IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 8 – Back in square one

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Chapter 8- Back in square one

Sanyu’s pov:

Yes finally i escaped from there….now i have to somehow find the high way…and that befor it gets dark…come on Sanyu u can do it…just keep walking maybe ur in the good direction…oh God pls help me…

Rd’ s mantion:

Rd: That stupid girl doesnt know in what she got herself into!!! Shit now i have to go and get her…

Parth: Rd u know its really dangerouse to go there…Ur life time enemy and his gang has their hiding place there…and u remember our agreement with Sameer’s gang do u ???

Rd: yeah Parth i remember but i cant let anything happen to her…even if i have to give my life for that..

Parth: Woooohhww Rd what did u just said?? Bro pls tell me ur not falling for this girl??? She is buisness bro…u remember right???

Rd: yeah yeah Parth of course i remember…i was just saying like that coz she is important for what we wanna do….and we need her so that we can make her bro Ankit do our work…said Rd fumbling…

Parth: Oh yeah ur right…then Rd we will all go with u coz u ll need back up..

Rd: No Parth…someone has to be here to keep the house safe…so Jiggy u and Sahil stay here and guard the house ok…

Jiggy: Yeah bro dont worry…

Sahil: Rd bro pls be carefull ok…

Rd: Yeah Sahil dont worry i will…Parth u and Yoyo will go follow Aggarwal’s house and keep an eye on Ankit understood???

Parth: But Rd…pls let me go with u pls dont go alone…Yoyo can follow Ankit and i ll go with u…

Yoyo: Yeah bro…for me its fine…pls u take Parth bro with u…

Rd: No guys…i ll go alone…i ll manage…u guys pls do as i say…ok? And yeah while im gone Parth u are in charge…pls take care of everything ok?

Parth: Ok Rd as u wish but pls be carefull…

Rd: Yeah i will…

Sanyu s pov:

Ufff im walking for the past half an hour i guess…and i still couldnt find the road. Its like im back in square one…Soon it will get dark…what should i do??? I cant go back coz im afraid they might hurt me and also i cant remember the way back either. Sanyu ur so dead right now…

I decided to keep walking and hoping i ll find a way back to the highway or at least i ll find someone who can help me, which i doubt will happen coz this is a forest and i dont think someone will roam at this time in the forest to take a walk or do a camp fire here…i mentally laught at my stupid thoughts but nevertheless i keep on walking…

Then i heard a powerfull sound…its like someone just fired a bullet…I was to shocked to even scream…my legges were shaking and i think i ll faint any moment….

Sanyu: God pls help me….AAAAAaaaaa (i screamed my lungs out) and then boom…..

Sorry for the cliff hanger guys…i know this part was a little borring but it was necessary so that u guys can understand the future plot…sorry again…pls do comment and thaznks again for ur support…Chapter 9 will come today as well and it will be a surprise for all VidArth fans coz in that chapter i ll focuse only on VidArth and the Chapter 10 will be only about SanDhir so that i can satisfy both the fans 🙂


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