that attempt which changed my life (Epi 7)

I got one more for her. She was already sitting in. She started the car and immediately drove when i got in. Open it and feed me she said. I just looked at her face. What are you looking at my face? I am driving she said. I opened up and started feeding her. She looked like a small sweet 5 year old kid whom i was feeding. Don’t i look cute ?she asked. Huh? My reaction. I am asking you generally tell me. Yeah she was cute . But i said no. You are a hitler who dominates all of us.
How mean of you? I employeed you and you are telling me that i am a hitler. She said.
If you know you are cute then why you are asking me?
Just to know your opinion . But since you think i am dominating then let me tell you every boss dominates his/ her employee that’s why they are boss.
She was right this time also. All her answers are right and logical. I wondered if god gave her the intelligence of the whole world.
What are you wondering? You and your dream world. She said.
That god gave you the intelligence of the whole world.
God.. hahahaha she laughed.
I again wondered why she was laughing. So i asked why are you laughing?

I am atheist she said. I believe in big bang theory she said.
I thought for a while and said forget it. I can’t argue with you.
Infact no one can argue with me she said. We reached home. She opened the door and i followed her.
I saw the family pictures. I again thought about my family. But where was her family? I had not seen them till now. Nor i heard her speaking about them.
Where’s your family? I asked.
Are you influenced by the police investigators? Her question. Whatever it may be i wanted my answer. Somewhat i said.
Okay. But that’s not the answer to my question i told her.
They are there in mumbai. Now you will be asking me why am i staying here and all that thing right?

Yeah as i was curious. She took me to the terrace and sat on the bellisters.
They wanted me to get married when i was 18. They were among those people who thought a girl cant do anything although they were educated.
Then? Eager to know what happened next. You rejected the guy?
No i accepted his proposal and mind you he was so dumb and foolish. She said laughing.
Then what on the day of my marraige as i had planned earlier to run away i executed my plan and my brother helped me in doing this.
Why only on marraige day? Not on some other days i mean you could have ran before marraige say also?

That’s because those heavy gold jewellery were given to me on that day. I needed money but not by robbing their but something from which they wanted to give me.
I successfully ran away with that jewellery. Sold it , completed my graduation and opened up this restaurant which is successfully working.
What about this house?

This house was gifted to me by my brother. He helped me in everything.
I was impressed by her story. She was very smart indeed. Probably i had heard stories of girls running with their boyfriends but she ran for something good. Only few girls have that potiential.
Impressed na by my story? She asked. How do you always guess what’s going on my mind? That’s human psychology. People get impressed by unusual things she said.
But what if your parents come to know about your where abouts? I asked.
Who would like to search for their daughter who insulted them in front of society and above all their ego is more than their daughter she said.
She had that different thinking about things which made her unusual.
I am sleepy she said. You want to sleep or ponder about me the few hours which are left of this night?

No no i wanted to sleep. It was warm in the house which made me feel better. Unlike her she liked the freezing cold temperatures.
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