Amita Ka Amit 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th December 2013 Written Update

AA show Kajri’s photo to a lady who directs them towards some place.

Kajri’s husband (Mahesh) tells her to come back home. He apologizes as he has realised that life hasn’t been the same without her. She is surprised hearing this. He is ready to even apologize here in front of everyone too. Just forgive me this time. She is overwhelmed at his gesture. I knew my baba will return all my happiness to me…first my baby and now you. He asks her about which baby is she talking. She tells him that they have got their Suryansh back because of baba. He shows excitement and wants to meet him asap. Kajri agrees to take him to where Raunak is.

AA show Kajri’s photo to a lady asking them about her home. She indicates them to a house which is locked. They break the lock and

enter inside but cannot find anything initially. Amu notices a bag on top of the almirah and recalls seeing it with Kajri at Shah House. She points it out to Amit. They look inside and are now sure about this being Kajri’s house. Now we are not far from Kajri. They are happy to have found something. Kajri enters just then. She tells Amit not to feel relieved so soon. Raunak is still very far from you. Mahesh too has followed her. He asks about AA and what are they doing here. I am not having a good feeling about this. Go fast and get the baby. Kajri compliments his acting skills. He is speechless. You were trying to take away my Suryansh by siding with these fools? I doubted it all the minute you called me up to meet you. He tries to talk to her but she tells him to stay away from her. if you all think that you are at your destination then listen carefully, Suryansh is at a very far place from here. You all cannot even think about it. Amu tries to talk to her but Kajri tells her to tell Mahesh to go from here. Mahesh obliges.

Amu again begs Kajri. Kajri asks them if they thought they could use her idiot husband to reach to Suryansh. Amu literally begs her to return her Raunak to her. kajri is not moved by any of it. I have endured more for getting my Suryansh back. Amit tells her to stop this nonsense. We wont go from her without our son. Kajri acts being scared by his threats but then talks of her baba and the powers he has given to you. Amu blames her baba for all her problems. He has deprived you of all the willpower and thought process. Kajri warns her not to say anything against her tantrik baba. You both are the reason of my problem. Leave from here and don’t even think of coming back here. Let me and my son live peacefully. Amit warns her of police. He is all set to take her there but Amu stops him. lets go home. Amit is taken aback. Kajri sits down all relaxed. Amu tells him to understand her. They both leave from there reluctantly.

Back home, Amit is blaming Amu for letting go Kajri. She would have been in the police station. Fallu too questions her. amu says Kajri is a mom. She wont open her mouth in front of anyone, not even police, till she realises that Raunak is not her son. Rohan says we have to do something. Amu tells them they cannot do anything just like that. Kajri has so many times put her own life at risk for Raunak’s sake. She wont tell anything this easily. I am a mother. I have lost my son. I will go to any extent to get him back that is why I know it. Amit tells her to control herself. We will get our son back for sure. Amu gets an idea. There is only one way to get my Raunak back.

Scene shifts to tantrik baba who is holding out a so called knowledgeable session for his devotees. AA come there in disguise of villagers.


AA chant praises of baba who tells them to sit down and wait for their turn. Amit is about to sit but then loudly tells Amu (Sushila) not to give the bundle of notes to him every time. Tantrik is immediately attracted by all that money. They sit down with other devotees. Baba dismisses all the devotees and tells them to go home. AA too get up to leave but baba calls them aside. He agrees to listen to their problems. He is again attracted to the bundle of notes in Amit’s lap. Amit praises him.

Amit tells him that they belong to wealthy (princely) family but because of their family rivalry they had to marry and live secretly. We had a kid but we have lost him now. Amu gets emotional. Amit very sweetly wipes her tears and repeats after baba that he will help them. Amit further adds that Sushila’s (Amu) father doesn’t want their son to be a part of their lineage so he has abducted him from the hospital itself. Baba agrees to help them. AA agree to give whatever is necessary to get their baby. Baba suggests a big puja and lots of money to do that. Amit instantly asks him to name the price and they will give it all…even if they involve crores of rupees. Baba gets busy planning his retirement (lol). They notice that he has fallen for it. He tells them to go home today. Come back next week. Amu declines. We want our baby asap. You take whatever you want. They remove their gold jewellery and keep it in his feet.

Kajri comes there and greets baba. AA recognize her voice and cover their faces well so that she doesn’t recognize them.


Baba tells AA (while looking at Kajri) he has found a solution for their problem…will get it by tomorrow. AA get up to go but then stop at a corner. Amu loudly assures Amit that they will get their baby as baba has promised them. Kajri is confused. Amu recalls something and they both sit down in front of baba once again. We forgot to tell you something very important. Amit says we don’t talk in front of strangers (Kajri) but that is ok with you being around. He calls him aside. Baba agrees to come. Kajri wants to talk too but baba tells her to wait.

Amu tells baba that their son has a mole on her chest. Amit nods along. Baba points out that they had told him their baby was missing from the hospital after his birth then how do you know about the mole. AA go quiet.

Precap: Kajri gives Raunak to baba. He starts taking him somewhere. Kajri asks him about it but he tells her to let it be. Back home, Amu tells everyone that baba has fallen in their trap. Now we only have to wait for his call. Everyone is happy / relieved.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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