Amita Ka Amit 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 20th November 2013 Written Update

Amit comes back to where Amu is standing after closing the door. Baby is all quiet now but you look like you would cry any minute now. He jokes that he will have to call Kajri for her as well. She stops him angrily. This isn’t a joke. I am ashamed of myself. I am a failure as a mom. I couldn’t calm my own son. He says one learns with time. I have full faith that you too will. Let us go to sleep now. She obliges.

Next morning, the baby is playing when Amu wakes up. Amit is all ready to leave for office. She is surprised. You dint wake me. He says you both were looking so cute while asleep that I thought it’s better not to disturb you. Raunak is playing with a teddy. Amu is happy to see that and attracts Amit’s attention to it too. She wants to see the pics once again. He gives her the album. It would be so good if you will start your day by seeing Raunak’s photos. They share a cute little kiss on the cheek. Amit also kisses Raunak and leaves. Amu goes to take a bath and puts Raunak in his pram.

She is back and picks up the album to see the photos but its all blank. She is surprised. They were here only. She goes outside and asks everyone one by one but no one knows. She is left wondering as to where could they be. Amu tells Riya that she cannot find Raunak’s photos. Have you seen them? Riya retorts if she doesn’t have any other work then taking care of her son’s photos. Amu tells her not to get upset over it. I am asking you just like I asked everyone else. Riya tells her not to ask her anything. I am fed up of answering your questions all the time. Amit comes there just when Riya leaves with Pari for her room. Amit says whether you find the photos or not but you and Riya should stay together nicely for Shah House’s sake. She nods. I understand what you are saying. I will take care of it. You must be getting late for office. He remembers it just then and leaves. Amu gets thinking. She heads upstairs and watches Riya putting something in her closet. She gets curious as to what could it be. Tina calls out for Riya which puts Amu on alert. She leaves from there.

Raunak is crying again at night. Everyone comes running there. They all wonder why he is crying at 2 am. Amu says I know how to calm him. She gives him to Riya. Everyone is confused. She isn’t Kajri. Amu says I know but Riya didi is more experienced in handling kids. Riya didi has brought Pari so well so she will make Raunak quiet too. Baa supports her. She tells Riya to handle Raunak too. Amu thinks that he might be hungry so I will get some milk for him. Tina suggests her to get tea for everyone else too as no one would be able to sleep soon now. Amu goes out. Kajri is thinking.

Outside Amu thinks that this is a good chance to see what Riya didi has hidden in the cupboard. She heads upstairs for Riya’s room. Amu opens the cupboard and all the pictures spill on the floor. They are all torn. Amu is shocked / scared as she picks up the torn pieces. She recalls the priest telling her that her daughter’s enemy is inside her house only. You are not doing it right. I should go and tell everyone the truth. But then she stops herself. If I take them then everyone will think that I am lying. No one will believe me. I will call them here only. This way no one will doubt me. She goes downstairs to call everyone and meets Riya on her way.


Riya cannot understand why Amu is looking at her like this. Has she come to know of everything? Riya tells her that Raunak fell asleep in Kajri’s arms. Amu tells her to let it be. Riya is surprised. You don’t care? Amu says that the only thing that matters to me is what my son’s photos are doing in your room. Riya is confused. What are you saying? What will I do with them? Plus what were you doing in my room? You told everyone you went to get milk for Raunak. Amu says you not only stole his photos but has torn them too. Everyone comes out hearing the noises. Riya calls her mad. I don’t have to do something so cheap. Amu says you think I am lying. Amit stops her. Are you in your senses? Fallu too finds it weird. Why would Riya steal them? Amu tells them all to see for themselves. I have a proof today. I will prove it today that she wants to harm my baby. Everyone looks shocked. They all follow her to Riya’s room. Riya looks a little tensed but follows them.

Amu signals them toward the floor. Here is the proof you all have been asking for. Here are the photos. Tina asks her about it. Amu is shocked to see that there is nothing on the floor. Riya is relieved. Amu cannot believe it. She tells them that she had seen them herself two minutes ago only. Everyone has a look of disbelief on their faces. Amu notices this. You all think I am lying? But I am not. Amit tells her to be quiet. Amu tells him his Amu isn’t lying. I can swear on anyone’s name but I am not lying. Please believe me they were here only. I just went to call you and they disappeared. Riya interrupts her. Where are they now? How come they disappeared all of a sudden? Amu tells her not to act in front of her as you too know that you are lying. But I will prove it today. Fallu stops her. You cannot blame anyone like this. Think before you say anything. Amu pleads her to trust her. Riya says I don’t have to do anything with your son’s photos. You have lost your mind and there is no solution for madness. Kaki, Mom make her understand. I don’t have patience anymore. Amu shouts back shocking everyone that she isn’t mad. I know why you are doing this. I know you are jealous of my son that’s why you are doing all this. This time Amit shouts at her to stop. One more word and things will worsen. Come with me. He takes her out of the room forcefully. Rohan and everyone stands near Riya so as to support her. Kirath tells her not to feel sad. Fallu apologizes from Amu’s behalf. Riya wants to be alone for some time. Everyone leaves from there.


Amit brings Amu to AA’s room. She pulls herself free telling him to leave her. Without even letting me complete it why did you bring me here? If I would have been a little sterner on Riya didi then she would have spilled the beans. He asks her angrily about which truth is talking. You don’t want to see or listen to the truth. Agreed Raunak has fulfilled our family after his birth. But before that our family was one big happy family but you are spoiling it all now. She is speechless. He says Raunak’s love is making you selfish day by day. Always remember it that we must not forget old happiness for new happiness’s sake. She cannot believe what she heard. You think I am creating rift in the family? If you would have tried to understand my pain then you would have realised today that Riya didi is something else altogether. He agrees to hear it out now. Tell me what wrong has Riya done. Amu tells him everything in mute and how Riya has been supporting Kajri all the while.

He says it maybe that she isn’t what you are thinking her to be. She asks him if it doesn’t matter what all she told him. He cannot believe she could join incidents like this. Think over what you have told me just now and you would laugh over yourself. She tells him to stop. If anything happens to our son then you only would cry. Trust me Riya didi is using Kajri so as to hurt Raunak. Try to understand me. He declines to trust her lies. I cannot blame my family members for no reason. Forgive me but I wont support you in this madness. He leaves from there in a huff. Epi ends on Amu’s sad face.

Precap: Fallu tells Riya to take care of Raunak as well for some time as Amu is not at home. Riya goes to Amu’s room to check on Raunak but he is not there. She gets worried for him. Amu comes back and asks Riya about Raunak. Riya is sad and worried too and tells her to listen to her first. She tells Amu that Raunak is not at home / lost. Amu is shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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