Baa makes a joke on losing weight. Riya leaves to feed Pari. Nani is sure Riya wont be all right so soon. Fallu agrees with her. Maybe I know what I have to do. Riya is playing with Pari. Fallu comes there. Fallu tells Riya to take care of Raunak as well for some time as Amu is not at home. Riya declines. I don’t even want to go near him or Amu will get another chance to blame me. fallu says one shouldn’t run away from problems. I haven’t told you to talk to Amu. I have only told you to take care of Raunak. And as far as I know you both love each other’s company. Riya affirms. But why should we do something which invites for more problems. Fallu tells her to believe her kaki. Go and take care of Raunak.

Kajri picks up Raunak in her arms and hugs him tight. Meanwhile, Riya is heading towards AA’s room. Kajri is very happy to be with him. Riya opens the door and Kajri is alert. Riya is shocked to see that the pram is empty. Who took Raunak? Riya goes outside. Kajri is hiding behind the sofa with Raunak in her arms. She peers out to check and is relieved to find Riya gone. Kajri is happy and calls Raunak her son. You are bundled up in my arms so sweetly. Let us go.


Fallu, Baa and Nani are playing with Pari. Riya comes there worried for Raunak. Riya tells them that Raunak is not in his room. They get worried. Baa doubts if he would have slid somewhere. Fallu tells them that Amu had kept him in his pram in front of her own eyes. But then she recalls her going back to her room once again. Nani says this means she would have taken him with her. She already wanted to do so. Riya is relieved. I hope this only has happened or she would come back and start doubting me all over again. Right then, Fallu gets a call from Amu. She asks about Raunak which worries them. Fallu disconnects the phone even while Amu was talking.

Fallu tells them that Amu hasn’t taken Amu along with her which means that Raunak is indeed missing. Everyone is gathered in the living area. Fallu calls Amit and tells him everything. Plus Kajri is not at home too. He is shocked. He suggests going to police station on his way to home. Fallu blames herself for this lax. Amu comes back.

Everyone gets worried. Amu tells them that everything is fine and that I should spend max time with Raunak. She notices the worried / quiet look on everyone’s face. If you all are here then where is Raunak? She asks Fallu about it. Riya offers to tell but Amu gets instantly worried. Fallu tells Amu that she had told Riya to take care of Raunak. This puts off Amu. Why did you do this? Amu cannot believe she could to this. She asks Riya about Raunak. She keeps repeating her question losing her calm by the minute. Riya tells her to listen to her first. Raunak is not at home / lost somewhere. Amu is shocked.


Riya tells her that when she had gone to feed him milk he was not in his pram. We looked for him everywhere but he is not at home. Plus Kajri is not here too. Amu asks everyone if they believe her now. I had told you that she isn’t good. We should have kept her away from my son. Amit comes there. He has registered a complaint. They have set out to look for Kajri. Amu cries helplessly. I want my son. Amit tells her not to lose hope. You are my strength. Trust me we will find him. He suggests searching on their own too. We too must know about Kajri’s whereabouts and where she goes and to meet whom. Riya agrees with him. I have a lot of info about her as she used to talk to me a lot.

AA and Rohan-Kirath set out as different teams to look for Kajri. They ask each and every person who they come across. Kirath and Rohan join them but no one has a clue. Amu spots Kajri on a bus stand on the other side of the road. She runs across and pulls Kajri away. Amit and others also come over.

Amu asks her as to where is she trying to run. Kajri declines. Amu asks for Raunak but Kajri feigns ignorance. I had gone to meet my friend at Juhu. Amu threatens her. I will call police and they will make you spill the beans. Amu gets a call on her phone. Amit tells her to pick it up but she is busy with Kajri so he picks it up. A nurse has called on Amu’s phone. She asks for Amu. She had come here for her check up in our clinic today and forgot her baby here only. Amit is shocked. Amu and everyone else is confused while Kajri has a slight smile on her face. Nurse tells Amit to come over asap and take his son home.

Precap: Amit comes back with Raunak. Amu tells him to give Raunak to him but he declines. There is no need to do so. A mom who forgets her son at some strange place…how will she take care of my son? The family members are puzzled. In her room, Kajri pushes a chair back happily.

Update Credit to: pooja

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