The Buddy Project 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 16th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th December 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with KD in some woman’s office who tells him she understands him but will still ask him to think about it again as it’s a very uncertain and long fight he is going for, KD tells her not to worry as he thought it very well, the lady praises him for his bravery, KD tells her once one of his teacher said to if you want something huge in life you need to take a huge risk and this is very important to him

The lady asks him why is it so important and KD tells her its for that girl whom he loves so much, the lady says she’s really lucky and excuses herself

KD to the camera: whatever you think of me Kiya I wont leave you alone, I will help you how ever I can even if you don’t want it

While in Piddhi’s room he jumps on his bed hiding under the

blanket with the buzzer sound of his phone, he then realizes its his phone and picks it up, Ranveer asks why didn’t he call him, Piddhi tells him his condition is so awful that his stomach is having missed calls, RV asks if he should come to take him to the doctor, Piddhi tells him not to since his mother’s friend is here and if his mom finds out she would embarrass him feeding him medicines, he tells RV to not take tension and not come

Piddhi asks about RV who says everything is in a mess and above that neither he is there nor KD is there, when he needs them they have disappeared, Piddhi tells him sadly he has been born to help people but it’s a different matter that he cant help, RV is confused and Piddhi tells him to leave it and asks what help does he need, RV says its ok and asks about KD, Piddi says KD bhai ko dharti khaa gayi ya aasman nigal gaya’, he tells RV he has no idea where he is as he has been trying to call KD from morning but there’s no response, RV says ok and cuts the call

KD skyping with someone asks the guy for his id no, the guy tells him and KD thanks the guy, the guy asks if he can really do something about this, KD tells him he has already taken statements from four students and he even has some strong evidence against this school so he is sure they can do something

Panchi on her bed thinks about what Sophia and RV said

Panchi to the camera: Is what RV is saying is right? Is she being to cautious? Is that why there are so many problems? Avi and she broke up but that doesn’t mean the same will happen to her and RV, she is really confused right now whether she should give RV one chance or should they just be friends?

Panchi goes to sleep to enter her dream

Panchi is standing in the balcony and excitedly thanks RV for the burger, she then thinks that she is angry with him but then why is she talking so nicely to him, RV says because it’s a dream and whatever you see in a dream is basically in your subconscious mind, Panchi asks did he read this all from the net, RV says no he is serious its does happen like that, Panchi asks him what is her subconscious mind saying right now

RV taking her burger from her tells her that her subconscious mind wants all this that is happening right now but something is stopping her, Panchi takes back her burger and asks what does he mean, RV says to leave it as its very intelligent stuff and she wont understand, Panchi nags to tell her and she might unsderstand

RV says ok and asks her to say first if she trusts him, Panchi thinks about it and looks up to find RV gone only to realize he is behind, she goes to him and says Sophia ma’am was also talking about trust today, RV asks what was she saying, Panchi starts thinking again and RV is back to near the railing and says not to take so much footage and say fast coz this is a dream and if its broken then their conversation will be incomplete

Panchi says Sophia said that she knows what she wants but something is stopping her and she even said in every relationship you should think form the heart and trust is very important, RV says she said right, Panchi asks how, RV explains her saying to think as if there is fire around her here and only option she has is to jump from here, Panchi looks at the height and drops the burger and gets scared

RV tells her to relax as its just an imagination, he further says that he will be down there and shouting out to her to jump so will she jump? Panchi says is he gone mad if she jumps from sch a height she might as well die, RV says that’s the problem as because of her height phobia she cant see the net in his hands

Panchi asks where did the net come from, RV tells her to have the mango and not count the trees, Panchi confused asks where did the trees come from, RV from behind shouts Shut up’ and tells her to listen carefully, there is fire everywhere and she needs to jump, Panchi looks down and RV tells her even if she cant see the net but she should trust him that he will save her, Panchi closes her eyes to open and imagine the whole scene in front of her, fire around her and RV holding a net down asking her to trust him and jump, Panchi jumps only to wake up with her alarm
Panchi to the camera: the dream was incomplete, did RV save her or not?

Piddhi wakes up and starts thinking

Piddhi to the camera: he cant do anything being scared and hiding in the house, instead he is becoming more of a loser, whatever happens he will go to college today as JJ said they should face their fears and he will face his fear

He gets up from the bed to see himself in the mirror

Piddhi to the camera again: JJ said this when he was fearing from his exams and if he really followed what JJ said and faced those goons then they will for sure break up all of his bones, he asks if you get scared from exams you cannot run away and need to face them but if you get scared from goons you can run away right? (iska kuch nahi ho sakta)

Panchi is waiting on the road for an auto when she meets RV on the bicycle who takes her chocolate from her and tells her to bring out her cycle and they would go to college cycling, Panchi asks why suddenly, RV says even before they used to do that and now also they will do that as nothing has changed and reminds her if he wins her lunch is his and if she wins his lunch is hers
Panchi is about to leave and he tells her since she will be out of practice he will let her take the lead, she hits him and goes irritated, they both begin the race and RV takes a break in between and stops, Panchi asks is he already tired and tells him to give up or maybe he will just have to get embarrassed in front of everyone, RV starts cycling but before him Panchi leads away
Panchi reaches first to college as RV comes tired and out of breath, Panchi says sarcastically some is out of practice and RV tells her she won because he let her, Panchi starts hitting him but stops and stares, RV says she hits him when he is always right since she hit lightly so her half lunch is his, RV leaves

Panchi to the camera: this is all weird and she cant understand is RV doing all this to be friends or just to make her happy

Piddhi comes out of the auto covering his head like a ninja, he enters the college and sits on the bench in the corridor and opens the scarf from his face and breathes, he snatches the water bottle from the person beside him and drinks from it while they stare at him astounded

Piddhi to the camera: what has happened to him, is he going to live all his life in fear like this?

On the other hand KD gets a call from the lady informing him that the overseas minister is in their town and she is going to him for an interview, she asks him if he could make it there, KD tells her ofcourse he can come and thanks her, the lady reminds him to come there on time if they are late they will loose the chance to meet him

In the class RV comes in to see Kiya trying to find something in her bag, he greets her hesitantly who cheerfully greets him, RV says he thought she would start hitting him as soon as he saw him, Kiya says he is still on about yesterday’s topic, RV says yeah and tells her whatever happened these few days he realized something, Kiya asks like what, RV says they always become happy when they get something they want but today he did something which made someone else happy

He says its such a satisfying feeling to do what the other person wants, he wishes wherever she is he hopes she is happy, Kiya thinks about it and asks if he is talking about Panchi, RV says ofcourse, Kiya says she will be only happy if he did give her some space but she doesn’t think they boys can understand that, RV tells her not to underestimate him

Kiya asks if he gave her all the space what she rightfully deserves, RV says yes he did, Kiya shocked says she cant believe it, RV says even he cant believe it, he says on one side he wishes to hug her and pull her cheeks and kiss her but on the other hand she needs space so its cool, Kiya looks at him and asks is he a guy, RV says huh’

RV asks what does she meand, Kiya says till today he hasn’t seen any guy being so understanding, RV tells her to trust him and says KD really wants to help her, Kiya tells him she knows he is KD’s friend and he would say that, Rv asks her to listen to KD once, Kiya says she doesn’t want to, RV urges but Kiya tells him not to force her as KD also does that and she really doesn’t want it, Kiya then leaves, RV says to himself where is KD

The lady calls KD and he tells her he is reaching in ten minutes, the lady tells her they don’t have much time, KD looks at his watch and says he is on time since she asked him to come at 12, the lady tells him that the minister got a call and has to go to Delhi so he cancelled the interview, KD says he will be there in 5, the lady tells him next week he is going on foreign tou so he can meet then, KD says no he has to meet today anyhow, the lady tells him to make it fast

KD tells the driver to go faster, the minister comes out and the lady waits for KD thinking where is he, the minister just leaves when KD reaches, KD runs after their car and comes in front to stop the car, everyone looks at him shocked(OMG KD luks sooo hot in this scene)

Precap: the security moves KD away asking who he is, KD tells him he needs to talk to him, on the other hand the goons start chasing Kiya and Panchi tells her to ignore and lets go, the guy catches Kiya’s hands and both the guys take her away while Panchi tells a tensed Piddi to do soemthing

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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