Amita Ka Amit 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th November 2013 Written Update

Amu comes out after taking a bath all the while calling out for her baby lovingly but he isn’t in his pram. She is shocked. She looks around in the room but cannot find him. Amu is searching frantically for her baby and calling out for her MIL and everyone. They come out running as they hear her cries. They all deny having seen her baby. She tells them she has checked in every room but cannot find the baby anywhere. Nani tells her not to get worried. We should call over Kirath and Amit. Amit is in the middle of a meeting but leaves for home asap as soon he gets Amu’s call.

Amit has called Police Commissioner as well. Amu runs to him as soon as he enters their room. Everyone else is there too. She is all panicky. Its been an hour now that I couldn’t find him. He tries to calm and reassure her that they will get their baby back. Amit tells him dad that he has spoken to Commissioner uncle. He is ready to support us fully. Amu wants her baby and is crying desperately. Amit says my state is worse than yours but you have to be very strong. Just tell me who was near the baby last time you saw him. Was someone around? She denies. He was very cranky somehow I put him to sleep and placed him in his pram. Kajri too wasn’t there to help me. Where would he be! Amit points out that all of them are here but where is Kajri? Everyone looks shocked. Amu recalls how Kajri had been insistent in telling her to go take a bath. You can go and take a bath now. I am here to take care of baby. Fallu thinks it out loud that maybe Kajri took the baby with her and fled. Kirath tells her not to come to any conclusion without knowing the whole thing. She might have gone out for some important work. Amit suggests calling Commissioner Uncle and get details of Kajri.

Amit comes out in the living area and dials Commissioner Uncle. He gives him a description of Kajri and that she too is missing from home. Amu asks him if this way they will get their baby. We don’t know where we will be able to find her. We don’t know anything about her, her background or anything. We only know that she came here to steal our baby and she did it successfully. Everyone is sad. She takes the whole blame on herself. I shouldn’t have hired her. He tries to calm her. We shouldn’t get angry but rather invest our energy in finding our baby. Just then they hear Kajri’s voice. She is talking to the baby. They all turn to look at her direction. Amu finally looks relieved to see her baby in Kajri’s arms.

She takes her baby from Kajri and kisses him all over. Kajri is taken aback. Amit and everyone is happy now. He too takes his baby and kisses him. Baa is thankful to God that they got the baby. Kajri is confused. Why do you all look so worried? Amu asks her where you took my baby. Kajri cannot understand what she did wrong. I was on the terrace. Amu is upset. You took him without my permission. Who told you to do so? Tina and Riya sigh. Amit tells her she is scolding Kajri more than necessary. Talk a little nicely. Kajri you must tell someone before taking the baby with you. Kajri says she dint get a chance to tell anyone. I was passing by when I heard him cry very loudly. I tried to comfort him but in vain so I thought to take him upstairs for a change. See he looks so happy now. What wrong I did? Amu turns to her. If he was crying like you said then why couldn’t I hear it? Kajri acts innocent. How will you hear it? You were taking a bath. How could you hear his voice over a shower? I was only trying to calm him. You think I am lying? Amu is still angry but Riya stops her. How much will you scold her? I don’t think she made such a big mistake by taking the baby out for a change. Fallu stops her. Whatever happened has happened. We must not stretch it. Plus Kajri you wont take baby out without telling someone…not even for a minute. Kajri nods. I wont do it again. Please forgive me. Amu takes her baby from Amit. She looks at a crying Kajri but she herself is crying so clutches onto her baby tightly.


Amu puts the baby to sleep. She recalls the priest’s forecast for her baby about the danger lurking nearby; Kajri’s entry and the recent incident. She makes him wear a black thread around his neck. Amit comes there. He notices that the baby is sound asleep now. She tells him how she felt like someone has taken life out of her when I couldn’t find him. I have never been so worried. He very sweetly tells her that everyone has kids and every parent loves their kids just like we do. I too live our baby maybe even more than you. But whenever it comes to our baby you act lot differently…unlike a normal person. It feels like the whole world is our baby’s enemy. Tell me what is it that you have kept inside you. She recalls her dream of losing her baby. She finally shares it with him. I was so scared and I cannot forget Pandit ji’s words. He says we cannot change what’s going to happen tomorrow. Honestly everything is in our hands. Either we can spoil our future by spoiling our today or we can brace ourselves for tomorrow by making our today happier. You dint used to believe in all this. Agreed you do it now. Maybe the future holds something bad but don’t you trust you Kanha? Will he do something bad with you? She smiles. My trust wavered for sure but it isn’t broken. Whatever you told me just now, I will always remember it and try to change my behaviour. He cups her face and they share a cute moment.


Kajri is in Riya’s room. Riya is in a way instigating her. I told you earlier as well to maintain a distance from Amu’s baby but you dint understand. What’s your fault in this as you are an illiterate…how will you understand how things work in rich people’s houses! I was just like you initially. Kajri asks her if she too was illiterate (LOL ). Riya stops her…I mean innocent. No one can stay happily together in this home as AA don’t let it happen. They act like ruling the house all the time. That is why I was telling you to stay away from Amu’s baby. Amu has a problem. She cannot let a nice human being stay in this house. Looks like she is hell bent on throwing you out of the house now. Anyways you would have been gone today if I wouldn’t have spoken at the right time. Kajri asks her for help. Riya tells her not to worry. Do what I say then only can you be happy. rohan comes there and Riya changes the topic. You understand what I am saying? Kajri still doesn’t understand as she dint explain anything yet. Rohan looks on confused. Riya diverts it on how to boil milk. Kajri points out that they were talking about scolding. Riya looks at Rohan and acts as if she had just seen him. She sends Kajri out telling her to come back as soon as she finishes her work in the kitchen.

Amu is going out of her room with her baby in her arms. They are heading to Fallu’s room when she steps over the carpet and is almost about to trip. Luckily she doesn’t. She starts moving ahead but the stops as she realises something. She turns to look at the carpet and can see red lemons peeking out of it. She bends down and removes the carpet and picks up the lemon thread. She is shocked to see it. She wonders about the lemons. What’s happening? There is something wrong for sure. Surely something’s happening which shouldn’t happen. Its definitely to harm my baby. I will have to talk to everyone.

Everyone is seated in the living area when Amu comes there holding the lemon thread. She shows it to them. It was outside our room. Kajri looks worried whereas everyone else looks shocked too.

Precap: Baa explains that lemons change red in colour due to black magic. AA and Fallu look shocked. Amu notices Kajri going out and hiding something in her saree. She wonders what she is doing here and also as to what is she hiding in her hands. She calls out for Kajri who stops shocked. She hides it behind her. amu asks her about the same.

Update Credit to: pooja

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