Amita Ka Amit 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Ammu standing by the window in her room with a soft cute tune playing in the background. She is very happy as she recalls Amit’s words about buying a surprise dress for her. The store manager sent his guy home to return the wallet and ruined the surprise. She smiles shyly as her cute romantic Lonavala moments come flashing in front of her.
Amit enters and is surprised as to what is she doing in the dark? She turns and the wind makes her dupatta fall on his face. Thoda sa pyaar hua starts humming in as she stands looking at him lost. He takes the dupatta off his face and they share a small eye lock. Though Ammu continues looking at him, he feels uncomfy and keeps looking here and there. Finally he drapes the dupatta back on her breaking her trance. He repeats his question as to what was she doing in the dark. She (continues looking him in the eyes) replies, sometime it is tough to see the truth in the light. He gets confused. At times what you say doesn’t make any sense to me. He goes to switch on the light while Ammu notice his bag. She gets excited thinking that the dress might be in it. She is checking his bag when he asks her if she is searching for something. She denies it might be in the car. I will go and check. He stops her saying there is nothing in there. Plus I don’t take anything along with me except the lappy bag and lunch box which I have kept in the kitchen. She smiles. I will go to the kitchen for some work. He thanks her for bringing his wallet in the office. She sweetly tells him that there is no need to thank her. You get fresh I will come in some time.

Ammu comes where everyone else is sitting. Baa, Nani as soon as Amit will sleep we will start the preps. I know what he would like. Everyone beams up.

Nani, Baa, Fallu & Ammu are in the kitchen preparing kheer for him. fallu is unable to control herself from wishing her son . It is me who wishes him first early morning. If I don’t then he will feel that his mother forgot his birthday. Ammu tells her that she only will be the first person to wish him but will have to wait a little more. Fallu notices Baa looking outside and asks about the same. Baa tells her that she was looking for her aeroplane as she seems in too much hurry. Neither of you are going anywhere. Don’t ruin the surprise now. fallu sulks (sweetly). Baa reminds her that they never celebrated his birthday before like this so she should control herself. Go and give bhog (prasad) to Kanha first.

Everyone has gathered for puja. Ammu warns them not to wish Amit. Baa stops Fallu from going to Amit. Amit comes all dressed up and with a broad smile on his face. Everyone make straight faces trying to hide the surprise and excitement. Fallu comments good now that you are here we can start the puja. He becomes happy. You all were waiting for me right? Nani immediately answers in negative. Why would we? Amit tries to tell them what it is today when Kirath completes saying it is Monday. Everyone smiles while Amit sulks. Ma, you must have made kheer today?
Ammu answers for Fallu. We dint plus it isn’t purnima (full moon) today that we will make it. If you wished to have then you should have told us in advance. Amit nods. It isn’t full moon thanks for reminding me. lets start the puja. He wonders what has happened did everyone forget about it.

Amit and Amita are doing puja. She prays for HER Amit’s long life and happiness. Govind bolo hari plays as she does the puja. He is a very good human being. Keep him happy always.

Amit takes blessings from everyone. Now you all should bless me too. Nani says when you are asking so we will bless you to stay happy always. He suggests taking an off. Everyone shouts back at him in chorus starting him. nani and Ammu try to send him to office but then everyone remembers their list of pending chores to be done and narrates it to him one by one. He is confused. Why did I take an off? It will eat up my whole day. Ammu shouts whole day? You must be back by 7pm. Amit asks her why 7 pm. Kirath makes an excuse. You are going to US so you should explain the business plan to me and ROhan today. Amit nods. As you say. He heads out while everyone else sighs in relief.


Ammu is in her room penning down her thoughts and her feelings for Amit. I wanted to bare my heart to you since so long. She begins the letter with For Amit and then reconsiders it as it sounds very unromantic. She writes My Amit convincing herself of the love stories and movies. It is tough to jot down my feelings but I need to tell you all this.

She recalls her sweet moments spent in Lonavala with Amit as she is writing. I was thinking what best could I give you on your birthday but then I though what else would be better than this? You must be thinking what it is that I cannot speak to you but write. When I am unable to tell to myself then you only think how difficult it would be to say it all to you. My eyes tried to tell it all to you so many times but maybe somewhere they weren’t successful that’s why you dint understand it yet.

Next we see her on the floor amid several letters and writing another one. She looks at Amit’s photo and smiles shyly. Pareshan starts playing as the wind blows the letters away. She catches them all and comes back only to hug his photo. Another few Lonavala scenes play before her eyes as she blushes sweetly.

The Shah House is completely decorated with balloons and Amit’s photos and what not. ammu comes on stage and thanks all the guests for coming on such a short notice. Everyone is super happy. Ammu confirms with Jigna if she has checked the sequence of the songs. Jigna tells her to relax. Bell rings and everyone hides anticipating Amit.


A guy with his face not shown is walking towards them while Ammu waits excitedly for Amit. Everyone is waiting in hiding for him. Ammu jumps up expecting to SURPRISE him when it turns out to be Atul with his family. Everyone comes out. Atul comments that it is Amit’s birthday today. She reminds them that she had told them that the code for guests was to ring 2 bells and they rang only one. Varsha sweetly scolds Hemant as she had reminded him of the same. Hemant apologizes and asks for Amit. She tells him that he said he will come by 7.

Shah family and Patel family exchange greetings and sweets too . Fallu takes the sweets from Kirath as he is not allowed to eat them.

Preeti asks Ammu if she wrote the letter for Amit. Our very sweet Ammu nods. I have written 40 pages . Is it less? Preeti jokes saying you should rather give it for binding as it is no more a letter but a book or some novel which they used to read in their colleges. They both smile. Sanjay reminds her to call Amit as it is time.

Ammu speaks to Amit. When will you be reaching? He tells her that the to-do list was so long and why is she asking when she knows the same. She reminds him about 7pm. He tells her that he will be home in 5 minutes. She shouts 5 minutes and instructs Jigna for something. Amit is confused. Did you say anything? She denies and also cross checks with him if he heard anything. He again asks her if she is hiding anything from him. ammu replies in negative. Plus there is no one around me. amit disconnects after telling that he would be reaching in 5 minutes. epi ends on Ammu’s happy face.

Precap: Antara is resting her head on Amit’s shoulder. Were you going somewhere else Amit? He nods in a no while Ammu is waiting worried for him. Antara thanks him as she really needed him a lot today. Amit smiles at her while Ammu continues looking towards the door for Amit.

Update Credit to: pooja

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