Punar Vivah 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 13th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the police station
Sarita wonders why didnt vikrant forgfive her, and maybe he hasnt seen the CD yet. She says that only the Cd can clear all misunderstandings, and hopes that he had seen it in time.

Raj and divya come to see sarita, where raj tries to talk sarita into not doing this foolishness. divya says that she’s doing this for vikrant, who she loves more than anything. Raj tries to say that vikrant doesnt deserve her. Sarita says that they dont have a right to speak against him, and she wont bear that. raj says that her situation is due to him only. sarita reminds that she was with him too for ten years, but still always supported him. She says thta she doesnt want to hear anything about vikrant. raj leaves in disgust. diovya says that vikrant too loves her, but is ridden with misunderstanding, but he would come around to her soon. Sarita is in tears. the meeting time is declared over, and divya leaves the jail.

Scene 2:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
vikrant sees sarita and starts listening to the CD. Sarita bares out her heart and her love for him and drama that she had done with divya, and how vandana had created a wrong intention, in Raj’s mind, and whatever happened in Mumbai. she tells everything, right from raj’s suicide attempt, and her plan with divya. Vikrant is shocked and equally guilty at having misunderstood her. She says that now its on him, to watch this and hug her, asap. He again rewinds the Cd and hears it over and over again, and is distraught at what he did to her. Vikrant says that he too loves her, and asks for forgiveness. He says that now the world shall see what Vikrant Suryavanshi can do for his wife.

Scene 3:
Location: Lawyer’s residence and on the road
Vikrant drives passionately, remembering sarita’s words, and goes to the lawyer to come along and go free sarita. The lqawyer says that he’s defenceless, as he himself gave witness against her. The lawyer too says that they cant do anything, as they would file against this verdict tomorrow. Vikrant is distraught but he asks vikrant to have patience. He leaves tensed. He remembers the lawyer’s words, as he sets off to driving again, and then remembers what divya told him, and goes berserk. He goes to the jail, and then to the police station, but is denied any right to meet her, even though he tries to get poles together to make that happen. He pleads that he be allowed to meet, or else he wont be able to forgive himself. The police says that they cant allow that without any special permission. The lawyer comes and gets the required permission and the police allows him to meet. Vikrant is happy. The police tells him that sarita isnt in their jail. Vikrant and his lawyer are shocked. The police says that being a high risk criminal, she is shifted to another jail. He asks them to go and meet there. But the lawyer finds that vikrant is gone already, and hopes he isnt upto something wrong.

meanwhile, on the road, vikrant catches up with the police van, and tries to get sarita’s attention. she thinks that she saw vikrant for a fleeting second, but thinks that its her hallucination. Vikran t too decides that he shouldnt get the police’s attention. He decides to try something else. While sarita is being taken away to jail, Vikrant stops them midway, by keeping his car starnded in the middle of the road. The police gets down, and thinks about setting the car aside. Vikrant takes this chance to open the van, and sarita is shocked seeing him there. sarita asks how is he here and asks him to go, so that he too isnt involved. She says that if the police comes, then there would be consequences, and that they have to think about abhi. He says that he doesnt care for himself, but for abhi, who he wont be able to answer. The inspector meanwhile asks the hawaldar to get inside the van. He fights off all the policemen, and locking them in the van, he takes sarita and runs away from there, even surviving the threat of being shot at. They hide while the police tels them to surrender as they cant run away.

Scene 4:
Location: Jagotia’s residence and vikrant’s residence
Both the jagotia’s and vanadana and rohan too hear of the news about vikrant’s act and are shocked. Vandana thinks that if they both get together, then their problems would begin. The doorbell rings and rohan assumes that its the police. She asks him to open the door and see. But its vikrant who carrioes sarita in his arms, and puts her on the sofa, asking rohan to close the door. Vandana is shocked to see them. Vandana reprimands him for getting a criminal home. Vikranta asks her to shut up or else he would forget about her age, and says that she is his wife, and he would go to any lengths for her. The screen freezes on vikrant’s emotional face.


Precap: Whilst in the midnight, sarita is about to sleep, vikrant comes to tell her that he knows that she wont make any moves, hence he would do it for her, and brings forth his lips for her, to kiss. She smiles nervously and in anticipation, as he leans in closer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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