Phir Subah Hogi 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 18th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with chulbuli sitting in front of a mirror getting ready for her mehendi, two girls tease her saying saying that every one will have eyes on her. One of the girls says wait till you see her Dulha every one will have eyes on him. Chubuli says well no problem you ask him if he wants to marry you ! While joking she looks in the mirror and gets a vision of Sugni dressed as a bride, but ignors it. The girls says that vVickram sees no one else while Chulbuli is around.
Aama comes in and tearfully looks at Sugni and says , she hopes she dose not get any”Nazar’. Aama says she looks beautiful and not to come out until it is time. Amma Leaves and Chubuli says she should ask the one she is dressed up how she is looking. Outside vickram is dep in thought as he gets a lashback of Adi putting sindoor on Sugni’s head (Shot gun wedding is shown)
Vickram punches the wall in fustration, as chubuli sees this , she runs tohim and takes his hand ask if it hurts. Vickram says she looks beautiful even . Chubuli says , You are praising me , but there is no happiness in your voice.
Vickram says he was just remembering the past that is all. Chubuli gets worried and ask if he is happy about this wedding , she says she knows what he in the temple was to save her, but maybe she is forcing him to Marry her…she says she thinks she made a mistake because no one would really want to marry a Khota Vali, she starts removing her earrings and Vickram stops her and says look into my eyes I am you’ll see how happy I am…they share an eye lock as O re piya plays in the back gound. A red cloth, that is being used for decoration falls on thier heads as they stare at each other, Chubuli again ges a vision of herself walking dressed as Sugni. Vickram ask if she is Ok She says yes she sees that he is happy . she runs inside.
The girsl are applying mehndi , when Vickra walks in with Bunty , the girls insist that Vickram put some mehendi in Chubuli’s hand he says he don’t know how to do that, after some teasing, he complies and writes a V in the middle of her palm. He remembers the other flashback scene where he turned the A into a V.
Sugni gets up to dance challa valla, While dancing she gets shadowy flashbacks of her wedding with Aditya, She stops and goes to vickram and asks him who is he, and why she is seeing things and remembering things that have no connection to her,Vickram Say s he know why what is happening to her and why, he asks if she wants to know the truth, when Amma stops and says that happens to all new brides …don’t worry about it, Bunty chips in and says she is dreaming about her susural … that is why. Amma says yes, you are thinking of all the happiness Vickram will give you.
Vickram is not to happy but stays quite, Chulbuli says they all answered , but you are quite, what do You have to say. Amma shakes her head no , Vickram says drams are an indication that we are connected and you have to find the meaning in it.
Chulbuli is happy with that and smiles. Vickram thinks only Sugni can save Chubuli from this wedding as, if she remembers she will refuse to marry him, he wish she remembers.
At night Vickram is asleep as chubuli goes to his room and sits on the bed. Vickram is dreaming of Sugni telling him her husband put on her mangalsutra for the second time. , of them arguing and him tauning her, , ‘Chubuli is cressing his forhead as he calls Sugni’s name and she says “Who is this Sugni? Vickram sees Sugni getting Shot and jumps up. he holds Chulbuli in a hug and ask is she is alright.
Chulbuli says it”s just a bad dream. She asks him who is Sugni and ask him to tell her about it. As he is marrying her , but is dreaming of Sugni!

Precap: Reva and Suman look alike spy on the real Suman, preparing to make a switch agaain

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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