Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th November 2013 Written Update

Gauri is chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. Shivji-Parvati appears in that temple in disguise. Hearing “Bam bhole” Gauri opens her eyes. He asks her why did she offer milk to the Shiv ling, she could have used it for herself. He speaks against Mahadev. Gauri objects, says in front of the Shiv ling to forgive him. She then explains, whatever is our’s is of Mahadev. If we offer that to him he’ll be pleased. Milk is Mahadev’s favourite, so I’ve offered him. Parvati asks her name. Hearing Gauri both Shivji & Paravti look at each other smiling. He wants to meet her father. Parvati says they have been travelling since long. Will she take them home? Gauri hesitantly refuses. Saying there is no food at home. Her parents may be hurt seeing they can’t offere anything to their guests. Paravti says they don’t want anything. Her parents will be pleased to meet them Gauri agrees.
Ripunjay is chanting Brhmaji’s name, gets impatient seeing him not appearing in front of him. He threatens to give up all the 5 elements, if he doesn’t care for his creation.
In Swarg, Devas tells Indra, they have ignored Ripunjay’s request. What if he gives up all the 5 elements. Indra says he is just threatening us, will not do anything of that sort. They should think of Asura’s problem.
Asuras are offering abhishek at Somanath Shivling & entering Swarg directly. They are excited seeing Swarg. Indra is worried, says he should do something soon. Brihaspati warns him, saying Asura’s entry here is because of him only. Had he not refused that Asura from sitting next to him, this situation wouldn’t have come up.
At Ksheersagar, Vishnuji says Indra has made a mistake by refusing the Devas from going to Kashi, now he is going to make one more mistake, it’s going to create trouble for him. Not believing his guru Brihaspati, will cost him a lot. Naradji says Indra has always ignored Brihaspati’s advice.
At Patal loka, Diti is happy is lighting diyas. Shukracharya comes there, says his decision of making her go for the mahabhoj was right. Diti is happy for her Daitya sons but is worried too about Indra may do something to upset them. Shukracharya says it’s Daitya’s test too.
On the way Shivji asks Gauri, will she recognize if Mahadev appears in front of her? She answers even if I don’t, he’ll recognize him. What will you ask from him? Asks Shivji. Problem of people of kashi should vanish & my parents should be wealthy, happy, says Gauri. Nothing for yourself? Asks Parvati. I’ll be glad seeing everyone around me happy, answers Gauri. They reach near her house. She goes inside to call her mother, who comes out welcomes them praying to Shivji to help them. She takes Parvati inside. Shivji sees everything deserted, the cow given by him is starved too. He blesses that place & the Greenary is restored. The Cow is normal now.
Both Shivji & Parvati are sitting inside Gauri’s house. Upamanyu come running falls on Shivji’s feet, calls them prabhu & mata. His wife is surprised. They are now in their real form. Seeing them Gauri feels happy.

Precap: Brhmaji tells Ripunjay to ask for a boon. He asks no Deva can enter Kashi without his permission. Indra & other Devas are shocked seeing this. Ripunjay says he doesn’t need ant Deva, not event Mahadev. Shivji is seeing this.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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