Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2013 Written Update

The interviewer asks Sandhya which is the largest spoken language in the world. Sandhya says mandarin Chinese is the largest spoken language in the world. Suddenly, one of the interviewers ask her to think and answer. He also says candidates give wrong answers due to being nervous and ask her to drink water, think and then answer. Sandhya is tensed. They ask her again to drink water. She drinks water and then tells again that as far as she knows, she is right. They then ask her about some terrorist incident that happened in jagatpur and what is her opinion about it. Sandhya asks them to repeat the place name and reassures. She thinks she has not read about such incident in that place. The interviewers wonder why she is thinking when they just asked her opinion about the incident. Sandhya tells she has not heard about such incident in that place. The interviewers mock her telling even small children knew about that incident. Sandhya is tense. Suraj is also tense sitting outside.

In RM, Momly room. Meena has given all stained and faded clothes of Kanha for Pari. Emily is frustrated seeing those and tells she would never wear such clothes to Pari. She then understands why Meena has given such clothes so that she can ask why Emily did not use those clothes for Pari and then bring it to Bhabho’s notice and fight again. Mohit warns her to not anger Bhabho as she has not started her beauty parlor yet. Emily finds a solution for this and thinks of telling Bhabho that the clothes were big and she will use them later.

The interviewers give Sandhya a situation that there is a thief and a corrupt police officer and she is allowed to arrest only one person and whom would she arrest. Sandhya answers she would arrest the corrupt policeman. The interviewers mock her again saying how could she leave the thief and arrest her coworker. Sandhya explains the thief is professional stealer and logically not expected to respect laws but the work of the policeman is to protect law and being a corrupt officer, he is more dangerous than the thief. Then the interview continues with background music and finally, they ask her when she becomes IPS, her status, lifestyle, etc will be totally different to that of her husband and does she think that her husband needs to continue his halwai profession or change to anything new. Sandhya tells she does not think he needs to change his profession as he is an expert in his profession and has even won WTC and brought fame to the country, also DSP had arranged a felicitation ceremony for him regarding that. She says she and her husband respect each others thoughts and profession equally and if not for Suraj’s support, she would not have been at this interview. They ask her if she is ready to attend the 11 months training if selected and she answers yes. The interviewers tell her she can leave.

Sandhya comes outside and Suraj asks what happened. Sandhya tells she has answered her best honestly but does not think she answered well. Suraj reassures her that she would have done well and not to worry. One of the interviewers who was passing by them stops. Sandhya wishes him and introduces Suraj to him and they wish each other. He tells Sandhya that he is impressed by the way Sandhya answered and there is no such place like jagatpur and they were testing candidate’s honesty by asking such questions. He says Sandhya did well according to him. He also praises Sandy saying it is common that husband and wife love and respect each other but to respect his family too is unique. Suraj asks him whether she will pass the interview. He tells as per him, she did fine and still other judges will have their say and they can check the results on website on their due date. Suraj thanks him for bringing smile on Sandhya’s face.

The next scene, Bhabhasa is sitting very tense. All other Rathis except SurYa are present in the hall. Vikram asks Bhabhasa is he not feeling well and why he has not eaten paan. Chavvi tells him Bhabhasa has also not had his tea too. Vikram wonders why and Meena tells it is Sandhya’s IPS results day and SurYa have gone to internet caf. Vikram reassures Bhabhasa saying it will take some time. Meena is eager to know what will happen. She speaks to Kanha and tells her one fist means Sandhya will fail and the other means Sandhya will pass and she asks him to touch one hand. Kanha smiles and then touches the fail hand. Meena is happy. She tells Vikram what if Sandhya fails, Suraj’s dream will be shattered. All are shocked and Vikram scolds her to speak always good. He reassures Bhabhasa saying Sandhya passes even the toughest exams easily so she would easily pass this interview also. Bhabhasa feels better and drinks his tea. Vikram asks Chavvi to bring biscuits too for him.

In the internet center, Sandhya sitting in front of a computer, very nervous. The page is taking time to load. Suraj asks her to be calm and look for the results page. She clicks it and tells the results page is loading. Names are appearing one by one and Sandhya is tense. While Suraj is looking at the screen, Sandhya turns to him and tells her name is not there on the screen.

Precap: Looks like Suraj has called the house phone. Meena is attending it. With a crying tone, she calls Bhabho and everyone come there and Bhabho attends the call.

Update Credit to: b2011

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