Jee Le Zara 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 12th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi fumes that am losing it here.. and DV is busy with songs..! Mugdha comes and Sanchi chides her for not giving her the files and she says gave in the morning! Sanchi apologises! She looks at her parents pic and says dunno what to do? DV comes and says.. morning Uncle Aunty .. u r taking Nani-Aajis permission . .m taking uncle-auntys permission! He seeks their blessing to keep Sanchi happy ..but its touf..coz she is short tempered.. but she looks so pretty ..i cant take her seriously ..! DV seeks blessings to keep Sanchi happy .. n give her lots of love. their share too! Sanchi says.. enough.. think ur cute act will impress me? Sanchi says u dunno how touf it is to talk to them (Aaji-Nani)! DV says u have to talk to them! He says.. why are u killing our fresh – new love? Give some time! Sanchi asks how? DV says.. dun tilt ur face.. u look even more pretty… n i wont be able to control! Sanchi fumes and DV says. .u look even more pretty.. i will lose it.. i will go dance on table! Sanchi smiles and DV says dun smile.. and Sanchi laufs..and DV says.. oh God! Sanchi hits him with file n says ur a joker! He says.. joker ya naukar.. aaphi ka hun! Sanchi says go now. .n he says look in my eye and say.. and she covers her face n says go..!

Sanchi is tasting jams..and the elderly guy who works with her.. says.. cant spot Sher singh..! She looks for keys ..but cant find them..! She asks to ask all workers..! Later Sanchi asks Mugdha to do her all and find it! Aaji-Nani says.. dun worry. .no one will keep Sher singh.. its tattered.. they will return it back..! There is a honking noise and Sanchi rushes outside..! DV is sitting in the car aka the revamped Sher singh! Sanchi smiles and Aaji-Nani come too and both say he looks London returned! Sanchi walks towards Sher singh …! Sanchi says what was the need? DV says.. kaha tha.. na. . aapki zindagi me rang bhar dunga.. ye pehli shuruat hai..! Sanchi is teary eyed and smiles!

Part 2

Nani says good timing or Sanchi was gonna lodge an FIR! DV says i would have been in jail? Wuld u get me bail? Sanchi is serving tea and DV says sit .. n they sit next to each other! Nani says Sher singh looks awesome and DV says someone else too and Sanchi smiles! Aaji says.. Anil would have loved it..! DV asks who? Nani says Sanchis dad! All are sad and DV asks he sounded cheerful .. tell me about him! Sanchi says cant see their tears? It hurts! DV says saw that. n saw their smile too ..! Sanchi is teary eyed and says please stop it! DV asks cant talk about him? Sanchi says no .. coz it reminds of the cruel accident that took them away from us..! U wont understand what it is to lose a son and daughter in law in a moment. .how its to cremate ur parents on ur budday.. thot u understood us.. leave..please! DV is hurt.. and walks off! Nani tells Sanchi u over reacted..!

Part 3

Sanchi comes to DV who is sitting on the bed and is quiet ..! She sits next to him on the bed but DV looks away..! She holds his arm and smiles and he jerks out..and walks away ..but smiles ..! Sanchi spots the chocolate and offers to DV..! He asks what is it ? Sanchi says chocolate ..girls give this to their boyfriends..! DV says.. u are offering my half eaten chocolate to me? Sanchi says sorry.. i came in a hurry din get anything! She says.. couples give each other chocolate when they have to say sorry..! DV pushes her hand away n says they give flowers too! Sanchi says.. i dunno all this. .but theres a rose in the garden lemme get it for u! .. Sanchi turns and DV holds her arm n pulls her n says something is more important to share than chocolates and roses.. talk .. pain .. tears.. happiness.. fear.. feelings .. things we cant share with anyone else! DV says theres a window in the heart.. open it and share all that is in it with me.. what all u have hidden..! I wanna know why a strong girl like u is so terrified of things..! Sanchi says no.. i cant talk about my feelings.. i never have..! Sanchi says i dunno if i can in future! DV makes her sit and holds her hand and says try and see .. intro me to ur parents..i wanna know my girlfriends parents too..!!

DV says.. ur dad was short tempered thats why u are same ? Sanchi says no.. he was cheerful in nature..! She says.. he used to enter the house all smiling..n house would be cheerful too! DV says then ur mom was strict? Sanchi says no.. she used to love me a lot. .n never scolded me.. never let me miss anything . i used to get everything ..! DV says so ur parents spoilt u..! Sanchi says yes.. she says how her father brought ice creams and chocolates for her and used to go for long drive ..and mom used to shower me with love.. i miss them a lot! Sanchi breaks down! DV hugs her and wipes her tear ..! DV says.. ‘Papa ka haste hue ana yaad rakhiye.. jana nahi and unhe yaad kijiye haste hue’

Dils asks DV ..Sanchi was here? He says yes ..she came to apologise! Dils says.. what u did? DV says talked of her parents! Dils says.. she blames herself about her parents death…and no one talks to her about all this ..especially around Sanchis birthday! DV says if i love Sanchi for real. .i will celebrate her birthday n help her move on! Dils says its too tricky! DV says.. her birthday is in two days..have special plans! Dils says its touf..! DV says she does a lot for us.. lets do something for her too..! They turn n spot Nani standing ..!

Precap — Sanchi is sitting in the car and DV comes! He places his eyelash on her fist and asks to make a wish! Sanchi says u wish! DV says i got what i wished for! Sanchi closes her eyes and DV kisses her on the cheek! She is stunned! DV says.. wished u good day.. DV style ..! Sanchi smiles..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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