Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 21st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with shruti asking sanjay that did prabha tell on her own to be her daughter in law or did she do on someone’s saying. Shruti then tells sanjay to look in her eyes and tell the truth. sanjay tells her that he will make sure that when she comes after marrying then mom will not tell anything to you, khushboo and ami. Then he tells that she only realized that what her son needs. Then shruti tells him that I will take some time. Sanjay tells her that don’t take so much time that her whole life goes in that. Then shruti goes but looks behind and then both have their flashback’s and the song dermiyaan is being played in the background and then shruti goes. At home sanjay goes and then prabha tells him that she went to shruti’s house and also told her to marry sanjay and also gave her the bangles but she did not respond. Sanjay tells her that shruti will come today only to marry him and he smiles. Prabha thinks that shruti should say no to marry then she can marry sanjay to bhavna. At home shruti comes and then sits. Then ami tells her that if she wants to marry sanjay then she does not have any problem. Then shruti gets happy and nani also. Then ami tells that sanjay is good and khushboo tells that she also likes sanjay uncle a lot. Then the background music is being played. Then shruti gets up and goes and looks at harsh’s photo. Then dadi comes and tells her that she knows what shruti is thinking and that she is thinking that if I marry then what will happen of her. dadi tells her that she does not need to worry for her because she has her second son pravin and can live with her. then she tells shruti that she has done everything for them after harsh went and has kept their care and now its their turn and she should marry sanjay as he is a good man. Then they both cry and dadi tells shruti to call sanjay and tell him that she will marry him.

Then at home sanjay has got ready and the time has come. Mom tells him that how much will he wait then he says that until shruti says yes. Then sanjay goes out and mom switches the light off but sanjay’s phone rings and mom sees that its shruti’s phone she takes it but does not respond. Then shruti tells dadi that he is not picking the phone and then shruti calls again but prabha cuts the phone and shruti tells that sanjay cut the phone. Then mom goes out and then tells to herself that sorry sanjay but u will have to wait for the whole life. Then mom tells him to come. Then the house phone rings prabha tells him that let it be it must be someones phone and they go for the marriage venue. Then the servant picks the phone and shruti asks where is sanjay he tells that he just went now for the marriage venue then shruti keeps the phone and she tells this to everyone. They tell her to go to that venue and marry sanjay and tell her that they are with her. then shruti goes in an auto. Then nani tells dadi that she has proved today that she cares for everyone. Then nani tells dadi that she is sad that she will lose a daughter in law then dadi tells that she may lose a daughter in law but has got a daughter. Then they both cry and catch each others hand and dadi tells that she will do sanjay and shruti’s kanyadan after their marriage. At the venue place sanjay and his family enter and everyone is happy but sanjay is not and he is not smiling also. Then riddhi tells him that they will take care of his shoes if anyone comes to take it. Then she tells that they will hide his shoes and no one will get it and when he will need it they will give it to him, but sanjay is sad and does not respond. Prabha thinks in her mind that in sometime if shruti doesn’t come then it will be good and sanjay will marry bhavna.

Precap: prabha is telling sanjay that all the people are waiting for his marriage and he should now go and marry bhavna as he does not have any choice as shruti has not come till now and it has been very late.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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