IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 1

Hey guys im Anda. Im a huge fan of Sadda Haq and especially of SanDhir & VidArth as you all can see 🙂

So i decided to write an ff on them coz the present track isnt really on my taste. This is my first ff so pls guys have patience with me and pls forgive me if i make some mistakes.

I was a constant reader of TU site but due to my busy scaduel i couldnt come here very often. Guys i wanna say that i wont be able to post the ff regulary coz im in my last year at university so im really busy…actually the reason behind starting this ff is that coz writting is like a stress booster for me so when im stressed due to studies i begging writing so that i can relax..

This ff is dedicated to all my beautiful friends that i met here : Boss, Shenu, Arju, Varshu, Nazi, Bubbly, Sara, Liya, Anu and all our friends…love u guys and missed u a lot..

The beautiful cover pic is made by my sweet little sis Varshu…thanks a lot princess…love u 🙂

I have seen a lot of new ppl commenting here on SH page and im really happy coz this show really deserves our love…i hope we can all be friends…it will be nice meeting u all 🙂

So i ll stop now and i ll let u read the ff…i hope u will like it…pls do comment and share ur views about the ff so that i know if i should continue it or stop…thank u..enjoy reading 🙂


What an irony of life…..since i was a little girl i vowed i ll fight against criminals and illegal activities but now im on the other side of the border coz i love a criminal….life is so unpredictble….hmmmm the Laws of Love are more powerfull then the Laws of people…..who would have said that me, Sanyukta Aggarwal will one day fall in love with the kind of man i always thought i ll fight in court to punish him for his deeds.
I guess he is not like most of the criminals that u see on tv or those that u see behind bars in jails but in the end he is still a criminal…..and that is why IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU….

Chapter 1 – Fullfeeling my dream:

I am so happy!!!! Finally my dream has come true….today is my graduation day… i ll graduate from law school….today i ll make my father happy….today my mother will see her only daughter getting her degree in law….my mum always used to talk about me with her friends and used to prase me coz someday i ll become a lawyer just like my father and i ll fight for what is right….

Since i was a little girl i used to love the felling of justice….i guess its in my blood…my dad is a man of justice he never ever in his life fought a case that he didnt believe it was true….he was the best lawyer in the country and he still is. Many criminals used to come to him and offer him a lot of money so that he ll take their cases but dad always refused them. He always said that even if he wouldnt have a penny he will never fight for what is wrong, he will always take up only those cases that are based on true facts. My dad says that he prefers to be a poor lawyer and sleep with his heart at peace then be a rich lawyer and feel his hands full of the blood of inocent people.

My family is the most caring one on the entire world and seeing them today in the front row waiting for me to take my graduation degree its priceless for me. My dad is my inspiration, my mom is my strenght coz she stood by my side and encouraged me always and my bro is my life i can do anything for him and i know he will do the same for me. My best friend is also here, she is not only my best friend she is more like a sister to me, my sweet and bubbly Vidushi or Vids like i use to call her. They are all here for me in this special day. Im so happy!!!!

Graduation ceremony….

Dean: Ladys and gentlemen pls put your hands together for this year graduation law students.
After a round of loud applause the dean spoke again.

Dean: And now i wanna present u all our brightest student who is an inspiration for all of us…she broke all the records of our university….she ll be indeed a perfect lawyer just like her father…she ll make us proud im sure. So without further presentations pls put ur hands together for ms. Sanyukta Aggarwal who graduated our law school with 96 breaking the former record of 95,5 held by our dearest collegue and teacher Vardhan Suryavansh.
All the hall stood up and started clapping for me, i was so nervouse and happy tears came into my eyes…i finally went on stage, took my graduation letter and dean asked me to say a few words….

” Wow im so happy right now. First of all i wanna thank God for giving me such a supporting family and friends. Secondly i wanna thank my father for being the men he is for believing in true justice and for making me believe in laws as well. I wanna thank my mom withouth her i wouldnt be who i am today, love u mom. I wanna thank our teachers who always thought as to be brave and fight for what is right….Vardhan sir, PKC sir, Maya mam u all are an inspiration for all of us. I wanna thank my bro for always taking care of me and i wanna thank my best friend my sister Vidushi for believing in me and for making me persue my dream…love u sissy. Now i ll stop coz my collegues are eyeing at me with angry looks coz they probablly want to start the after party and eating all the food in the canteen so thank u all again and enjoy the night.”
All the hall burst up with laughing and clapping and all the students including me threw our caps in the air marking our graduation.

So guys how is it ?? Should i continue it or not ? Pls do comment…
So this is the prologue and the first chapter….i hope u all like it…pls do comment guys coz i wanna know ur views…

  1. heyyyyyy andaa firstlyy SH SH u bstarted SH m happy LOL nyc 1 yaar cu tc

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  3. hey Anda, plz do continue… its good and i love the fact that you didn’t forget about our vardhan sir !!!

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  4. Great. Im really a huge SHQ fan. I used read many fics on FB. But found none in here. Finally someone started. 🙂

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  5. Hey was such a beautiful ff.after reading it I refreshed d old memories of SH n d old cast..plzz do continue.:-)

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  6. WOW !! This is great … ff for sadda haq !! you rock girl !!! keep writing !!!

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  8. hey thanks for this beautiful ff. pls do continue this. all old memories r refreshed…. really its like SH s1 but with law university that was a nice idea.. so pls continue… n that cover pic is awesome….

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      Plz plz plz anda go ahead we are hete to support you

    2. Hey Kiya thanks for the support dear…i ll continue it dont worry 🙂

    3. Hey i understand that u want me to stop the ff but i didnt get it why coz i dont know hindi so if u wanna write it in english i would appreciate….but coz there are a lot of ppl who want me to keep posting the ff i wont stop it…sorry to dissapoint u…and yeah u dont have to read it if u dont like it…im perfectly fine with it…everybody has his/her own tastes…thanks

  12. Nyc Anda please do continue….its damn good…

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  14. Oh God my my my APA how are you????????
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