Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th June 2013 Written Update

Starts with Shekhar telling Madhav that the baby has not grown as much as it should and its too weak to bear the pregnancy and the problems could increase. He says that he will look at the blood reports of Aaru and then tell him what the risk factor is. He asks him not to tell anyone till then.

Madhav at home and Bharti asks what the problem is, he decides not to tell her. Madhav goes to see Aaru, she is fast asleep. She wakes up at his touch and says she wants a private chopper or a magic wand. She wants gol gappe. He agrees to take her.

Madhav calls out to her and she comes to see that he has brought the gol gappe waala home. She is very happy and starts eating. She makes him eat as well and the entire family joins in. Madhav looks at her feeding and being fed by everyone and is happy.

Night. Madhav calls Shekhar and asks about them. Bharti picks up an extension to make a call. Shekhar says there are complications and they have to care of Aaru .. if not she could miscarry. Bharti hears it as well. Madhav pleads with Shekhar to do something, but Shekhar says that the risk factor is very high and she has to be taken care off a lot.

Bharti comes and says she heard everything. Madhav said he was waiting for the final report. She says everything will be fine and they will looks after Aaru so well that nothing will go wrong and she will give birth to a healthy baby. She says they need to keep Aaru happy so she shouldn’t be told. Madhav is worried that something will happen to Aaru. Bharti says that the girl who has given her son so much happiness, nothing can happen to her.

At Shekhar’s house, he is telling Aradhya that if his mom was alive she would look after her, but neither of their mothers are alive. Shekhar says that she is alone during the day and he feels helpless. Aradhya that he is a doctor and nothing can happen to his patient. He is everything to her. He asks her to promise she will never leave him. She does so.

Aaru is looking at her reflection and feeling her stomach with a smile. Madhav comes and she says when will it show. He takes a book out and gives it to her and says all her questions will be answered. She refuses to read so he says he will read and tell her everything. Aaru wants it to be his photocopy. She asks him to call Shekhar and ask about the test results. Madhav says that he spoke to Shekhar. Everything is fine. She says she wants to see the baby’s pictures.

Morning at the hospital.. Aradhya is talking to the baby when Maya come in. She tells that Shekhar is not there as he had to deal with an emergency. Madhav wants to leave and Aaru wants to wait. Aradhya gives her the report and Madhav is concerned. Aaru opens it and is looking through it with a confused look.

Madhav grabs it and says Shekhar will have to explain. Aaru agrees. She leaves to go to the washroom. Madhav says that Aaru should not be stressed that’s why he has not told her anything. He asks Aradhya to not say anything to Aaru. Aradhya says ok and says that as long he is with Aaru nothing will happen to her. Aaru comes and says what happened to me?

Update Credit to: slmu

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