Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th June 2013 Written Update

Mohan asks Aarti and NAvi why they are so silent. Aarti tells Mohan that Beera’s phone is switched off. Mohan tries to call Beera. Mohan looks at Navi and quickly tells her that there is no network in his phone. Mohan tells them that these days men taken longer to get dressed.

Megha tells Mohan that KAran is coming via Beera’s house but he saw no wedding party coming. Mohan says don’t worry they might be taking another route. Megha tells Mohan how there was no preparation in Beera’s house. Megha says she is scared as Dada might be playing a game. Megha says all guests have arrived and what would they do now? Mohan tries to pacify her by saying they are getting scared for no reason. Mohan tries to call Ragini. Ragini picks up the call and Mohan asks them where the baraat is. Ragini is about to speak when Dada snatches the phone from her and throws it to the floor. Mohan gets worried and calls back. The phone is switched off. Mohan tells Megha that Ragini’s phone is unavailable.

Dada scolds Ragini for talking to Mohan. Ragini tells Dada that he is making a mistake by not letting this wedding happen. Dada is about to slap her when Beera comes there and says he will talk to her. Beera asks Ragini why she is talking like this when she knows what Navi did. Ragini says this is a big day as you are going to get married to the woman you love. Beera says it is a big day because today is the he gets his revenge. Beera ‘s says how will Navi face everyone when the baraat doesn’t turn up.

Everyone at the wedding venue wondering why the baraat hasn’t turned up. Renu tells Jiji that it has become too late.

Dada praises Beera. Ragini remembers Munna’s words. She stops Beera and asks him if he is happy with such little. Ragini tells him to face Navi and take revenge by looking into her eyes. Ragini says take the baraat…(rest is silent and we are not told what is being said)

Renu complains that Beera always does this like he delays paying the rent. Papaji calls MM and asks them why the baraat hasn’t arrive. Papaji tries to advice Mohan about keeping good relation with Dada. Mohan tries to tell Papaji that his fight is with Dada and not Beera. Tanu volunteers to check Beera’s house.

Suddenly the phone rings. Megha picks up the call and it is Dada. Dada introduces himself. Jiji asks who it is. Megha says it is Beera’ Dada. Megha asks him why he called. Dada says I called to say that the wedding party would be delayed. Megha says they are waiting. Dada says the celebrations are not finishing and they would reach there soon. Megha says everyone has arrived and waiting for the groom. Dada says don’t worry you will never forget this groom.

Megha tells everyone that they will be delayed. Mohan is mad that they are late. Megha tries to pacify him asking him not to lose his cool for Navi’s sake.

Beera comes dressed up. Dada applies tilak on his forehead saying he is proud him. Dada says the vow he took to avenge his insult is going to be fulfilled today.

Munna gets a call from Ragini. Munna asks her what is happening. Ragini says the baraat is going to start and that’s all she is able to do. Munna says now he will handle everything. Ragini asks him to do something and make this wedding happen. Munna say he is waiting for this wedding more than anyone. Munna asks her to bring the baraat and he will handle the rest. Munna thinks that no one come in between him and his goal, not even his own sister Munna at the wedding venue.

RJ tries to make Addu wear a turban but he refuses to wear it. Mohan comes there and says he will make Addu wear it. He tries to explain to Addu when Munna comes there. Addu has fb of Munna choking him. Mohan looks at Munna & Addu. Addu(Jigri) somehow manages to speak out Addu’s name. Mohan is surprised and smiles at Jigri. Jigri keeps saying Addu, Addu , Addu and loses control. Mohan tries to calm him down. Jigri sits down and keeps repeating Addu Addu. He points towards a mirror and Mohan brings it for him. Jigri looks into the mirror, points towards himself and calls himself Munna and calls Addu, Addu. Mohan says he knows.

Munna at the wedding venue looking at everyone. Munna looks at everything a little emotionally. Guru spots him. Papaji and Saroj welcome him. Munna touches their feet. Jiji welcomes him as well. Munna looks at the venue and spots Megha & Renu. Munna keeps looking at Megha. Megha walks by him and Munna greets her. Munna asks her where Mohan is and Megha says he might be inside and asks him to go look inside. Munna walks away and Megha thinks it feels like he is someone close.

Precap: Someone asks Munna where the bathroom is. Munna points them in the right direction. Mohan comes there and says this is the first time for you in the house and you already know every nook & corner of this house. Megha drops a bowl/glass of milk and everyone is shocked. Aarti remarks that milk falling is a bad omen.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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