Tumhari Pakhi 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 12th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman asking someone about the marriage records. The man says he has it. Anshuman asks him saying his name and the year of their marriage. Pakhi is showing the Fort to the tourists. Anshuman checks the records. She rings a bell and he turns to see her but could not see as she is very far. Some guys look at Pakhi’s waist and laughs. Pakhi takes out a sword and scares them saying a fake story. She tells them about the power of an indian woman. He reads Pakhi Shekhawat. Mr. Rana talks to Lavanya and says Anshuman really went to bring that girl. Lavanya says no, he went to take her sign on the legal papers. Mr. Rana is furious. Lavanya says we can’t change his decision once he decides. Girish says we all know Anshuman will solve this problem.

He asks him to start the preparations as Tanya is coming in two months. Mr. Rana says I know Anshuman will handle this. Pakhi’s family talks about the proposal that came for Pakhi. They say Pakhi is our lovely daughter and this proposal is only for Pakhi, we will get her married this year. The women have started the preparations at home. Pakhi comes home and sees the laddus and jalebis. She asks whats special today. She asks her family what is the matter. Everyone are quiet. Pakhi says you all are hiding something. They say its about you, a guy is coming to see you. Pakhi looks at Taisa. Taisa says I did not do this, see the guy, if you don’t like, say no. Raghu comes and says Pakhi. She says Bhaisa. Raghu says we did not stop you from doing anything, you wanted to become guide and we did not stop you.

We also want a guide in your life who walks with you. Pakhi cries and says but… They say the guy is very nice and will keep you happy. She talks about her childhood marriage. Raghu says it went wrong, do you think he will come to tell you, don’t wait for him. Anshuman is on the way. Pakhi says i m not waiting for him, I want to connect or end it fully. She says I want him to say that he will keep up the relation or break it, but should say it finally. Anshuman asks someone about Pakhi’s house. Raghu asks Pakhi to agree and meet the guy. Everyone convinces Pakhi.

Tausa says agree for my sake. Pakhi agrees. Everyone are happy and dances. Anshuman is coming to meet Pakhi. He walks in the crowded lanes while Pakhi is getting ready to meet the guy. A girl comes and asks Pakhi to take and apply the lipstick, she asks Pakhi are you happy. Pakhi says yes. The girl shows her wedding photo and says can you identify him now, he might have changed. Pakhi says no, we can’t identify each other. The girl prays that Pakhi meets him. Pakhi says I just want to know is he living this relation or not. She says what id he waits for me and I marry someone else here. Anshuman is coming with the papers and says that relation will end when she signs on this.

Anshuman stands below her window and her earrings falls on him in his bag. A song Bol dil se….. plays….. She notices her earring fell and looks out of the window and sees him standing. She turns when he looks at her. Everyone are waiting for the groom and they see Anshuman coming and thinks he is the one who came to see Pakhi. The guys family comes and they welcome Anshuman and that guy’s family. Raghu takes Anshuman inside the house.

Anshuman is asked to remove his shoes outside and he does feeling strange. He walks inside the house. Anshuman says actually I want to… They don’t listen to him and says we recognize you. Anshuman says you know me? They say yes, you came with the guy’s family from the city, right. Anshuman is quiet and looks around. He sees the preparations done for the guy’s family. They offer him sweets and he says I don’t eat sweets. But they make him eat. Pakhi looks beautiful and is asked to take the tea for everyone.

Anshuman looks at Pakhi when she comes in the hall. He thinks she is the one whom he saw dancing in the Fort. Pakhi greets everyone. Anshuman comes to know she is Pakhi. He stares at her.

Everyone praise Pakhi. Anshuman asks where is the bathroom and leaves. Chutki takes him to the bathroom. Anshuman calls Lavanya and tells her that he got the girl and a guy came to see her. Lavanya says it means she did not get married till now. She asks him to leave from there, else they will be after him. He says they don’t know me, this is the right time as they will sign these papers easily. He says trust me on this. Lavanya says but…. He ends the call. He comes back in the hall. Pakhi offers him tea and his hand touches her hand and Pakhi looks at him. Air blows her hair and she feels she touched her husband’s hand and thinks of her childhood marriage. Music plays…. and she starts crying. Anshuman looks at her and she has tears in her eyes.

Anshuman says I came to …. They think he came to take Pakhi and they say we won’t send her with you. Anshuman happily leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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