Amita Ka Amit 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode starts with Kajal chillaofying for AMmu that Its getting late and Atul teasing both of them., Hemanth and varsha supporting AMita and Amita got ready and while leaving reminds Atul that he has to pay her phone bill…and leaves… Atul says that let the marriage happen first and he will get rid of phone bill bharing …and silently feels bad that amita will leave after bidai …and silently leaves … Hemanth and Varsha thinks that AMuu is jaan of the family and how will they able to send her to sasural …and varsha consoles him

Scene shifts to Shah Durbaar with Nautanki Teena and Ria:

Teena combing her hair with her brainless thoughts asks ria that is she getting ready tfor shopping with Amita and her friends for sangeet…Ria answers that she received acall from that stupid AMita an hour back and hence she is getting ready. Tina narrow downs her analysis that the marriage is really happening and Phalguni was not joking. And also reveals that she cant see contentful smile on AMits and Phalguni’s face and all that she wants to see is only Pareshaan Pareshaaan Pareshaan faces of the mother and son duo.

Scene shifts to Boutique… sangeet wala dress selection

Fit no Fit discussion… Finally Nautanki Rea says all designs are old ones and again starts show off of hi fi status guests and Kajal asks mukesh bhai to get the latest ones and there we go …Rea wantedly selects a dress which is 2 sizes smaller to that of AMitas measurements and humiliates Amita but amita signals Kajal and Arti to keep quiet and she says ok for that dress and post nautanki rea leaves she personally takes it as a challenge to loose her weight before sangeet…

Scene shifts to Amita Skipping and Dadi catching the skipping thread and says she isworking so hard since morning and now its time to eat as no one is ready to start having food without amita and so finally Amita comes out and Varsha prepares delicious Paneer khofta and Basundi for AMita. AMita eagerly goes to have but she recollects all the lecture by mummyji and Rea humiliation and she repraminds from having and she excuses everyone that she has to reduce her weight before sangget so that she looks pretty and all but hurt varsha takes the bowl of dishes and says that if amita doesn’t have no one will eat. Amita accepts to eat…

Again AMita on cycling over the phone with Amit and says her day schedule of skipping and so on and also tells about basundi wala scene and AMit says all her mehnat goes for waste if she doesn’t control hereating habits and finally cuts the call… Here batuk and sanjay says that if is doing so much for him he should make sure that he should be giving her assurance that he is with her in this …and gives some idea shhhtypes ..

Scene shifts to Gym: THe manager there says that its 6 weeks programe and so on but AMit intervenes as a surprise to Amita, he not only convinces the gym managerby his business profit wala idea but also pays the membership for AMita. Drops her at home …a cute sa moment …amita bids adieu and says thanks twice and her cute smile makes him also smile …

WHile leaving AMita asks him to step in and leave he hesitatingly enters patels house all greets him with warmth and varsha asks for chai dadi corrects varsha to address amit as amit kumar as he is their would be jamai…so Hemant and Varsha jamai addressing session followed by Atul teasing AMita and amit for he picking and dropping amita, They all ask AMit to stay for some more time but he excuses himself with business meeting and leaves…

AMit with his two friends :

Batuk and sanjay asks that if amit is feeling that he cant pick and drop amita daily he should have put it across to his in-laws. AMit says that it doesn’t give good impression and so on but both the friends tease him that as he wants to spend time with AMita he himself is willing to do pick and drop duty …

Scene shifts to Shah durbar:

Laundry guy counting no of clothes for washing phalguni leaves to get money from inside and here teena is sitting and laundry wla says there is some bil lin AMits trousers pockets and Teena who is eating something hurriedly takes the bill to find it to be the gym bill which Amit paid for Amita and screams out saying Amit paying for amita and phalguni reaches there and is shocked to see that but continues to have a don’t care charade and gives fitting answers for teens questions . Teena humiliates Phalguni that AMit doesn’t change his tooth brush too till it goes to touch me not state and here he is spending too much on AMita like joru ka gulam

Phalguni who in actual senses got hurt and started feeling bit insecured, acts as if it doesn’t mean nothing to her and says if her son is doing so much amita its good and he will be ready to even more than that for his mom …and the screen freezes..

Precap: Amit and AMitas Nok jhok on AMits shirt…

Update Credit to: Sreearabhi

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