Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani dreaming about the previous night’s events. Meghna comes and consoles her. Shivani asks how she got here. Meghna says when she got a call from her, she went in search of her in a car, that is when Shivani got stuck by her car and Meghna took her to her home. Meghna asks what happened last night, Shivani says she will tell it later and first wants to talk to Raghu. She tries to recall Raghu’s number, but could not. Meghna tells Shivani to relax and will get her mobile repaired. Shivani is worried about Raghu, thinking what would he be thinking about her. Raghu calls Panna tai and informs babyji went somewhere and asks if she came to haveli. She says she didn’t come. Raghu says he will find out and not to worry.

Lata overhears him talking on phone and asks her if he had come from haveli, then why is he calling Panna tai and asking about babyji. She asks if he is hiding something from her and why he is worried. He says after Maliksaa’s death, babyji has gone to haveli for the first time. His mom says not to worry about babyji as she has gone to her home between her people and also she was talking about meeting her friend. If she mingles with everybody, she will be alright. Raghu asks which friend? Lata says don’t know about that, but babyji was talking on phone with one of her friend. She says to stop thinking about babyji as she went back to her world and to think about himself now. She goes out of Raghu’s room. Raghu thinks which friend Shivani would have gone to meet. He then remembers his Maliksaa’s last words about protecting Shivani till his last breath. Raghu says sorry to his Maliksaa and tells he will find Shivani wherever she is. On the other side, Meghna’s mother asks Shivani that she eloped and married and must be repenting about it, but what can be done now. Now she has to spend her life as servant’s wife. Meghna comes to Shivani and gives water.Meghna’s mom Sunanda again comes and asks if she is alright, taunting her wandering around in midnight. She asks what happened that she came out of her husband’s house.If she fought and came here. She tells Meghna to show her their small guest room as Shivani got habituated with small room. Shivani tells it is ok and she will shift to guest room. She moves out with her bag with Meghna’s mom Sunanda to the dusty guest room. She says she is giving this room so that Shivani does not miss her family.

She then asks if Raghu is handsome that she left her Haveli and went to live in a dirty street with him. She asks if she is repenting about it, but nothing can be done than living as a servant’s wife for her whole life. She then says she will send broom to clean the room if she does not mind. She warns her not to reveal any of her servants that she married her maid and goes out. Shivani cleans the room coughing due to dust recalling how Raghu’s family used to take care of her. On the other side, Abhimanyu is talking to Jazz and Mahima. Mahima asks Abhimanyu about the “will.” Abhimanyu murmurs in his mind that he does not have the will with him. Mahima says if he does not want to give it. Abhimanyu says he kept the “will” in bank locker and to go home, he will bring the will a day or two. Mahima asks him to bring it soon and leaves. Abhimanyu thinks he escaped today, but he should find a will soon. Jazz and Mahima think until they get the will, they have to tolerate Abhimanyu and leave in their car. Shivani is drying her hair in front of mirror and looking at her forehead sindoor and mangalsutra. She thinks if her marriage is a lie, then why to wear mangalsutra and tries to removes it but cannot.

Meghna brings breakfast to Shivani’s room and sees her removing mangalsutra. She warns her not to remove it, if her mom sees it, she will create a scene. On the other side, Sunanda is talking on the phone. Meghna and Shivani come for breakfast. Shivani searches for fork and knife. Sunanda taunts her that she would have got a habit of eating with hands now. Shivani gets up and is about to go but just then she overhears servant telling to another servant not to throw stale food as it will be served to the guest.

Panna tai gives a diary to Raghu with Shivani’s friends phone number and address. She says about Shilpa and Meghna and to check there. She tells to inform her if Raghu gets to know about Shivani. She leaves.

Raghu goes to Shivani’s friend’s houses on the given addresses but cannot find Shivani.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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