TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 2)

Thanku so much..for supporting me n bearing me n my FF..
Knowing its not as good as others ff..but still dil hai ki mantha nahi..
So let’s start with episode 2..

Episode starts with twinkle allowing kunj to sit with her n mahi…
Yuvi comes there n z furious at he was sitting next to twinkle…
He comes there n greets them..saying I m back..n already my place z captured by someone else…
T- tu ase kyun keraha hai..?
N y d hell r u embarsing me ?
She says sorry to kunj on behalf of yuvi n says him..
He has habbit of joking ..!.kunj feels strange n asks yuvi to sit here..
He shall sit n other bench..
Twinkle n a jerk no need !
Yuvi says to kunj I must say u won my heart …actually u can sit with us as bench is for 4 ..
N v r 4 I guess..

Class starts..
Pr chachad comes there n greets all n welcomes them..
He gives a long lecture(muted way) Twinj n mavi gets bored
Twinkle looks at kunj just to check if he’s studious type of guy…
But sees him totally n sleepy mood..he looks at her n makes funny faces..n she giggles n shows it to mahi
Both start giggling among themselves ….

After a long lecture PR chachad ki nazar yuvi n twinkle par
He says u r back to my class..
Welcome back..but whose the guy sitting with u?
Kunj gets up n says..

My self Kunj Sarna..
Pr- great Mr Sarna..
But did u not get any others to make friends..
That u got into these 3..
Yuvi intrepts n says its none f ur ….
Kunj holds his hand n

In canteen..
Y: angry???
T: listen kunj v Neva forced u for our friendship..
So its completely ur decision
K: its my life n only I have ri8 to take decision s f my life I m with u..
N more over once I hold anybody I don’t Lev them so easily…
Kunj comes to yuvi n SAys chill dude..
No need to make ur BP high

They gather n class n give HiFi to each other..
There z a list displayed on board..
All chk it out
Kunj n yuvi says to twinkle n mahi to b there they ll chk what is it..
They go..
N find that its a dude group list for projects..
Twinj n mavi r parked for project.

Precap- not decided as yet

Hope u all loved n liked this FF..
Do feel free to comment below
Negative r positive but do comment as it makes me get through my remarks so that I can rectify it n next episodes f my FF…


  1. Luvd it..

    1. Thanku so much

  2. Muskan{News reporter}

    Liked the ff.

    1. Thanks miss Reporter

  3. Osm loved it…???

  4. Nyc one dear

  5. Superb…. Plz use full words i don’t understand short words.

    1. Aarush I have already uploaded the next episode..but no worries hence forth will upload full

  6. Thanku so much to all. .

  7. Ur ff is gud ilike ur writing skills .. I read ur ff 4 times since u uploaded it.. Post d nxt epi. Fast

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