Amita Ka Amit 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th November 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Amu saying it’s you who wants to kill my baby? It’s you who is doing black magic on my baby? Kajri fumbles and shakes her head. I haven’t done a thing. Amu asks her then who is it. Kajri says I was told to get these lemons by Riya didi. Amu is shocked while Kajri is relieved. What’s happening? If you don’t tell me then I will call everyone here. It would become tough for you to answer then. What’s all this for? Before Kajri can answer Riya comes there. Don’t tell anything. What’s your problem Amita? Now will have to take your permission before asking Kajri to buy lemons? Amu shakes her head. I dint mean that. The same kinds of lemons (black magic) were kept outside my room. Riya cannot believe it that she could say something so cheap. You think I am doing black magic on your baby? You have lost your mind. You are showing your class by talking all this stuff. Amu points out that she is taking this topic to far. Riya says its you who can put blame on anyone and you are saying that to me? Anyways I told Kajri to get lemons as my stomach was paining. I wanted to have lemon water. Kajri agrees with her. This is what I was going to tell her but she started blaming me without even listening to me. riya tells them to stop it. Amita I am telling you for the last time that I don’t have to take your permission before doing anything in this home….neither did I have to take is earlier nor do I have to now. Kajri is enjoying it. Riya leaves with Kajri.

Amu comes back inside with her baby. Fallu is sitting in the living area. Amu wants to talk to her but before she can say anything, Kajri comes there. She starts dusting stuff there only. Fallu beckons her to tell. Amu looks at Kajri and doesn’t say what she was meaning to. Fallu is making a list for naming ceremony of Amu’s baby. Priest gave it to me. He will come tomorrow and do the puja. She tells Amu not to worry. Kajri will buy all the stuff from market. Amu snatches the list from her. It is my son’s naming ceremony. I will get all the things. Fallu tells her it doesn’t matter who buys all this stuff. Plus where all will you keep roaming with your baby? Amu assures her that Amit will handle the baby for some time. I will shop by then. Kajri takes Amu’s side. Let her go. Fallu agrees. Amu is confused by Kajri’s gesture. She leaves for her room. Kajri is miffed.

Kajri is playing with Pari while Riya is checking out some magazine. Amu comes back after shopping everything for the puja. Riya notices her and asks Kajri if she isn’t going to help her Amu didi today. Kajri agrees to help her beloved Amu didi. She gives Pari to Riya and calls out for Amu. She offers to take the stuff but Amu declines. I will do it myself. Amit comes there with their baby. Amu smiles. You (Amu) were missing me right? Amit says that he always misses her all the time whether you are near me or not. Kajri is eavesdropping. Amu says I was talking about the baby and blows him a kiss. Amit calls her unromantic. Everyone misses you whether it is me or our baby. Amu smiles. The baby starts crying. Amit tells her to take him. kajri tries to seize the opportunity and take her bags. Amit tells her to handle the baby as he is crying so much. Give the things to Kajri. Amu has no option but to give it all. Kajri eyes the stuff victoriously.

AA come to their room. Amit is happy that she is back. I have to go get fresh. She stops him. Please stay with the baby. I have to make preps for the puja. Please bath after I come. But please don’t leave the baby alone for even a minute. He nods. She leaves and he is all tensed.

Riya and Kajri are doing some puja arrangements. Amu asks them about it. Fallu comes there and gives her flowers telling her to decorate the temple. She asks Amu as to why is she looking like this. You must be thinking why Riya is making all the preps? Amu agrees. I was to do all this. Fallu points out that she indeed is doing everything. You brought all the stuff. You were busy with the baby so Riya offered to help. Riya assures her she and Kajri will do everything. She asks Fallu how did she like the decorations done by Kajri. Fallu compliments her. She asks Amu about it. Fallu tells Riya to take out all the stuff from the bag and arrange it in the puja thaal. Kajri is shocked to see the contents of the bag and so is Riya when she sees it. Amu asks them as to what happened. Fallu too wants to know. Kajri points out that Amu has brought stuff for someone’s burial. Everyone is shocked especially Amu.


Amu is crying and everyone is gathered in the living area. Everyone is telling her not to cry. They all assure her there is nothing to worry. Amit says the puja is tomorrow I will get all the stuff by then. Fallu tells her not to worry little things. The puja would go smoothly. Amu nods. She looks at Kajri and Riya who are eyeing each other. Amu is thinking.

Amu is sitting on the couch while holding the baby in her lap. Amit comes there. The baby was sleeping nicely a little while earlier in his pram. What has happened to you suddenly? Why is he sleeping here in your lap? She says she likes it this way. Amit tells her that she is actually scared that someone might harm our baby somehow. She tells him not to call her love a scare. He says I know everything. Since the ingredients changed you are super scared that someone will harm our baby. She makes him recall that it was him only he told her not to think all that. Please go and sleep. He is confused. You don’t want to? She will sleep a little later. I don’t want that your sleep gets disturbed by me or my baby. He gives up and goes to sleep. Amu prays to God to protect her baby always.

Next morning, Amu and Nani are in the kitchen. Fallu comes there to tell Amu that she is being called by the priest for the puja. You have prepared the Prasad well right? Amu nods. Lets call our chief guest (Amu’s baby) for the day. Amu tells Nani to keep the Prasad in the fridge.

Amu brings the baby for the puja. Everyone is already gathered there. Riya doesn’t like it when Fallu calls him the chief guest. Priest speaks well for the baby. God reflects in him. He wants to begin the puja and tells them to get the Prasad. Amu reaches kitchen and see Kajri doing something in the fridge. Kajri is shocked to hear Amu calling out to her.


Just then someone else calls out for Kajri and she rushes out. Amu wonders about Kajri. She opens the fridge and smells something foul. The Prasad is all ruined. How can this be foul so soon? Amit meets her when she was heading back to the puja. He notices that she looks worried. She tells him that the Prasad is all ruined now. I made it fresh a little while ago only but now its all ruined. He is confused too. It was in the fridge right? Then how did it happen? She recalls seeing Kajri leaning over the fridge. She says it was spoiled by Kajri. He cannot believe it she is again blaming Kajri. Why do you always blame her? She explains what she saw. But if that was the case then why did she run away as soon I came there? He replies that you always scare her then what else will she do if not run. She cannot believe that he is still siding with Kajri. You don’t trust me? I am telling you that she behind this. He says there can be many reasons. You might have made it in a spoilt bowl. Fallu interrupts them. Amu tells her about the Prasad being ruined. She too is confused. Amit tells her not to start thinking too much. Go and tell the priest to start the puja without the Prasad. She tells him that it cannot be thus. I will ask for some more time to make it. Amu reminds her that he is anyways very angry. We cannot do this. Kajri comes there and surprises them by telling that the Prasad is ready. Amu is shocked nonetheless.

Precap: Amit tells Amu that just as she is a mom and understands every sadness related to their baby he too does. I too understand our baby somewhere. Don’t worry. Look at our baby he looks so happy. Amu looks and notices that the baby has vomited. Amit too notices this and is shocked. She picks him up worriedly.

Update Credit to: pooja

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