Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th December 2013 Written Update

Arunasur searches for Bhoothnath everywhere…seeing his chariot and calls him forth..Arunasur says tat he accepts the challenge.. and Boothnath appears firth him.

Back here Parvati devi is deep in meditation.. balancing n filling up for the missing elements in the world.. an energy aura of hexagon shape appears around her… its like the energy is being sucked out of Shakti constantly.
KArtikeya (K), GAnesh Ganas n NAndi witness this and they all worry for their mata.. Kartikeya feels unjust to the fact that when the 5 devtas could be freed without any hard work..why can’t they just slay Anrusnasur..

GAnesh says that they have to stand by their parent’s decision..though its difficult for even him to see his mother in such pain…K

leaves the place.
At Kailash all devtas n saptrishi go to SHiva to lend a hand..but Shiva says that Arunasur needs to be brought down in his ways.. his past will be his weakness.. he is doing all this cause of his mother.. EVEn Yamraj suggest a quick respite from Arunasur would be to give the pure soul of his mother to him..which is desperately waiting for liberation. Shiva says that Boothnath will defeat Paravti ma too would be free from her responsibility..Mahadev doesn’t agree to its imp for Arunasur to understand is whatever he is wishing is against the rules of nature- this can be possible only f he is reminded of his past…hearing this K feels dejected and rushes out of their ..never listens to Nandi’s calls..

(BN) Boothnath exchange words… (AS) Arunasur gives 5days to BN… BN tells each day when he gets defeated he should give back one devta in return… AS says that he won;t have to do it as he has faith in his winning.

At once BN takes a kung-fu kinda cane which reminds As of his childhood..when his dad used to punish him mercilessly with the cane..
AS gets back that fear feeling in him…BN reminds him of his childhood horrors…AS is shocked to know that someone as well know his past.. on asked BN tells that he knows all.. if he had to fight BN then he has to face n fight his past too.
BN disappears before AS could tell him that he lives in the present… Then BN’s voice utter that he needs to search him- and which ever elements he finds, he has to fight against it… Then darkness encompasses around him.. As accepts the challenge as its not a war for him, but the hight of devotion towards his mother..

Nandi tells abt a hurt n unhappiness K to all… Ganesh tells that K has always been emotional about their mother..he’ll come back soon.. he knows that he is needed there.

Arunsasur tries to search for the next clue from one of the elements… as he does that a bight light covers the space around him making him unable to open his eyes… BN appears and reminds him of his past.. AS gets reminded of his father’s atrocities how he tied a little Arunasur to a tree and threatened him that he’d harm his mother if she helps him or if he himself can’t get out of the shackles he has put..

Arunasur understands that BN is trying to dig the past n make him weak..
his determination to win is greater than his tricks.. AS then tries to prison BN with his powers and asks him to come out of that bondage…

K goes to Brhmdev n Sarswati devi and discusses the issue with them.. why isn’t his dad accepting Yamraj’s suggestion and giving Arunasur back his mother in return of 5 devtas n liberating his mother of the pain she is going through…n later he’d go n kill AS himself…he feels that his dad Mahadev is ignoring his mom’s health for the world’s well being..? Can’t there be any change in rules..? he request Brhm dev if he can talk abt the issue to his dad..

Mahadev arrives the place and enters the energy hexagon..Mata Parvati feels this and opens her eyes.. she sees Shiva bring food for her.. Pavati pati Mahadev, kneels down to her and feeds her food and water… (K u missed this divine scene re… have u had a little more patience n faith in ur dad ur complaints would have been clear)

Brhm dev back here advices Parvati Naandan- Kartikeya that Pursh and Prakriti are beyond all these pains.. its difficult to understand Mahadev’s leela…he too says K to have faith in his dad’s motives .. and he would never allow any harm touch Parvati devi.

Whatever AS tries to do to harm BN, he is unable to do so… its all play of energies n strength, BN then breaks off the glass prism that As made to capture him… BN defeats AS..and BN asks to AS to return Surya dev.
His next session will only start when he finds a new elements to fight…

AS gets flashes of his torture he insults his own son of being a stain to their weak.. he emotionally plays wid the kid’s mind saying that if he fails then even his mother won’t like him and she would be doing a crime for giving birth to a weakling son.. AS comes back to present moment and tells to himself that he is not weak!

Precap: BN defeats AS in the first combat..and Sury dev shares with AS how he never recognized who he is fighting with..
AS says that he has become even more stronger after being reminded of his past nightmares..

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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