Amita Ka Amit 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 13th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with scene,Amita rushing to center hall holding things Lemon and Green
chilli and informs that it was there in her room. Kajar shocks and leaves the
place silently. Dadisa says Lemon N chill used to make some jaadu. Amita Is so
worried and shouts somone wants to harm her baby. Amit tries to convince that
nothing like that. Amita doesn’t agree and starts arguing on the same point
that what is the lemon and chilli doing in my room where the baby stays and
asks to answer. Riya starts shouting on Amita and bursts out that Amita is
trying to divert attention towards her and her baby with some faltoo bahanas.
And conitnues to shout that no one does pay attention to her pari , but
everyone is so concerned about Amita’s baby. Rohan shouts on Riya to calm down.
But Riya doesn’t listen at all and continues to bash Amita. Rohan warns her not
to say even a single word otherwise he will be the bad person and asks her to
leave to her room.  All are shockd and
speechless. Amita leaves silently. Dadi asks phalguni to take tablet. Phalguni says she knows
that there is no bad eye on Amita’s baby but there is on the home. One after
one problems are flooding like anything. Dadi tries explain about Life.
Phalguni worried that she trusted that Riya has changed but after hearing to
her today she feels very bad. Dadi says that wait for some time. Amita in kitchen reminds the words of Riya. Amit enters
kitchen sees amita lost in thoughts. Amit apologiezes. Amita says not to say
sorry though riya words are little bitter but it’s the truth. And amita says
she has taken a decision that until she finds some proper proof , she will not
blame anyone regarding her baby. And she wants to be happy everyone. Asks amit
to pay concentration on presentation than the baby, then Amita leaves kitchen.
Amita self talk that she has requested amit to help her and who is trying harm
her baby . Amita enters her room and shocked to see kajri massaging baby. Amit
misunderstand what Kajri doing and rushes to baby shouting Kajri. Takes her
baby and screams on kajri that hw dare she tries to harm baby. Kajri defends
her that she is molishing the baby and why she is thinking wrong. Amita warns
that not to touch her baby and no need to worry about her baby and says get
lost from there. Kajri leaves room with tears. Kajri crying the in the living room. Amit who was passing
the way asks her the reason. Kajri starts to say some excuses and complaints
about Amita that amita doesn’t trust her and she wants to leave the room. And requests
amit to searching for some work. Amit asks what had happened exactly. Kajri
starts complaining about Amita. Kajri does all nautanki to gain Amit’s
sympathy. Amit tries to convince and defends amita and her worry about baby.
Amita apoligizes kajri behalf of amita. Kajri continues her nautanki and
assures amit that she will not leave the house. Amit leaves .Amit enters into room and starts shouting on Amita. Amit
informs angrily that kajri wants to leave home. Amita says she will be happy
for that. Amit starts defending kajri and explains her necessity for babies.
Both start arguing about it. Amita firmly says that she will take care of her
child alone and will spend much time for baby and she doesn’t need any helper.
Amita in garden playing with baby. Kajri entrs there holding
lemon and chilli in hand. Amita notices kajri hiding something in her saree
pallu. Amita gets doubt and shouts on kajri to stop. Amita rushes to kajri and
asks angrily to show what is she hiding. Kajri gets numb and get tensed. Amita
forcely takes out the things from her saree pallu and shocked to see the lemons
and chilli. Amita asks that is that you doing jaadu on my baby? Kajri tries to
defed as she didn’t try anything. Kajri says someone askd her to bring the
lemons. Amita asks who asked to bring. Kajri asks to leave it. Amita warns to
answer. Kajri says its Riya asked for the lemons. Screen freezes on Shocked
face of amita..

Precap : riya and kajri arranging things at pooja room.
Kajri says amita has brought Cremation Ash. Amita comes fast and takes out the

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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