Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th November 2013 Written Update

Bhabhasa praises Bhabho for having followed all the marriage vows religiously. Bhabho mildly scolds him saying he too was with her through all the ups and down and thanks him for his support. Sandhya realizes she has not followed these vows. Meena asks Bhabho to dance on this joyous occasion and Bhabho dances. All are happy.

In GG room, Suraj thanks Sandhya for saving him in the nick of time and also for convincing Bhabho for this celebration. He tells he has never seen Bhabho-Bhabhasa so much happier for themselves. Sandhya tells she wants to get married again. Suraj is confused and asks to whom. Sandhya says with him again. Suraj says they are married already and what is the need to marry again. He scolds saying she has become stubborn and mischievous. Sandhya says she wants to do all the rituals once again and get married to him again with Bhabhi-Bhabhasa’s blessings within 15 days before she goes for training and says she has decided it and it is his responsibility to convince Bhabho for this. Suraj is confused.

The next morning, Bhabho and Sandhya are removing bed covers for washing and get the beds dried in the sun. Suraj and Vikram are having tea. Bhabhasa is reading paper. Meena feeding Kanha. Chavvi and Emily with pari where Emily is giving medicine to pari. Sandhya is signaling Suraj to speak to Bhabho who is hesitant. Bhabho finds Meena’s beds are wet and scolds her asking to cut down the sleep and take care of Kanha. Meena excuses saying she applies plastic sheet too but Bhabho scolds her. Meena sees Emily is feeding pari with plastic spoon and lets others also know this. Emily replies it is costlier plastic and good for babies. Sandhya signals Suraj to speak to Bhabho about their rewedding. Suraj is not comfortable with it. Sandhya signs him she will do it herself. Finally, Suraj gets up and tells Bhabho that he wants to speak to her. Pari waves her hand and Emily drops the medicine spoon. Meena laughs out loud and mocks Emily. Bhabho is angry on Emily that she could not feed the medicines to Pari properly. She goes herself and feeds Pari. She then asks Suraj what he wants to tell and Suraj says he just forgot it. Vikram whispers to Bhabhasa asking why is Bhabho so angry today. Bhabhasa smirks saying Maasa had called them earlier to remind Bhabho that she had not visited kuldevi temple even after the birth of two grandkids. Bhabho notices them and taunts them for mocking her. Bhabhasa says he was just informing him that they are going to kuldevi temple. Meena is happy to know that Bhabho will be away from the house. Suraj asks Bhabho when is she leaving and Bhabho tells by afternoon. Bhabho asks Chathuri also to get ready. Hearing this, Sandhya tells Bhabho that she also wishes to come to kuldevi temple. Bhabho is happy with it and tells it is good that Sandhya gets kuldevi’s blessings before going for the training. Meena is double happy. Sandhya tells Suraj that they will get married in kuldevi temple who is still not okay with it.

In GG room, Surya are packing clothes. Sandhya brings her wedding saree and also Suraj’s wedding sherwani for packing. Suraj thinks Sandhya is serious about rewedding.

Precap: SurYa and others waiting for bus. Sandhya tells him she will not board the bus until Suraj holds her hand and takes her into the bus like what happened during their first kuldevi temple visit. Suraj is not comfortable. Next scene, all have boarded the bus including Suraj but Sandhya is still standing down, Suraj calls her and the bus moves.

Update Credit to: b2011

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