Ek Boond Ishq 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 20th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Tara thinking about MJ hugging Maria and crying out after she burned the place. She seems guilty for a while but the next moment she tells herself to stop thinking about him as a person only reaps what he sows and he is getting punished for his deeds. She remembers that she has to call her mom.

In his room, Adi is calling out to Mithi asking for the charger of his phone and Nandu enters his room and she closes the door silently and huhs him from behind. Adi shrugs off saying what she is doing and asks her to leave him thinking its Mithi and when he turns back realises its Nandu. Nandu says she will leave him and whats the hurry? and she gets close to Adi telling him that Mithi may not be doing all this with him or maybe he doesn’t let her do anything (Double ughs! These two r so made for each other ) She tells him she is being nice to him and she is his guest. Adi asks her why is she there and what she wants. She forcefully gets close to him and takes a picture of theirs. Outside Tara is not getting the network and she thinks she will take Nandu’s cell and she goes looking for her. Nandu tells Adi that they look so good together and Adi asks her to delete the pic but Nandu is teasing him. He tries to take it forcefully and they lose balance and fall on the couch. Nandu is laughing and Tara hears it and she goes towards Adi’s room. Nandu is pulling Adi closer while Adi is trying to grab the phone. Tara comes outside the room and calls out for Nandu. Nandu is about to respond when Adi closes her mouth and Tara just about opens the door when Adi tells her he is changing and will be out in two mins. Tara feels embarassed and tells him she is looking for Nandu and she leaves. Nandu is laughing like a maniac and tells him that the person who didn’t want her to touch him, destiny brought them closer

Kalavati is singing twinkle twinkle little star cradling a doll and he remembers the unanimous caller threatening him. He tells the doll that good children do not trouble others and God sees everything and who is troubling Kalavati so much? She also adds enough of these childish pranks and you won’t trouble Kalavati anymore and will promise not to do so? Will you swear on God? And if you don’t God will punish you and if God doesn’t give you then Kalavati will have to and this is just a warning. Else anything can happen with you and he tears off the doll’s head and fakes his sadness over it. And then says that hope God gives her peace and he starts tearing up the doll muttering may your soul RIP

Tara asks Nandu for her phone to call her mom and Nandu hesitates saying you have your cell. Tara says her cell is spoilt and she can’t hear anything and takes the phone saying just give it to me She calls her mom who is excited to talk to her and tells her she was talking to Yug about her. She asks how she is and Tara says till she has her mom’s blessings nobody can harm even a strand of her hair. She adds that maybe she had strayed for a little while. Her mom gets worried and asks her what happened. Tara diverts the topic saying that she went to see a movie with MJ and she is repeating those movie dialogues and asks her mom how she is. Her mom asks her to take care of her and that though she sent her there to stay she is feeling anxious that if she does anything stupid. Tara says Nandu is fine and she doesn’t do anything wrong(Really? Woman u need to watch out for ur sister ) Her mom says she wants to talk to Nandu and Tara gives the phone to Nandu and puts the phone on speaker. Her mom hands the phone to Yug and Yug not knowing the phone is on speaker asks her if everything is fine and if nobody got a doubt on her. Nandu is tensed and Tara turns back looking worried. Nandu switches off the speaker mode and tells Tara that he is annoying over something that happened in college and Tara goes away and Nandu starts chatting normally. Nandu chides Yug telling him that he has to be careful if someone catches them and tells him she could have landed in trouble and she keeps the call down saying she will talk to him later.

Tara is walking down the stairs and MJ is coming the opposite way. She looks at him haughtily but MJ doesn’t react When MJ comes close to her she slips and he catches her while Tara holds him for support and straightens herself. She says that the same hands that pushed her off the cliff has saved her today and since when did a killer become a savior? MJ doesn’t say anything and Jayraj enters the house fuming that he won’t spare the person who burnt his stable and he says he is certain somebody has plotted against him. Tara looks worried as Jayraj looks at her. He thinks Tara is feeling bad and assures her he will catch the culprit and won’t spare that person. MJ says there is no need for that. He says that the culprit is in the house and Tara gulps in fear. Jayraj asks him what he means and MJ says he knows the culprit to whicj Jayraj asks him who it is. Tara is scared and he says he did that. Jayraj is shocked but MJ tells him it was him and goes to Jayraj. He says he had lit a lantern and forgot to turn it off. Tara is shocked and wonders why has he gone looney before he aged and why is doing this. Rudra enters the house and calls Jayraj and he asks him that about the incident while Tara gives MJ a cruel look (I know Tara is hurt but I still cant stop myself from feeling bad for MJ )

Rudra is in room mulling over his blackmailer’s threats recalling the one where she would have told him on Jayraj’s birthday he will celebrate his death day and he is getting restless. And also the part about Indore and his dual existance. He unlocks the secret door behind his library when there is a knock on his door and its Faheem who has come to give him a letter from the minister. He asks Rudra if he wants tea and Rudra nods in affirmative. When Faheem leaves from there he locks the door and looks at the letter once.

MJ is in the dark room looking at the burnt relics and Tara comes there locking the door. She says what all will you try to keep safe and you will reap what you sow. She says it was good that when the place caught fire no one was there else she doesn’t know what would have happened and she recollects MJ trying to burn her hand. She then taunts him saying that what kind of a wife is she? Her husband is working while she is not helping. She adds she has taken vows before fire for pheres and for seven births she will be there in his happy and sad times. Since he doesn’t have happy times in his destiny she will ensure she will increase his bad times and then she amends saying she will share his sad times She then gets Rudra’s file and she says that aloud. MJ is alerted and he turns back and asks Tara to hand the file back. Tara asks him what is he trying to hide thats in the file and says he didn’t let her give it to Rudra earlier as well. MJ tries to take the file but Tara escapes from there but he corners her against the door and Mithi and Nandu catch them. Mithi and Nandu teases them and Tara runs away. MJ is scared and thinks that if Rudra gets his hands on the file then all his hard work will go in vain and he has to get it back from her at any cost.

Mithi tells Adi that she needs to visit her parents since they are missing her. Nandu looks happy at that and Adi asks her when to which Mithi replies tomorrow. She says its good Nandu took up the course and once she comes back she will also do something like that. Nandu mails the pic she had taken to Adi and he deletes it. Seeing him tensed Mithi asks what happened to which he replies that he deleted it accidently and asks Mithi to fetch him water and she goes from there.

Adi asks Nandu whats wrong with her and she teases him if he didn’t like it then she has another one. Adi asks her angrily to delete all the pics and Nandu says ok. She will delete it but he will have to pay for his mistake and pulls his cheek. Adi pushes her hand off and tells her he will do as she says but requests her to spare him. Nandu says ok fine and tells him that she has given him her account number and every month he needs to deposit 50000 He agrees and transfers the money. Yug access the account details and tells to himself that Ms. Bhopal aka Nandu is doing her work accurately and so is he. He adds that today a small amount came to this empty account and someday the entire wealth of Shekhawat family will be there.

Tara is taking the file with her when she sees Rudra coming in that direction and she hides behind a pillar. When he goes the other way to answer a call Tara decides this is the right moment to place the file in Rudra’s room and she goes to his room stealthily and keeps the file under the table and she is about to go when Rudra starts walking back to his room. Just then he gets a call and its from the minister and tells him that he spoke to his PA and the government is all about co-operation and he goes in the opposite direction talking about politics. Tara manages to go from there and Rudra turns back but sees none.

Tara comes to the dining halls and bumps roughly into MJ and rubs her knee grumpily. MJ asks her for the file and Tara goes to the dining table and starts setting the table. She tells him to ask nicely as she is his wife MJ tells her to return the file and Tara says now she can think about giving it back to him but she doesn’t remember where it is. MJ yells her at her to remember and when Tara glares back he sombers down and asks her calmly where it is. She says she doesn’t remember and is about to go when MJ grabs her hand. She tells him in a stern voice to let go and that the hand is not that of a desperate innocent girl that he can break it to prove his manhood. She asks him to keep his attitude to himself and she yanks her hand away. MJ cools himself down and asks her politely where it is and he also apologises. Tara asks him that he really seems to need it and tells him she has kept it in Rudra’s room. MJ is worried and thinks to himself as to why she had to keep it there and if Rudra gets it then everything will be ruined. Tara taunts him that his face went pale on hearing about Rudra and asks him if he can exert all his manhood only on women and after listening to Rudra’s name. MJ walks away from there and Tara thinks to herself that he fell for her bait and she will see how will escape her trap.

Precap – MJ is looking for the file and Rudra sees him there and slaps him. Tara flinches when she sees that.

Update Credit to: Mandy

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