IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 4 – Answers

Hey guys 🙂 sorry for the late post…im really busy…i hope u all still remember my ff 🙂 so here is chapter 4 and later on i ll post chapter 5 as well as a sorry for making u wait so many days 🙂 hope u all liked it…pls give ur feedback throught ur comments…im waiting for ur suggestions if u want me to change or add something in the story..waiting for ur views…thanks for reading it…enjoy 🙂

Chapter 4- Answers:

My kiddnaper stept out of the car and came to my side and opened the door of the car for me..

” What a gentleman!!!” I said with irony

Rd hold my wrist and got me out of the car and again placed me on his shoulder. He took a few steps and then i heard a door closeing behind us. We must have enterd his bungalow i said to myself. All of a sudden lights turned on and i was speakless….this was a beautiful mansion and a very big one i must say….he brought me to his own house, i said to myself…what kind of kiddnaper is he??

We entered in a big room i think its the living room it is as big as a festivity hall. When we enterd there 3 men stood imediatlly up and greeted Rd…i guess Rd is the boss here…

” Jiggy bring a chair from the kitchen now ” Rd said

And one of those 3 men stood up and went for it.

” Yoyo, Sahil go and bring me some rope and some food and water ” Rd screamed at the other two men

” Right away bro ” the men said in unison

” I dont wanna eat anything from u coz u might poison me” i said frustrated

” Princess who told u the food and water is for u?? Those are for me….The chair and rope are for u “” he said with a smirk

And i facepalmed myself…how mean of him i pouted.

” Stop making that pout and those puppy eyes coz ur driving me crazy” he said passing his hand through his hair…”U can eat with me too” he finally said…and a silly smile crept on my lips…

Wait why am i so happy?? Just coz i ll eat with him…Sanyu u have completely lost it.

When that man Jiggy came with the chair Rd finally puted me down his shoulder and roped my hands and legs with the rope.

The door opened and that man Parth i think is his name came in the room..

” Rd ur work is done bro ” said Parth

Work??? What work?? i was asking myself…and then it striked me – Vids

” What have u done with my friend u animal?” I asked him horiffied

” Wow bro this is the second time i am called an animal” said Parth smiling at Rd who smiled back at him.

” Ur friend also called me an animal” Parth smirked at me. Then he continued ” Dont worry i didnt do anything to her i just warned her not to tell anyone about u being with us” he said to me…and i had a sight of relief coz Vids is ok…

” Hey ur friend is really hot…what’s her name?? I wanna dated her ” Parth smiled at me…and i was shocked by his casually tone as if he hasnt just help in my kiddnap..

” Listen u idiot dont u dare came around my Vidushi ” i said angrily

” Easy wild cat ” i heard Rd from behind..

” So her name is Vidushi ” Parth said dreamingly and with a silly smile all over his face, while i frowned…

Rd: Give me the phone we have to call her family and threaten them to not call the police..

Parth: Here is her phone i found it in the car…i already dialed the no…

K.A.: Hello Sanyu dear are u ok? Said Kishore almost in the verge of crying

Rd: She will be ok if u all do what i say..

K.A: Who are you? What do u want from us? Pls let my daughter go and i ll give u all the money u want..

Rd: I will say this once…we dont need ur money we want something else but we will inform u about it later one…yeah and dont u dare to call the cops coz ur little girl will pay the consequences…and Rd hung up the phone angrily..

Sanyu: U bastard…what do u want from us? If u dont want money what u want huh? she screamed at top of her voice..

” Look miss Aggarwal we dont have anything with u….the one that we want is ur brother Ankit so when he ll come here u ll be relised got it ? ” Rd said to me banging his fist on the wall.

Omg why they want to have my bro? I asked myself terrified

” I reather die then let my bro in ur hands ” i said yelling with my eyes red of anger and tears..

Rd stood up with a jolt thus indicating that i pissed him off and went out of the room banging the door behind while i froze in my spot coz of his eyes that were killing the view when he looked at me befor closing the door.

” What this girl thinks of herself?? I know my gang thinks i kiddnaped her only for bussiness matters – as in for getting her bro, but i have a personal reason too, this girl WILL BE MINE, from the first day i saw her in that cafe i vowed i ll make her mine….Sanyukta Aggarwal u ll be mine by hook or by crook i swear” Rd said to himself bolding his fist in anger…

So this is it…hope u liked it…pls share ur views…


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