Mahabharat 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 21st November 2013 Written Update

Guru Dron blows his conch denoting the start of the competition. Ashu hits his first arrow which hits Dury’s name and Dury is summoned before everyone else.. He makes a grand entry with elephants to the pleasure of his blind parents and smirking Mama.

Dury pays his respect to his parents and then walks to his darling Mama and wishes him. They share a warm embrace and Dury reminds him of his promise. Sakuni agrees whole heartedly to keep his promise.

Dury asks who is going to get sacrificied first, Ashu’s arrow hits Nakul’s name.
Nakul also makes a grand entry, A huge bird drops him from the skies and the fight begins, Dury easily eliminates him.

Next in line is Sahadev. Dury wants to know why Bheem isnt coming in… Sakuni says him to eliminate all the little hurdles first.

Sahadev is also easily eliminated by Dury. Meanwhile Dhirid and Gandari are updated by Sanjay and Kunti respectively.

Sahadev and Nakul share a small talk. Nakul expresses his doubts at the fairness of the competition. Sahadev tells him that Bheem asked him to not hurt Dury as Dury will get a excuse that it was because he was hurt when finally Bheem defeats him. Both the brothers share a laugh.

Vidur and Bhishm are also discussing the fairness of the competition. Bidur says if the third is also a Pandu Putr then this competition is jinxed. Bhishm says there is no doubt that this is jinxed and also says this competition happens to make Dury the crown prince.

Sakuni says the next would be Yudi. Dury says he can finish him off easily. But Sakuni says if he cannot, then use his brain and instigate him.

Next in line is Yudi who jumps from a high building. Dushala wants to know why Dury gets to fight only the pandu putru. Kunti comments sarcastically that maybe the competition is between Dhirid and Pandu. Dushala doesnt understand and says how is that possible. Gandari shushes her daughter.

Yudi and Dury fight for a long time. Yudi is an equal for Dury. Bhishm and Vidur are happy when Yudi almost defeats Dury, but Dury recovers and fights back. Dhirid isnt happy with this.

Meanwhile Guru Dron tells his son that he is keeping quiet but not to spoil his name. Ashu looks at his father and turns away.

Sakuni keeps murmering Dury to remember what he said. Then Dury instigates Yudi who loses his temper and attacks Dury.

Precap: Arjun enters. Dron looks happy and so is Bhishm and Vidur. An arrow hits the statue about the entrance and stone debris starts to fall on Arjun completely covering him. Everyone are shocked. Sakuni smirks evilly.

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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