Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th March 2013 Written Update

Detailed Update:

Ram and Priya home:

The Episode begins with Ram coming back home from office and calling Priya. Priya comes and says I slap Ayesha. Ram asks what happened. Priya replies She misbehaves with Papa, callied him by his name. Ram asks her to calm down or else her BP will get high and then have to take the tablets. Ram asks her to smile. Priya smiles and then Pihu comes running to him and hugs him. Ram asks Pihu to hug Priya too as her mood is off. Pihu asks Ram when she will go to Khush’s school. Ram and Priya tensed. Priya tries to make her understand and says that they have decided a new school for Pihu. Pihu asks why mamma. Priya says because in new she can make new friends and next year on her birthday she can invite all her new friends and can have all the fun. Pihu says yes mamma. Ram says we will do the party our type. Priya says my type. They decide our type.

Natasha comes there with a tiffin and says lets have dinner. She says bhai Pihu had dinner with us. Ram asks Priya if your anger is cool down then shall we have dinner. Priya says it is still bad. Ram says I will make you eat.lets go. Bade Acche Lagte Hain song is playing in the background…..

Sudhir home:

Soumya tells maa that they should return to Kapoor Mansion for Khush’s sake as he is alone. Maa too agrees and Rishabh says bhai talked with Ayesha and she will not misbehaves with us.

Meanwhile Khush is drawing and Ayesha comes and asks what gift you want if mamma wants to gifts you. Khush replies I dont want anything. Ayesha insists. Khush says I want Papa and Pihu. He tells when they are around. I dont feel bored. Why they cant live with us. Ayesha gets angry and control her anger and says decide and tell about the gift. She leaves.

Mamaji comes there and enquires about his sadness. Khush tells I want Papa and Pihu why can mamma called them. Mamaji replies that papa and pihu are far away but Khush says that he meet them at nana nani place. Mamaji wonders.

Mamaji comes to Ayesha. Ayesha tells him about her insult at Sharma house. She says everything happened because of Khush. she says I am getting angry. Mamaji says he is your son. Ayesha says I know. thats why cant throw him out. Since morning he is calling out papa papa.
She says I cant even tell him about his papa. Mamaji warns her if khush tells anything to Ram then he will scold her. Mamaji suggests Ayesha to invite maa and dadi to her house again. do whatever you can but called them. then khush will be happy. Mamaji says he is Ram kapoor if he can give then he can take too. Ayesha is in thoughts.

Vikram home:

Neha calls Vikram and tells him that paglu did mess up all the house. She asks him to return the paglu dog. They calls chan chan. Neha tells her about the Dog and she suggests her to feed the dog and take it on a walk. she tells her to treat the dog as her kids. She promotes her upcoming serial chan chan coming on sony at 9 pm.

Ram and Priya home:

Priya tells Ram that she will admit Pihu in some school. Ram says but there even tiles are broken. Priya tells him that studies matter and not tiles. she says i also studied at the same school. Priya says i know the principal there, if I talked to her, she will get the midterm admission. Ram says so many school are there. Priya says yes they are, but they demand so much donations. Ram says we have job now. Priya says it is their first day at work, salary will come after 1 month. It is not about school fees, so many other expenses. Natasha comes there and says I will pay for Pihu’s school. Ram says choti we cant take. Natasha says when my business was not doing well, you have helped me. I am doing this for Pihu. They agree. Ram says you will have to take the money whenever they return.

Vikram home:

Neha is applying cream on her hands and Vikram holds her romantically. Paglu comes and sees them. Vikram gets disturbed and Neha asks him to take him on a walk. Vikram says ok and leaves.
Vikram comes back home all mess up. He starts narrating the issue how the owners of the Dog saw the dog and beat Vikram to no end thinking him as a Dog thief. He goes inside to bring the ice.

Sudhir home:

Everybody is sitting and having a tea and Sudhir appreciates her tea preparation. Pihu comes there and tells Sudhir today is special day. Sudhir asks what? Pihu says today is Pihu admission in School. Maa tells Priya and Pihu in same school. They pray that Pihu shall get admission.

Sid home:

Sid wakes up Ayesha as they are sleeping together and Ayesha tells him every morning should be like this. Sid says I too wants to wake up with you every morning. Phone keeps on ringing. Sid asks her to go home as Khush is alone at home. Sid picks up the phone and tells he is busy. Ayesha asks who is there. He gives an excuse. He somehow manage to agree her to go home. He calls some one and asks her to come in 1 hour.

Ram and Priya home:

Priya is on call and tells that we will come on time for an interview. She tells Ram that they have to go for Pihu’s admission at 2 Pm. Ram says he will handle the interview. Priya tells then problem will arise. She says I didn’t forgot the first interview where you asked so many questions to principal. Ram replies we are parents. We have look at everything. Priya says if you asked so many questions then Pihu will not get admission. Priya asked him to keep quiet. Ram says ok, I will keep quiet. If I say anything then you punch my leg. Priya says during our lunch break we will manage. Ram says perfect planning. Priya says if Pihu and Khush were in same school then the planning would be perfect. Ram asks her to see the positive thing. Priya says I hope so. The episode ends on her face.

Precap:Ashwin says that it looks like you are making your name on your father’s and grand father’s wealth. Because of these stupid business proposals, Kapoor industries would have be closed much before. He continues I am very disappointed Mr. Ram Kapoor and throws the file on the floor. Ram looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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